How To Earn Friendster / FSTER Tokens | Alternative To Facebook Social Media Platform

Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club. And in today’s free crypto training, I’m going
to teach you how to earn cryptocurrency by using the new ‘Tron Based’ social media platform
called As you can see, I am logged into the site
on my profile page as we speak. At this point it’s easiest to access it via
the web browser on your computer or mobile phone. However they will be releasing a mobile app
soon. Which will be even more user friendly. Now lets get down to brass tax… I know the first thing you may be thinking,
is ‘yeah right, another social media platform that’s probably going to fold.’ But rest assured, there is enough being done
right on this platform that it already stands out as a great alternative to Facebook. And I’m sure will only continue to grow in
that way. This decentralized social media platform actually
has real substance and potential behind it, unlike past attempts at ‘Facebook alternatives’
that have since disappeared or fizzled into obscurity, like TSU or Futurenet for example. Both of these platforms did not really bring
too much new or exciting to the table. Added benefit to this platform is that Friendster
is not trying to own you and all of your content, so you are not taken advantage of in the same
ways as Facebook where you are literally being leveraged for sales data and Facebook’s bottom
line. When you use Facebook, it makes Facebook a
lot of money and you get nothing in return other than your user experience. However Friendster changes all that, by rewarding
it’s users with their Tron based Friendster token, that is already trading on decentralized
Tron exchanges. And it’s already trading at a decent value
in comparison to other tron tokens competing in the market! I’ll give you a run down of the ways I have
found to earn FSTR tokens on this platform so far… And the call letters for this token on the
exchange is FSTR, just so you know. But first I’m going to go to the ‘My Wallet’
page, by clicking the link in the menu to the left of the screen here… This will bring up some info about my current
balance of FSTR tokens, how much I have earned in total and my ‘Star Rating’ which I believe
is based on how many people you have referred to the network. As you can see here I have a balance of 5126
tokens and I’ve earned a total of over 70000 tokens so far by using and sharing the platform. And as you can see right below, you can withdraw
your newly earned Friendster tokens at any time on this screen. All you have to do is copy and paste your
Tron Receiving address right in the field here right below the FSTR token logo here
and then click the red ‘request withdrawal’ button, and you will receive the tokens to
your Tron wallet within about 24 hours, or less. If we scroll down the screen a little bit
more, you will see some of the things I have earned FSTR tokens for, in my transaction
history… They are currently paying out the most for
making referrals to the network. They usually pay out 500 FSTR tokens per referral,
but recently they have upped that amount to 5000 tokens per referral for a limited time. Something you should definitely take advantage
of and stack these friendster tokens early while they are still low in value and easier
to get. So as you can see here in my transaction history,
it keeps a log of all the tokens I earn or spend, or withdraw on the site. And you can see one of the first entries is
for ‘Referring friends’ where I have earned 5000 tokens. Looks like it also uploaded me 100 tokens
for uploading my first profile picture, and a token for logging into the site. Then I’m also earning coins for making new
posts, and commenting on posts. Looks like its paying out 1 coin per each
of those actions. You can see where it recorded my last withdrawal
of friendster tokens here of 48,909 coins, the other day… Then there are times where certain members
will quote on quote ‘make it rain’ and give out free tokens, which I have seen several
times… you can see it listed here as ‘Received Rain’ here’s for 100 tokens, and there’s another
Recieved Rain for 500 tokens right here, and I have another Recieved Rain for 250 Friendster
tokens. And these point transfers I believe are from
times where people are ‘tipping’ my posts, and I guess that comes to a default of 5 coins,
whenever someone tips one of your posts, if they liked your content. So as you can see, you are going to earn from
just using the platform. But if you really want to stack those FSTR
tokens, you should get after it and share the network with your friends! I have noticed as of late that Facebook is
blocking the links to this platform, so I have found if using Facebook to market
to your network to help build this platform and earn your tokens, the most effective strategy
is to just talk about the opportunity of a new social media platform that pays in crypto,
and then email people the information and link off of the Facebook platform. That way you don’t get held back by blocked
links! Next I’ll show you how to access your referral
link, and other options for sharing Just go to the menu on the left again, and
click your ‘Invite Friends’ link. You can use the email invite form here, to
send invites to people via email. You just paste your email in the ‘To’ field
here and then you can write a little message, and then click the green ‘send’ invitation
button. But if you click the tab up top here where
it says ‘referral link’, it will then display your referral link right here, which you can
then copy and then paste whereever you need to, to share with others via email or on non-Facebook
social media platforms. Now I’m going to click back to my main profile,
by clicking my profile icon at the top right of the screen and clicking ‘profile’ from
the drop down menu. Right now we are back on my profile page of
Friendster via chrome on my laptop, which as you can see, has a similar layout to Facebook
on a computer browser. You have your profile pic and background image
towards the top, and your wall of posts is underneath if you just scroll down. And of course you can post content from here
anytime, using the posting feature to write posts and upload images and video. You also have the ability to add to your ‘story’
kind of like Instagram, using the red ‘story’ button, to the left of the screen here, which
you can toggle and then actually see the different stories you have uploaded. I actually haven’t used it yet. You can use the other buttons of this menu
to then toggle to see if your friends are online, of whoever you are connected with. And then of course you can get back to the
main menu options by clicking menu here. And then to the right of the screen you can
access the private messenger to chat with your connections. And again on the left column here we have
the menu you can use to access the various features available on the site. [you can just scroll right through to see
all of the options] And at the top right of the screen here, you have some navigational
items, and this is a similar layout feature of facebook. The profile picture icon will provide a drop
down of site options when you click it. Then the bell icon to the left of it will
show your latest notifications, likes and comments and tips on your posts and etc. The little home icon will take you to the
