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meet Herbert your very own vertical farm for fresh chillies mint basil chives strawberries you name it Herbert can grow it we created Harvard for you because we wanted to make it possible for everyone to grow their own food doesn't matter if you don't have a lot of space time or even if you don't have a green thumb in Herbert you can grow up to 15 plants at the same time and you can harvest them whenever you need it this way you can reduce your food waste too and the best thing is you know what's in your food no GMO no pesticides no herbicides because you're growing everything at home plants in Herbert grow directly in water growing this way is called hydroponics and it makes planting less messy and consumes around 90% less water than growing plants in soil and with their in-house developed LED technology which mimic sunlight you can grow fresh vegetables herbs and strawberries all year round and with a simple swipe in our app you can change the light settings to suit your own needs in Herbert you can produce around 80 to 90 heads of lettuce every year growing hydroponically yields 40% more harvest than growing with traditional farming methods that's a fresh head of lettuce every four to five food is an essential part of life it makes your body work grow and repair itself unfortunately not all of us have access to fresh food sometimes even the freshest looking fruits in the supermarkets can be over a year old in reality the time it takes to transport and process these plants means they tend to lose nutrients and take meet the clique and grow 9 imagine picking tasty tomatoes or nutritious kale straight from your windowsill all you have to do is plug the smart garden in and fill the water tank the garden takes care of watering and make sure that your plants get the exact amount of light nutrients and oxygen at all times I'm used click and grow for a long time this one in particular is great because you're able to throw around a large amount of food in a very small amount of space and that's important when you have kids running around the house we have two of these and we always have enough salads and herbs to go around for everyone and I do put a lot of effort into making sure that my family has the cleanest and freshest food possible so we decided to end up money and to develop a project that could ever to keep fresh herbs healthy we named it Cala in the pots place them in Cala fill with water plug in and that's it your herbs are ready to be harvested cooked and to grow again and guess what there is a caliph of everyone simply adapt your garden to your desires and Cala will fit your space and you need Cala can welcome up to six pots so you can choose your own favorite garden design two putts in a row for against the world six all around the lamp and what's more you can also grow your own seeds or put flowers if you want but let's get back to add money her friends have just arrived and look Oh looky there they're just about to drink mojitos with very fresh mint coming from Ghana now let Emily enjoy your lovely little gift imagine this what if you could grow your own garden without any of the hard work introducing gross chef the easy-to-use device that produces at least one pot of greens every day you can collect your own ecologically clean harvest without doing any dirty work you can save around 360 euros after just one year of growing your own greens with grow chef's grow chef has an endless cycle of cultivation first the pots are placed on the top level after the Greens reach three to five centimetres the pots are moved to the middle level as you move pots to the next levels just fill the old spots with new pots all you need for healthy plants is a nutrient solution you pour each month into the bottom slot the solution is pumped to fill all three levels automatically the three color LED illumination gives light to the plants so you can keep grow chef wherever you want you can even change the timer settings of lighting using the grow chef's app we are surrounded by plants at our homes in our gardens and everywhere in between unfortunately our busy lives can stop us from enjoying the things we grow wouldn't it be great if there was a way for you to connect with your plants automatically at Oso technologies we've created a solution that gives your plants a way to tell you what they need when they need it are easy to install hardware connects to the Internet to keep you informed about your plants anytime from anywhere when you're traveling you can even use plant link to remind others to water your plants for you if your plants are outside plant links optional valve can water your garden for you whenever it gets thirsty using a sprinkler or a soaker hose plant link connects you to your plant so that you can spend more time focused on the things you care about the most imagine eating fresh and flavorful food growing by you in the comfort of your own home always having an abundance of healthy fruits and vegetables steps away from your kitchen is an empowering experience for the new treat our this is now possible specifically designed for indoor use the new tree tower is a beautifully efficient system and makes growing food at home possible wherever you live the built-in lighting system is energy efficient and provides a well-balanced full-spectrum light but is perfect for stimulating healthy plant growth regardless of available sunlight by maximizing vertical space it goes up to 48 different plants in under four square feet in any room yes instead of growing plants in soil which can get a little messy the new treat our hydroponic growing method uses something readily available right in your home water combined with the new tree tonic a specialized blend of nutrients this mixture provides all the food that your plants need to grow new tree tonic is all-natural composed of organic responsibly sourced reeds it ensures that the food you grow is full of flavor vibrantly healthy and nutrient-dense we understand how busy life can be and that's why we've made the new few tower as simple as possible to set up use and maintain the timer's do most of the work taking over the tasks of watering life in fact the new tree tower grew up to two weeks without any need for maintenance continually growing food so that you can focus on what matters most Eve grass lamp our patented technology lets you easily grow wheatgrass and a variety of other micro green plants regardless of the temperature or amount of light in the room with grass lamp you can grow plants using only water and LED light its award-winning design will ensure the lamp fits perfectly and looks stunning in any space as a child together with my brother I would grow wheatgrass and beans in plastic cups day after day we would watch planes growing from a single seed and for me it's in this fascinating process that's how I developed love to a greenery in nature later when I grew up and became industrial designer that love is part of me to focus on that story of growing during my work and that's how grassland was born with no soil needed grass lamp can enhance your home or office without the mess of traditional plants start your day with something green and beautiful keep it in your kitchen to easily harvest your wheatgrass crop for healthy smoothies or wheatgrass juice grass lamp can re-establish our connection with nature by offering a sleek design with the benefits of having fresh plants indoors good air we need it the well-being health and performance arrey is a world-first that ensures was surrounded by good air airy is a unique internationally painted air cleansing system but uses the detoxification potential home of house price the problem indoors the pollution caused by toxins contained in furniture paint plastic or cleaning fluids is often much higher than that found on a busy road these toxins can be responsible for symptoms ranging from tiredness headaches discomfort right up to an increased risk of cancer but for the environments that I had an allergic reaction to clean view it's used in two years so ten years ago I began to search for solutions the idea comes from space travel where the use of plants to clean air has been researched for decades the results up to the 90% of the air is purified by the roots normally however these roots are covered up all it needed was just a clump up that ventilates the roots and from this simple idea a whole range of all types was created the beltzman entered in this pot with Airy the air enters the pot through slats and is then sucked past the roots thanks to the chimney effect in this way the roots absorb environmental toxins significantly more quickly transforming them into usable nutrients and emitting fresh oxygen like this one plant in the air II can replace up to eight plants in regular parts and all completely naturally without electricity noise all filters it's efficiency has been scientifically confirmed for better air at home in public rooms poor in the office airy the world first for a healthy atmosphere indoors

