Frost & Flame | League of Legends Community Collab

You about to get Incinerated Walk this way LPL getting dominated LCK 2 Tigers are on the prowl SKT’S the ammunation I’d tell you prep for a fight but your jungler’s got no Ambition No time for the indecision We act of our own volition Stay destroying those Losers Playing League this ain’t a Competition And when we see that tower we’re gonna take her You boys are nothing what’s a RooKie to a Faker I suggest you chill out you need a Blizzard III If you cant handle the cold How about a GodV When your trash is Top Lane And it’s time for them to Bounce They can base to heal the pain but they’re in the house of Mouse Yeah I guess you’d need to PraY when you’re in the bottom lane But I’m bringing out the UZI Does it Mata anyway? When you’re 0 and 12 you’re looking up above Rengar feeds your hate we call it ClearLOVE Let’s make an Impact we’ll send you up to Cloud 9 Doublelift your for the drop stay destroying you all the time You’re getting flayed And Outplayed You’re bleeding the rage but we dont hesitate nah we’re here to set the stage Pinned down at every tower scrubs 1 2 3 Support destruction of your game plans CLG And when you step to us it ain’t gonna be the same We’re taking names Disconnect and uninstall for a change Skill shots at maximum range Bjergsen has come to mid lane Exterminatus with these plays dropping maximum flame Take some time sit it out think of what you did You’ll rot in base while we send a GOD to SoloMid You’ll FlashWolves when you’re desperate trying to get away But Ziv’s top’s gonna drop down couple of lanes When LCK comes to play with the NA Your whole squad’s getting burned Have an ice day I’d tell you to play it cool but that simply wouldn’t fit you Reignover and Impact? Please they won’t even be an issue With Jankos those ganks go your ranks go like Plinko Goodbye to your elo this victory is free yo This quality you can’t get Soaz bread winning like baguettes That madness that bad stress no thaw boys now get rekt When Rekkles gets that PentaKill and carries you to death You’re left convulsing on the rift byt you ain’t seen nothing yet Your Doublelifts get twice dropped Your Aphromoo gets lopped off Your team’s left in shambles Who’s next on the chop block Think you’re hot? Kiss my phage you dinos need an ice age Slowly slothing to defeat lethality by frost ray And when this Mithy comes to heal us in a jiffy thought your tower’s sitting pretty now it’s just a rumble city And like your jaw your entire team has hit the floor This game’s been over Xpeke’s waiting at the back door

  1. I think team fire won, but the team ice was like WOW, im from spain so that sentence that mentions xPeke was so epic 10/10 I dont usually listen rap, but this song… incredible is the only thing I can say WOW

  2. Ice won the rap battle because of its end…but fire did a fantastic job as well(second one).
    But fire's were both had only the last opinion.

  3. Holy shit, gotta love AntiRivet and StephanosRex! :O
    And, let's not forget the great Josef, Lars and Martin! As amazing as always!

  4. first i really thought that fire is better cause they had the Faker punchline… and then came Xpeke at the end-> Ice won the battle so easy xD

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