Gains.Systems - Platform Overview and Withdrawal

hey what's up guys I've got a new video for you today going over gains systems ok this is an investment platform where you can invest cryptocurrency you can invest Bitcoin aetherium litecoin ripple AOS and tron you can also invest from pay year and perfect money and I believe that's it well double check here in a little bit but this has been a great platform so far I've been doing really well and I've been seeing a lot of videos from others and everybody seems to be doing really well ok it's based on an artificial intelligence and big data technology the gain system detects patterns and applies them in high frequency trading so their trading software that they have is based on artificial intelligence ok now if you want to watch this video right here if you come to my channel I actually have that here on my channel ok it's this a video here if you come to my channel it's a new crypto investment platform ok so you can watch that video you can you of course either just watch it here on the site or you can just come to my channel and watch it whatever you want to do also here at the top if you see this when you log into your account you'll actually have artificial bots talk to you her name is MIA and she talks to you and then after she's done talking music plays you can just pause that if you want to do that or whatever you want to do or you can just you know put that up so you can play around with this ok so it's just kind of come through and check things out really quick and then I'm gonna go login and show you a few things inside the dashboard I don't want to make this video too long but I'm gonna make plenty more videos about this platform so we can look forward to those ok average decision-making speed the AI system game is ahead of any competitors in speed thereby extracting the maximum profit from each trade transaction bulls or bears doesn't matter the game's AI system works efficiently in any market no matter bearish bullish or sideways trend the gains neural network calculates hundreds of patterns per minute and finds the most profitable entry point into the market and also which I'll show you here in a minute is really cool is they actually show all the trades that the bot is doing on all the different exchanges so they actually show the trades that are being done ok best conditions for our partners gains partners program offers both fixed bonuses provided by partners investments at five levels and up to one hundred and sixty seven thousand two hundred dollars in bonus in gains a leadership program ok maximum profit your investments with gains give you three percent guaranteed daily net income it's actually it's three percent Monday through Friday and then on the weekend Saturday and Sunday you earn one point five percent and that's per individual investment that you do ok daily income within a year having invested once your income goes to your wallet daily within 365 days also the payouts are instant which I'm gonna actually do it with draw in this video and I'm gonna show you how fast it is ok unique affiliate program they got a unique bonus system which consists of five stages we prioritize business goals that machine learning excels at achieving we create accurate data sets by building apps that make it easy to collect better data and we write algorithms that learn from the best decision makers and deliver targeted decision guidance in real time another thing I like about this site is everything's in good English you know you see a lot of sites that you can tell it's written by like some Japanese or Chinese no offense to those but a lot of platforms you see that you know the grammar is just terrible the sentences are just horrendous so it's actually written very well here Gaines uses the full potential of AI the game system processes gigabytes of data daily to build effective work patterns for any market situation the human factor is completely excluded based on patterns historical data and news gains just does its job and makes it 1,000 times more effective than a human okay and it's also mobile compatible a lot of platforms if you are using your mobile it's just like really terrible and it's hard to work on a mobile but this platform when you log in it's a really good when you're working on your mobile it's designed to be really good on mobile so controlling your investments from anywhere in the world the gain system allows access to investments from any place in the world that has an internet connection replenish the balance of investments get accruals and withdraw money it's simple the platform is optimized that's the word I was looking for optimized for all mobile and stationary devices okay convenient personal office for investors manager investments keep track of your accounts dis just statistics and account security keep track of new partners in the team and get notifications of bonuses using a convenient control panel okay so if you're somebody who gets referrals and actually when you log in the AI bots Mia she tells you how many new signups you have and it also shall tell you how that market is doing for the day and a couple other things it's pretty cool something we've never seen before so start earning income today by creating an account in the gains platform so if you are interested in joining this platform there's a link below in the description for you go ahead click on that link get your account all set up and then you'll be ready to invest so I'm actually logged in here and my other web browser let me bring that up and here is the platform okay so my active deposits right now I've done two deposits which are investments the first one I did was just like the minimum to you know just make sure everything's working correctly which I highly recommend you do that also in your account you know you just want to make sure that things are going to be working good before you do send over a larger amount so my first investment was 0.4 teen like coin and then the second one I did about you know an hour later was 3.5 to litecoin so my total investment so far is today 439 USD so we're investing it's it's cryptocurrency based it's not USD based okay a lot like a lot of the revenue shares you know you send over your cryptocurrency but then it converts it to USD that's not how this this works here we're earning it's cryptocurrency based so this 3.5 to litecoin when you're earning your 3% daily it's 3% of the 3.5 to light coin it's not 3% of the USD amount so this total invested USD amount you'll see this fluctuating up and down daily obviously because crypto currency fluctuates up and down all the time okay so again it's crypto currency based all right so let's see here my available balance I've got 29 67 so far I've earned 9225 back okay and that was I created these investments on the 23rd and today is the first so it's been seven days and I've already earned 9225 strictly just from my deposits okay and I've gotten a couple referrals here and there but this income is this number here is just from the deposit so that's what I'm earning just off of my investments okay you can see referral summary down here then if you click on the affiliate program it goes to like all the affiliate stuff like all the numbers and all that type of stuff which I'll show in another video so right now what I want to do is I'm gonna go ahead and place a withdraw and then hopefully it should be by the end of this video I'll actually get that deposit into my wallet so you can just see how fast it is okay good I got my exodus it's already open okay so let me actually go ahead and come here to at draw funds okay so here we are at the withdraw funds and you would just click on this and okay yeah you can also make deposits with perfect money and pay ear like I was saying at the beginning of the video of course it's Bitcoin aetherium like coin ripple Tron and