"FREE Detroit" Anarchist Community

with Detroit's bankruptcy anarchists have begun project called free Detroit starting a community and it's basically just talking about how in the absence of the government there and in there going bankrupt that there's the possibility yes like many people have said will happen in a voluntary society that the corporations and the banks are gonna buy up everything and try to take over that whole area and just corporatize it but there's also the community that's stepping on now and starting to create programs health care programs gardening programs different things like that we actually met this couple when we were in New York for 9/11 last year who was in Detroit and they were talking about how bad it was out there and we were telling him about a lot of the things that our activist group does and she was saying how cheap the land is and she was like you need to bring a group of people and come to Detroit and like build community center or something like that and you had she's just saying how there was a lot of kids out there who just didn't have to do and we're just getting into a lot of trouble and because there's just nothing really left there and so this article is kind of talking about that there's a group of anarchists out there who are ah coalition members believe they'll be purchasing an estimated five blocks of property whether its individual who pays for the house and lives there someone who buys it did so yeah they're talking about buying up property there to create they want these well aligned market anarchist utilize their own unique skills and abilities they want to provide goods and services that city officials can no longer promise and that's that's great news man I mean I had read a thing I think it was a forget it I think it was in the I think that I saw the link from The Drudge Report but it is to some other article of course and it said there was like a list of houses for like under five hundred bucks in Detroit and you know previously we had heard that like forty seven percent of people in Detroit had just simply stopped paying their taxes that they were just like whatever you know the city's going to hell I'm not paying you anymore and and now you could buy all these houses for under five hundred bucks so to pick up you know five blocks of property and just have it occupied by anarchists I mean that's uh in New Hampshire and Keene Ian Freeman was trying to organize the free street project that you know people would you got you've got the free state and then within that you've got free Keene and then within that you know they're trying to buy up all the houses on I think Leverett Street in Keene and you know you think about that that what if you have trouble with the police you know maybe the police come by and bother you for no reason but a lot of times it's because you know your neighbors a jerk right so if you've got a five blocks of property owned by anarchists I mean you're pretty unlikely to have a whole lot of police intervention in your neighborhood that could be a good thing I think I think so too and I mean first of all if it's if it's all anarchists they're they're pretty unlikely to be you know running around damaging each other's property and if they are and if anybody is then you know you're gonna have a community of people who were ready to defend their property hopefully yeah for sure and yeah I think that that's that's really the solution to what we're seeing happen and that's why what uh you know as far as trying to create solutions gardening we've created this program called the Houston exchange Network which is basically we stole the the idea from John Bush in Austin he had the black and you stole intellectual prize still an idea sorry John the black and yellow pages they called it but it's basically more like a network or a form that we're putting together that allows individuals or businesses who are offering services to list their business and say what they'll accept but like either just cash silver it was one bike store that said they'd accept beer for work so it's like we had a bike store we had AC tech mechanic web design film work our gardening services a bunch of different things listed so that people who are interested in trying to avoid using the Federal Reserve or at least you know the mainstream system as much as possible can have businesses that are offering that and so by doing things like that we can create alternatives so in the you know the event of economic collapse dollar failure we've already got these other systems set up where you can be completely unaffected by it yeah and you have you have a pretty good market for for trading in Bitcoin and alternative currencies down there there definitely is I haven't really got into as much as I want to and I plan to you know really why I'm here actually but there there are others who I know who are involved in Bitcoin and virtual currencies and there's I'd say there's a group of individuals who are also into just like an internet encryption and that you know how that connects the Bitcoin and all that and tour and the whole anonymous browsers CNBC has staked out its position now as an enemy of the Bitcoin the address has changed several times and I'll do my best to keep the link

  1. can anyone from this channel please talk to me and help me? I'm homeless by choice in seattle, completely rejected and alone and no idea what to do or where to go. I can't stop running into the wrong people, self absorbed consumers. please, can anyone help me?

  2. In time the followers were realize they were delusional in thinking this is a real movement thats going somewhere, The majority are really only worried about marijuana rights that are slowly changing anyways, Anyone from safe suburban areas will figure out in short time that Detroit like all big cities is a dangerous place to be

  3. Whoa! Did I strike a cord? Hit a little close to home? Perhaps it was my emphasis on the word COWARD? Coward coward coward, you fat ass chicken shit!
    You're seem pretty content on judging groups of people based on "visits", and I say that doesn't mean a god damn thing, other than you're a coward piece of shit.

