Future Challenges: surveillance and freedom? – Social Credit System China

Hello gannaca followers, fans, people interested in the future. I sometimes bring up the question: Would we like in Europe, in Germany a social credit system like China has it? Where omnipresent surveillance notes everything you do, you say and not say and that punishes you for bad behavior and incentivizes you for desirable behavior. Whatever both of them actually mean. And people in many parts of the world usually go: hell no! We don´t want that. And yet after having observed planet Shanghai for a week just recently I´ve got to say people there behave really nicely. They don´t honk. They don´t jostle. They don´t steal your laptop or your purse from a cafés table in the city. Bad stuff that I personally have experienced in my very hometown Cologne. So why don´t they? Well because it´s too expensive, it´s shameful and it´s limiting. So why do we? Or at least some of our fellas. Because it´s freedom to crush the line, the waiting line or to push your engine hood into the car in front of you until you can see the Spotify list and what´s played? I wonder. Is that nice behavior? Is that freedom? Or what is it actually? And could it have something to do with liberal ideas like free speech, freedom of movement and thereby less borders? You tell me! Because you´re the ones that claim that we cannot have such a system here in Europe, shouldn´t have it. But I haven´t really gotten why. I can´t hear the reasoning. Because I do trust that you guys have something better to you than to bully others in traffic. Which the Chinese do not do anymore. So use this social media and get into a conversation. Don´t just consume this video. Get into some action mode and talk to me, talk to us. Let´s have a dialogue before it´s too late.

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