Free To Choose 1990 – The Failure of Socialism -  School Taxes

I think it's a shame really that parents are being ripped off like we are when I say I'm talking about parents like me that work every day scuffle to try to make a you know to try to make ends meet we send our kids to school hoping that they'll receive something that will benefit them in the future for when they go out here and compete in the job market unfortunately that none of that is taking place out of high park children like Ava are being shortchanged by a system that was designed to help but there are ways to give all parents more say over their children's schooling this is a fundraising evening for school supported by a voluntary organization New York's inner-city scholarship fund the prints that have brought people here have been loaned by a wealthy Japanese industrialists events like this have helped raise two million dollars to finance Catholic parochial schools in New York the people here are part of a long American tradition the results of their private voluntary activities have been remarkable this is one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City the Bronx yet this parochial school supported by the fund is a joy to visit start the workshop now you start out with chant one put the words in alphabetical order the youngsters hear from poor families are at st. John Chrysostom's because their parents have picked this school and their parents are paying some of the costs from their own pockets the children are well behaved eager to learn the teachers are dedicated contrary destruction what are you working on the cost per pupil here is far less than in the public schools yet on the average of the children are two grades ahead that's because teachers and parents are free to choose how the children shall be taught

  1. It has gotten a helluva worse in public schools since the 1990s, and the public schools are very unsafe, especially inner city Democrat run schools..

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