  4. Jesse Ventura ~ Police State Full Episode HD
    Jesse for president, until Adam gets out?

  5. Me too.
    But we see where our current system of corruption has led us, this military industrial complex controlled fascist police state sarcastically known as 'Merika! So, let history be our guide for our actions in the future. Until accountability comes back into vogue I don't see much hope for this so-called republic.
    Orwell described 'Merika's fate:

  6. I don't want this government to run a military, I want a constitutionally bound government to run it. So far, they just wipe their asses with it and then squable over secondary issues.

    I don't want a police state, I want a centralized power only good for protecting our rights and used as a sheild to foreign attack, not this monstrocity that decides who it kills, who its maimes and who it holds captive without remourse.

    I want a military that upholds its oath to defend the constitution

  7. You see where we are now, living under a militarized police state who ignore our common law constitution and all laws that originate from it.
    They've hoisted a law of admiralty Jolly Roger over our ship of state and are running it exactly like a pirate ship, plundering the world and placing we the people in shackles of debt slavery in the galley.
    They're stepping up their police state because they hear there's mutiny in the air. Still want to arm this band of pirates we call the federal mafia?

  8. WE need to re localize the industries of production and especially food. Community based without regulations.

  9. It is never ok to abolish posse comitatus. But having a well trained military force to lead the militia into battle to defend the nation from a foreign military invasion force does not necessitate military personnel enforcing state law.
    As well, the state governors can;t build their own military force and are prohibited from having their own army, navy and airforce, so no, that's not what I'm saying.

    I'm a Minarchist so I want the federal government to protect our rights, not grant them

  10. Is Adam still in jail? I'm going to have to unsubscribe until he gets out and back at it. These recent videos aren't up to par and not focused on the important issues. What do I care about a bunch of kids living in the shittiest city in America.

  11. people are just people,as longer the ideal survive…if a movement rely on just one leader,its sound pretty weak to me….

  12. Agreed.
    Small townships setting up their own rule of law to take back self-determination.
    Let the Balkanization of the land the federal reserve bank stole begin; we'll see who owns this nation, we the people or the shysters.

  13. You have it backwards.
    Corporations have existed for a very long time. Our government today is no longer ruled under common law, but a Law of Admiralty corporate facsimile of the same. We the people's laws have been subverted, usurped and supplanted by this phony defacto government. We are now ruled largely under UCC statutes. We are now considered chattel of this defacto state in it's official's opinions. Thus our adversarial relationship with government grows:
    Master versus Slaves.

  14. You didn't answer the question. When do you think is the proper time to abolish the Posse Comitatus Act? I say, NEVER.
    What you propose is basically how the militia is now organized and is all we need to DEFEND this nation from invasion. The state governors are in charge of the militia units in their respective states, and can deploy them for sundry reasons.
    If the federal government would drop it's Imperialist intentions for NWO hegemony we would have no need for a global domination force.

  15. Since I'm an Isolationist, I think a small marine force would be great to have on standby for a red dawn scenario where an invading military force would actually invade US soil in large numbers.

    That way, very well trained officers can lead the militia.

  16. Concerning unlawful immigration or invasion of US cities, when do you think would be the proper timeline to deploy military troops in the USA in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act?

  17. We the people can defend this nation as we have for well over two centuries, and none can take it from us as long as we retain our unalienable right to keep & bear arms.
    Molon Labe.

  18. What enemies?
    America has not been attacked for a very long time. 9/11/2001, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor were all False Flag events. And as I said, private industry already does most R&D, albeit with taxpayer subsidies. The Marines are an attack force, not a defense force.
    And as I pointed out, we have the militia for civil defense, we do not need such a large standing army unless we plan to exert our national will in an Imperialist manner.

  19. But the military industrial complex is the military, the private military contractors and the legislators who benefit from the both.

    I am absolutely against the MIT, but I don't know how our military could match the power of our enemies without an airforce and a navy, not really including the army. Even the marines could be good use if we had real specialists to defend major cities from invasion beyond the American public's resistance.

    idk, I feel like we still need some sort of military

  20. Most of this R&D is already carried out by private corporations eager to sell their products of death to the government. The military industrial complex is not the government, the government are their customers (Carlyle Group,etc), and we the people are footing the bill for our warmongering Imperialist federal government & military AND a growing police state aimed at stamping out our constitutionally guaranteed unalienable rights
    Check out Downsize DC DOT org, you might like their work.

  21. that's ridiculous the uy smoking on live show, it kind of brings the show down
    when did you see kokesh smoke on his show!!

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