Free To Choose 1990 – Freedom and Prosperity - Communism

these are the kinds of forms you have to fill out in this country in a place like that if you want to start a business or get anything done but if you think that only happens here tell me when was the last time you stood in line to get a driver's license or registration place or do you know anybody in Britain or France or Germany or the United States who has built a house sometime in the last 10 years as Kim what he went through years ago I asked a graduating student at a communist University what he was going to do when he got his degree he said I don't know they haven't told me yet the people around here were told not only where to work but also where to live in these concrete blocks thousands of identical prefabricated housing units each one the property of the state Maria and her husband live in one of them with their two children some years back they were put here by the Czech Communist authorities and given jobs nearby but they've never liked the place yet even now after the Revolution that they can't move there is no excuse for any of that housing can easily be converted to private property and one result would be that people could sell their homes and move to get better jobs or just to go and live where they really want to all sorts of new opportunities would open up among the East European countries Hungary has been moving away from total state control for more than a decade however the government still owns most of the country's enterprises now that it is permitting private individuals to start up their own businesses it wants to control them too the Hungarians aren't alone in that nothing is harder than to give up power throughout Eastern Europe industry is strangled by government controls especially small private businesses trying to succeed in international markets now the trade barriers are supposed to be coming down


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