Fraud Affects Every Community | Federal Trade Commission

I had a phone call
from my sister. She had gotten a phone
call from someone saying that my brother had
gotten into a car accident and hit a kid. When I got out of the military,
that was around the time when I would start
getting collection calls from third parties
I did not recognize. [SPEAKING SPANISH] The company promised
to pay my credit cards. They advertised on TV. They told me that they needed
my social security number. They needed my bank account
number for new Medicare cards. These scams can target
very specific communities. So when it’s happening
to you, chances are it’s happening to people
you know, people you love. So tell other people about it. Warn them. And by talking about it,
telling these stories, you’re helping to
protect not just yourself but your whole community.

  1. FTC, like most every "commission" can no longer be trusted. Simple examples, GEICO's 97% Customer Satisfaction – NEVER changes. Took an independent attorney to get FTC to exclude My Pillow's "interlocking fill". Worthless.

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