Gaetz speaks out after being booted from impeachment inquiry hearing

  1. Now did I hear this right the guy they kicked out is on the committee??? So they are not allowing Rep to even hear what they are asking of these witnesses?? This is a job for the Sargent of arms to be dealing with they are not allowed to have secret hearing and block the other side from not attending. They need to be arrested on charges of treason and violation of their oath to uphold the constitution.

  2. They didn't want anyone that disagrees with this faux inquiry of impeachment that's really an attempt to overthrow the 2016 election! They don't care what they have to do as long as it gets that result! They have much to hid!

  3. They will never quit. The hatred and desperation is at the boiling point. Disgusting and shameful. They are ruining the country.

  4. Nobody is Against Presidentt TRUMP. They all Against Smart AMERICANS that won't let them put foot in our White Again, The White House in Washington DC. PERIOD

  5. Gaetz is some idiot that was not even a member of that committee.  He is nothing but a smart azz who thinks he is important.  He is not.

  6. The democrats are causing the infractions they are holding against Trump, if they left him alone none of this would be happening.

  7. The Pharisees held an illegal trial in the middle of the night To try to convict an innocent man (Jesus).

    The Pharisees of today are in Washington DC

  8. This poor lad is the poster boy for losers .
    Daddy got him his job following all the DWI ‘s and violence . He will do as he is told .. it’s redemption for idiots .
    Got to be a Christian too .. boo boo , I’m such a sinner ..

  9. WHY,WHY is Hillary Clinton still breathing free air? Worst politician in America`s history. This woman is corrupt and robs America to enrich herself. God protect us from the Clintons.

  10. Hannity shut up about "not having a country if this continues" Are you turning into a knucklehead. Tell the nation we are not going to accept the results of this kangaroo bullcrap.

  11. if you are guilty you debate the process, attack the witnesses and complain about how unfair everything is instead of addressing the fact that is Trump is running a criminal enterprise.

  12. self-fellating trumpsucker gaetz and putin-puppet hannity are vying over who gets left cheek when they kiss trump's behind

  13. Matt ur on the right track . Keep ur composer. Its hard to keep our cool with the craziness of whats goin on. I for one am behind u and am prayin. Also theres dems that might not b as left as to be blind. I

  14. Tired of paying for this? Line 7 on the W-2 is exempt. No numbers no adding just sign. In two weeks time they will understand cause money is the only language they understand. ,2weeks and we will see the change.

  15. do you clowns know that the public are being held back from walking up to these people and physically arrest them since the law won't, with all the crimes and blatant in your face'' you can't do anything'' shame on you to allow a handful of men to get away with this for so long as if it is a game.

  16. How can you, oral diarrhea Hannity, squeeze in monologues and THREE witnesses into 4 m 30 sec?????? Why not give a solo performance wanking away with your music conductor hands?
    Please watch Sky Oz interviews esp those of host Murray to see how to conduct an interview

  17. This is a lie because gaetz was not part of the committee and was put out but the other Republicans that was part of the committee was there to ask question

  18. DUI Gaetz knew he wasn't supposed to be there. This is just a political stunt. But they won't tell you. Schiff didn't throw him out, the house parliamentarian did and the parliamentarian was selected by John Boehner a republican. Hannity and Gaetz know y'all won't research anything so they can tell y'all anything.

  19. There has to be a law or precedent that puts everybody involved in this sham inquiry in jail or hung for TREASON !

  20. But don’t forget!
    The Democrats like to play Chess. But because It’s difficult for them to win proper, they now
    changed the rules, by making the Checkers game’s  rules and the moves now easier and legal while
    making the Chess game’s rules and the moves obsolete and therefore illegal. They
    still call it a game of Chess because the boards are the same and the pieces
    are still black and white in both board games.
    Pure 1984!

  21. "WHAT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW! Glenn reveals the facts that the media refuse to share and breaks down the entire Ukraine timeline on the chalkboard. Tune in to watch as Glenn makes yet another complex issue simple. BlazeTV Presents a Glenn Beck Special – Ukraine: The Democrats' Russia. CHECK IT OUT IT WON'T BE THERE FOR LONG!!

  22. Why are Comey, Clapper and Brennan being discussed in this context? If they are having an impact on classification, some more bureaucrats need to be fired and soon.

  23. Gaetz, you'll get to hear what YOUR administration staff had to say when it gets to the Senate floor. Have patience. Too bad you can't control what they are saying under oath. No Lewandowski sheep here, lol..

  24. Hannity, why arent talking about all the Republicans currently sitting in on those House Committees doing the inquiry? You could be educating your viewers instead of misleading them.

  25. Hannity and Fox news will try to justify anything. Anyone who cannot criticise their pals and justifies everything they do is not a friend…we all know this for our daily lives.

  26. Im sure none of you truly thinks Matt Gaetz was there for any other reason than to take news back to Trump…Trump and his cronies are corrupt right to the very end.

  27. This is the fox play book. Put guests on…tell them to smile to portray that the topic isnt a serious one….tell tell them to lie…

  28. Trump wont release his taxes…his education transcripts….he wont let people testify…. he wont let interpreters sit in on his meetings with Putin….he criticizes the FBI…criticizes the CIA…. no one wants to work with him….he called a black woman a dog….solicited aid from a foreign country live on TV but he is bitching about secret meetings. If Obama had done all of that he would have been impeached and removed from office………….and all of you Trump/Fox folks know it.

  29. Gaetz was removed from the deposition because he isn’t a member of any of the three committees who subpoenaed the witness, and thus had no right to be present. The Republican members of those committees were present and were allowed to ask as many questions as they wanted. Gaetz knew he was breaking House rules and wanted to get thrown out so he could falsely claim Republicans are being excluded from the process. It was nothing more than a calculated publicity stunt.