main newsfeed where you will see the content being generated by your connections on Friendster. The light bulb icon will change the color
of the layout from day time to night time. And the gaming controller icon will bring
you to the selection of Tron and Ethereum Dapps that you can play right from the browser
here. These are going to consist of various games
and online casinos and decentralized exchanges, where you can earn or trade Tron and various
tokens. All you have to do to use these DAPPS is either
sign up for a Tronlink wallet account in order to access and use these DAPPS through Friendster…
or you can always download and install the Tron Wallet for desktop and access the DAPPS
through there as well. Those seem to be the two most popular ways
that people are doing it. My favorite DAPP right now is the blockchain
casino that they have labeled as PLAY GOC on Friendster right now, they still need to
update it to the latest branding of PLAY ROYAL. It’s an up and coming blockchain casino that
is growing fast, and bring serious competition to the already established WINk blockchain
casino, formerly known as Tronbet, that has been a huge success up to this point. I’ll just click in and show you real quick,
what PLAY ROYAL looks like. Then you also have Tron Trade here, which
is my favorite Decentralized exchange on the Tron network. I’ll just click into it. There are basically all sorts of games you
can discover here though, which you can have fun with and even earn Tron and other Tron
based tokens in your spare time! And as you can see at the bottom here, we
also have the Tronbet Casino, which if you click through here will likely take you to
the newly rebranded WINk site. Lets test it. Yes there it is, and with any of these DAPPS
you can togglea full screen mode just by pressing the little button below here. And we have a poker game in motion. I’ll click the little X to get out of full
screen mode. Looks like we’re back in the mobile view. Now we’ll just review a few of the options
in the menu to the left of the screen. The first link at the top of the menu selection
is for the ‘Exchange’ has partnered with the TronWatch Market Decentralized Exchange,
which exists on the Tron blockchain. When you click the link, it will open up to
the exchange page for the Friendster token, and in order to use this exchange you you
would just need to login with your Tron Link account. Or if your using the Tron Mobile Wallet and
you have money loaded on there, then you can also access this exchange on there, through
their DAPP explorer. The Crypto Rewards link will take you to a
list of community based activities you can participate in to earn Friendster tokens. For example you can join groups, or tweet
out certain informations to be rewarded with tokens. The explore link will give you the ability
to search users of the network, pages, groups, and games and dapps, just by using the search
filter. From the menu on the left you also have the
ability to create new pages and groups. And you have the ability to checkout pages
by clicking the pages navigation here. That you have created and the ones that already
exist, that are in the promoted column. You can also add a product to the Friendster
marketplace by clicking ‘sell your product here. Or you can search the marketplace for products
that you can purchase with cryptocurrencies. Just to go over a couple more of the menu
options, Friendster also gives you the ability to maintain a blog. Here are some of the blogs, that people have
created. And you can also save posts in a collection
like on Facebook, and access them via the ‘saved posts’ option right here in the menu. And of course last but not least, I’m sure
you’d like to know where you can adjust your account settings and security. Just click the profile icon at the upper right
hand of the screen to reveal the drop down menu, and then select the ‘General Settings’
option from the list. And from here you will have access to all
the various account settings, using the icons you see at the top here. You have your general settings, which we are
on currently. Your profile settings, you can adjust the
information that shows on your profile. You have your privacy settings for your account. You have your password and security settings. You can add your social links to other platforms. You can change your Avatar and cover. Manage Sessions allows you to check where
your account has been logged into from recently. Design allows you to add a background graphic
to your account. Blocked users allows you to access a list
of any users that you have blocked. You have your notifications settings. You have settings for email notifications
that you can adjust. You have your transaction history. You can download your information in different
file formats, using this link. And then of course you can delete your account
using this button. So I just wanted to give you a brief overview
of the Friendster platform today, this was not meant to go into every last detail by
any means, but just to give you enough of an idea of what’s going on, so you can understand
why you’d want to get started with an account here. You have the opportunity to be an early adopter
of the first new social media platform to come along in years that is doing things in
a new way that is more rewarding to its users and less focused on rewarding a centralized
corporation and it’s share holders…. We finally have a real alternative to Facebook,
that will grow long term. And you can ride that wave and earn a lot
in the process by helping the platform grow…. and that’s as easy as simply using it the
same way you would Facebook and referring new users to the platform, who can join for
free. If you are ready to join my network on
and be an early adopter with me, just click the link below this video if on Youtube, or
above in the post if you are seeing this video on other social media sites. And of course you can always comment or message
me, and I’ll be happy to help. When you click the link it will take you to
the page where you can quickly and easily register your account and join my network
on Friendster, and I’ll just show you what that page looks like as an example… So just complete the registration form as
you see here, but do not worry about completing the ‘invitation code’ field, because just
as long as you clicked my Referral link before filling out this form, you will be linked
to me and enter the network as my ‘friend’. Just fill out your username of choice, best
email, a secure password, select your gender and click the captcha to prove you are not
a robot and you will be good to go! And that’s really all there is to getting
started, I look forward to see you on the inside, in my network soon! Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club, and I hope you found massive value in today’s video about the Tron based
social media platform. If so, I would really appreciate it if you
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help! Caleb Wright signing off, and I’m sure will catch you soon, be prosperous until then.

  1. Great video new to the platform this is helping me to understand everything a lot more on the platform "Play" on m8. This is going to help me manage the community a lot more as well.

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