  1. But this indoor gardens dont pay off the bills, except weed would pay its electricity costs- lol, or im wrong? outside is free sun, you have a better taste of plants so its basically only waste of electricity (except for weed, or other climate zones)

  2. If growing all ur own food indoors in a small space was affordable
    then i would definitely do it

  3. All of these presentations are blatantly fake and use plants fresh from the supermarket, definitely not grown in their products. You can tell because the plants are completely symmetrical which is impossible with unidirectional lighting, unless the plant is constantly rotated. Plants that are lit on one side either only grow on that side of the stem, or the stems are all leaning towards the lighting and all leaves on the stems also face the lighting. If they can't, the leaves not getting any lighting are almost yellow, while the rest is a healthy green.

  4. ………………………..hydroponic is tard, how can so many believe food without sunlight is the same, green houses also , can't u see there are far from initial tastes or aromas?!

  5. Soil is better, or use a fish tank if you want hydroponics. Other wise you have to buy/use chemical fertilizer. Last time I checked science was saying that plants grown in living soil make about 3x more sugar from photosynthesis.

  6. Hello, this is The Growing Guru Niko, I just created a new video on Just Vertical's new hydroponic system and if you could share it and or make another video about it that would be amazing. https://youtu.be/o-oaI8IAKEA

  7. I have spent months researching into aquaponics and discovered a great resource at Keiths Ponics Site (check it out on google)

  8. That last product doesn't make much sense. Air is pulled by the root due to the chimney effect. That only happens when heat is present, pushing air up. Doesn't seem like something that would work to me.

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