AOS okay so you can see I've got this much Bitcoin available that's just from referrals because I've only done two deposits in like coin I got a little bit of a theory I'm from a referral and then here's my lake coin available okay so that's click on like coin and you can see the minimum toy draw is point 13 so I've got just enough now if you want you can click here for withdrawal funds you can click here to make a reinvest from the balance and you can either reinvest the entire amount or you can just go ahead and choose however much you want to invest which is pretty cool also you can generate actually I can't click on it which I'm not sure why let me see you can invest I'm not sure available points you're supposed to be able to generate a coupon and then you can actually send that coupon to a friend or you know whoever you want I'm not sure why I can't click on it maybe I just don't have enough I'm not sure but anyway we're gonna go ahead and do withdraw funds and I already got my wallets all set up which you do that in the account settings you can put in all of your wallets that way when you come here to withdraw the address is already set up okay so that's go ahead and do the full amount and just click on withdraw funds and then I need to go ahead and put in my secret pin and then click on withdraw funds okay and that's it and we can come back to control panel let's check the time the time is 6:24 a.m. so let's see how long it takes okay I'm gonna show you just how to make a deposit really quick you come here to make a deposit you choose you know whatever you want to use to do your investment so we'll just leave it on Bitcoin okay make a new deposit you'll set the amount then you click on make a deposit and then it just gives you the dress to send your Bitcoin over and then your investment goes in really really simple stuff okay so it's come here it's checkout my deposits okay shows all the available balance is it shows the active deposits here which I've already shown you that shows all of the latest transactions okay so you can see my credit in' that's how much i'm earning per day so I'm earning obviously two per day one for each investment so you could see for that 3.5 to litecoin I'm earning point 10 five six like coin per day as you can see here here and then on the weekend we earn just one point five percent so that's half okay again Monday through Friday it's 3% and then Saturday and Sunday it's one and a half percent so you can see here Saturday Sunday and then today's Monday okay and then for this point fourteen my coin that's what this earning is here okay so again we do earn for the cryptocurrency amount it's cryptocurrency based you're not earning that from the USD amount okay so let's come you can withdraw funds there the transactions got let's see this statistics Center which is pretty cool it shows the overall stats the platform capitalization is already 7.2 million there's 32,000 active investors okay and this is where you can see the actual trades happening like I was telling you at the beginning these are the trades that are actually happening that they're AI bought is performing as you can see some really tiny losses here okay it's clearly not perfect but you can see some pretty good trades here eleven point three gain that's pretty good 11 point oh four seven point one for em and these are all great I mean any profit is great of course I like that they use you know some of the topics changes by Nance that's like the number one Polonia X is a great one COO coins a great one okay so that's that then we can come to the affiliate program and then I'll just show you you know what it looks like here in this section just so you can get a good feel for what the platform's all about okay so I really like their affiliate program they got a leader program where you can earn bonuses so so far I've got 11 partners three-year active ok 200 is their total investments and I've earned $10 from that okay so you can see here the first level I've got nine partners second level two partners my bonus for the level one is 7% the bonus for the second level it's 3% then it's 1% and then half and then half also you can click on this oh there we go cha-ching I just got my withdraw so it's just check this out really quick and then we'll check out that withdraw so the time is six 28 wow that was super fast so yeah that withdrawals are instant it's that fast every time okay so you could see here the nine partners it shows it shows the individual you know how much they've deposited how much you've earned so that's really cool I like this show you know all the stats okay and then the leader program and right now I'm at Scout one this is what I need to complete in order to go to Scout too so I've already got the two hundred dollars from my personal investments I need to get to 3,000 total for the structure investments I need 1500 from the first level investments and 1500 from all the other levels levels two three four and five okay and then this is the bonus that you get okay and then for each one the bonus gets larger and larger and larger the very last one my guy showed you at the beginning of the video to be a shark which are huge huge numbers you can get a bonus of a hundred and sixty seven thousand and two hundred dollars which that would take a long time and those are some huge numbers you'd have to have over a hundred thousand in personal investments okay so hey somebody could do it you never know all right so that's basically that okay we'll go over some other stuff in future videos I don't want to make this video too long just want to show you some of the basic stuff that way you can see exactly what you're getting into so that's come to my exoddus wallet it's come to light coin and there we go receive two minutes ago that's my point sixteen four seven that I would drill that was really fast so there you go guys you could see for yourself that the wood drawers are instant and they're like that every time this has been a really great platform so far and I really hope that this lasts for quite some time because a lot of people are doing really well and so far I'm doing really well okay so that's gonna do it for this video guys I think that's some pretty good information for this first overview video again if you're ready to get yourself signed up just click on the link below in the description get your self set up and come here to make a deposit and that's pretty much it if you got any questions leave a comment below or you can always email me directly at jdd in vegas at you can contact me directly through that email and I'll get back to you usually pretty quick within an hour most of the time okay so that's gonna do it hopefully you did enjoy this and look forward to some more videos on this game systems platform coming up in the near future alright appreciate you watching and as always take care you

  1. If youre ready to join, please know that theres risk in all online platforms, and you should always do your own due diligence and make wise decisions. I am NOT responsible for YOUR actions, and you should never invest money you arent willing lose Join Here Now – If you have trouble with the "referred by" box, my username that you should see is "jdomsky", use lowercase j.

  2. Lost some money on bitconnect and this set up looks like another ponzi , i will just watch from the sidelines on this one…

  3. Good stuff Josh, so I decided to join you in this, just got some LTC in there..Looking forward to see where it takes us man.
    Thanks for the great coverage once again mate, keep up the fab work

  4. Hey Josh, Just finish your video and this programs seems legit. I've been burt on so many programs and Revshares. That I'm hesitant to jump on another program but I this this will be the one to get me back in the game of crypto. Thanks👍

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