Fusing Up Dean Ambrose "return to Society" from 3SS to 4SS / WWE Champions ๐Ÿ’Ž

welcome everybody I'm Corey graves I'm happy to introduce you to the biggest and best channel on YouTube for WWE champions Gerson's gaming hello champions we're gonna go in and rent a nut Randy we're gonna go in ants Dean Ambrose to tree star go let me just find where he is damn I can't see him up there he is all right I do need five more tokens so let's go buy those yeah I'm still one short we got tokens now we're going again and we're going to make him to restart go right now did that complete a milestone in the event or am I still short yes that completed the milestone all right I'm not gonna give him his levels and his moves right away I'm gonna wait for that because I'm pretty much maxed in how much I want to put in this tag up event right now so we're gonna leave him as is loosen the move set I'm using is the red purple purple think it works fairly well and I don't have the trainer's when I'm using rusev and woods on them with Sean Michael HBK Shawn Michael DX as a coach so that's it for Dean Ambrose for now well guys you know I keep getting messages from people that keep getting super pools and single pools and I've always like god dammit I do like 30s and 40 pills and over and over and I never get anything well I did a single and I got something so here it is we're gonna fuse Dean Ambrose I mean I didn't even I mean it's not the first time I do a single layer in there it's just I never filmed those cuz it's a single and I know I'm not getting I kind of got something this time so here it is four star bronze Dean return to society so that's that's pretty cool cuz I'll I'll actually like I'm I've been leveling in you you saw in the previous video leveling him because I wanted to get him as high as I could but I'll definitely be able to get him much higher than I thought I would and even though I was not able to get footage from sculpting TV our preview for him I guess I'll do my own preview all right we're gonna am I giving him the help all right so you it's maxed out and what's its trainer no that's still multiplied Jim will steal for more well that's unlikely to get ever used all right so he's max level I'm actually going to wait for them I'm not gonna film this preview today so I'm I might wait for an for the NP event because I don't have any butter any other charge for him right now so we're gonna wait for the move the move said I'm using right now is the red purple purple you'll see all that in the preview I'll do later on I kind of got the new move that he gets out for star is the rebound clothesline which in this case at level one deals 600 damage and make tree random Reds into blast gems oh I'll have to play with those and see the different specs hell yeah you got a four-star Dean Ambrose is we're gonna evolve or actually n ants d Ambrose returned to society to four-star silver that is probably gonna cap my event so let's do this yes I do all right four star silver I'm not gonna give him his moves and his levels because I kind of want to save the few coins I have left but the moves well normally I'm using purple purple red those two right now I got red green green because he's a secondary Feud character for me so that's pretty much it for Dean Ambrose I'm going to be doing a preview of him although you're probably going to see this video after the preview so I don't know what order I'll be posting them I'm kind of pretty short on time these days so let's let's leave it like that for now so thanks for watching guys if you're not already subs make sure to do so as we get to where when I post new stuff have any comments leave them and if you like you do leave a like and share see you guys Lacey Evans and I am the most classy confident sophisticated lady you have ever laid your eyes on now it has also been brought to my attention that you run a YouTube channel Ferguson's gaming and I think that that is awesome and I just might have to go check it out myself so remember Gershon keep it classy and try your best not to be a nasty

  1. Hi guersan. Please tell me where I can find 8 junkyard's dog collar and ketellball.I needed them to enhance my Roman reigns to 3 star gold. Please tell me

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