Galaxy S10 / S10+: How to Enable / Disable Internet Browser Samsung Cloud

how to enable or disable samsung cloud on the internet app on a Samsung Galaxy S 10 instantly or the s10 plus so with Samsung cloud you will be able to save your bookmarks safe pages and open tabs it will be sync to the cloud so that means that if you are locking on on to a different device all those informations can be sink down to that device and all your bookmarks safe pages and even the open tabs will be able to open from another device so to enable or disable these features first tap on the HOME key to go back to your home screen and launch the internet app in here you want to take on the mute key at the bottom then choose settings in settings you want to tap on samsung Cloud switch need to turn on off you can also tap on the left hand side panel and this will open up here shows you few more options such as you can perform the sink immediately you can turn on auto sync via Wi-Fi only so that means that if you are connecting to we are using mobile data then it would not sink it it only think while you are connected to a Wi-Fi and that's it thank you for watching this video please subscribe to my channel for my videos

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