  31. No one gets arrested,no one gets jail time ,no one has to worry about prosecution in any way. ELITE LAW stops accountability for any crime committed. Real law STOPS at the White House steps!!! We're not stupid out here!!!

  32. What the Dems are doing is a total abuse of power. The continual investigation of a "person" rather than a "crime" eventually becomes a crime. -Harassment, conspiracy, racketeering, even espionage and spying when that person is a sitting president. Worse yet, it becomes high crimes and sedition. Yep, they have crossed that line. President Trump's civil rights have been trampled upon, and that is racketeering. They are using hook and crook to try to undo an election, and that is sedition. They are using individuals to spy on the president who report back to Democrat leaders in order to do harm, in order to attempt to unseat him. That is conspiracy and espionage, since executive privilege has been trampled upon. The current criminality as well as the long history of criminality of these individuals is evident to all. The fact that they have criminal cohorts embedded in the deep state, courts, law enforcement, liberal MSM and tech corporations is also evident. It is time for Americans to stand up and demand justice. Enough of the double standard and weaponization of government by the Dem cabal.

  33. The so called investigation of the investigators, so far, seems to be a stall technique. I sure hope it's not all a ploy by the DOJ. If that is the case this Countries justice system belongs to the socialist D'astards

  34. Gaetz was NOT and IS NOT a member of the committee that was in session. He had no right, legal or other wise, to be in that room!!!! He is trying to put his nose where it does NOT belong!!!!

  35. Lord gaetz is a con. Trump just slaughtered allies. Did crimes and covered up. He defies congress left and right and sickos go with the tyrant. He’ll be removed from office sooner than later as the constitution means nothing to trump.

  36. SHIFTY schhiff is incompetent and unlawful, unethical and compromised. Must be removed and charged for failing as chairman and all the other violations that he has committed.

  37. Just so we are clear do republicans think trump is clean and not corrupted? Or he can do no wrong ? Cause when Obama did bombings and nato strikes I had a problem with that do people have a problem with trump when he fucks up or “nope impossible…”

  38. Geatz is NOT on any of the councils or commitees for this issue. He DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE THERE AT A SENSITIVE HEARING HES NOT PART OF IN ANY WAY. its exactly like if you or i tried to sit inon a white house briefing.. We cant. And we shouldn't. How stupid are you GOP shills that you dont even understand basic 5th grade civics? Buffoons.

  39. Whether of NOT We The People want to accept it, the Dems are FORCING a literal MEXICAN STAND-OFF.
    Anything that comes form this SHAM court, MUST be DISREGARDED by any LAWMEN, who have the GUNS. Because the PEOPLE SHALL NOT STAND any findings leading to TRUMP being OUSTED.
    The Marines shall HAVE TO LITERALLY BLOCK ANY FBI wanting to escort Pres. Trump out the door, with findings coming from a non official inquiry, an inquiry NOT ALLOWING the lawful methods to be used, such as they have been described by Gaetz as absent in that session he was illegally kicked out of.
    General Smedley Butler USMC, was asked to carry out a coup.

  40. What about the book, Faux is a sickening opinion show network devid of any and all intelligent reporting… or any actual news for that matter. Great book.
    It must suck to be on the wrong side of history. F45

  41. It's not bizarre Gaetz. You were kicked out for procedural reasons and you knew you would be just so you could do just this… Your hogwash spinn on the procedures. I see why this guy is so despised in his own district.

  42. Oh Gaetz… did they kick ALL of the republicans out (and prevent them from asking any questions)? No, it was just you because your petulant chiled that can't behave in a professional manner.

    The sad day like every day this year is for the republicans that keep backing criminals for elected officials and point at Dems like they are the evil ones.

    1000 bucks says if this guy makes it to another term he will change his tune dramatically and go against the Dumpsters. You watch

  43. Republicans why are you not setting up a separate enquiry open to the public and media. Call your own witnesses quiz then in front of camera in full view call Shiffe who wont take part exposing his closed door secret Santa gift. Just use goverment buildings have people come and speak. Leave the fake committees to drown in their own corruption. Use your office to set up favourably to you an exposed show of just what the democrat rats refuse to ask and tell the people any truth.

  44. People like you have caused all the latest problems in the USA. If you are really saying that Trump is a leader of the USA then you have rocks in your head. The whole free world are shocked at the way Trump conducts himself, the way he speaks, his corruption, his habitual lying, he is uneducated, he has sacrificed the Kurdish people men, women and children. He has no understanding of politics, geography or history. If the rest of the world can see he is a ticking time bomb and you can't then you are a big part of the problem.

  45. Couldn't have been worse than getting kicked out of the incubator preme, too bad they didn't have Obamacare back then

  46. There are Republicans and Democrats on the intelligence committee during these hearings, both parties are asking questions. You people talk about fairness, stop lying. There is the investigation going on and the rest of you don't like it. Stop lying to your viewers. GUILIANI DOES NOT WORK FOR THE STATE DEPARTMENT yet he is telling Ambassadors and foreign Officials what to do in Ukraine. He is a private lawyer. If that doesn't look crooked to you then your not paying attention. He doesn't even have a Security Clearance for God's sake. Four of Guiliani's associates have been arrested in NYC already for shady business Deals having to do with Russians And Ukrainians. OPEN YOUR EYES PLEASE! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

  47. It would hardly be surprising. Gaetz has been put in place by the GOP to deliberately stir things up and he is happy to be the fall guy on this occasion. It's more evidence of the republicans scrambling to find some flinging mud that sticks. Luckily, Schiff and Pelosi know the playbook back to front and are heading forward without delay and interruption. 52% at the last poll for impeachment and removal. Once it gets to 60, even Moscow Mitch will start to worry about his position and he will turn like a viper on Chump.

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