Frank Dikötter | China Since the Communist Revolution

  1. Speak to your Chinese family or friends who are 80+. They will tell you the same stories over and over again of the evil of Mao.
    My mother in law was a medical professor, when Mao came to power she was forced to go to the rice fields and work 6 long days a week for 2 years as part of her 'rehabilitation'.
    Her brother a professor of language was sent to prison for 18 months to 'rehabilitate'. Fortunately none of them were murdered, but they knew people who 'disappeared' never to be seen again.
    These are very intelligent people, caring, loving people with oodles of common sense, but when I asked them why they let it happen… the cadre of evil name 'fear' is the most common answer in many forms. Fear of being murdered, fear of family being murdered, fear of prison, fear of losing everything… FEAR is a powerful motivator.

  2. Dikötter is brilliant and a welcome break from "China hands" that either play down or deliberately overlook Mao's atrocities. Mao's Great Famine is heart-breaking (I personally prefer the audiobook).

  3. Would you have agreed with that kind of police action should the same riot happened in your country? Words are free, what would you suggest with that kind of mad destruction of public going on?

  4. Verily, an informative presentation, could listen on many other topics in overview or detail.
    Too, parallel the times US policy performers say types like Isis just need jobs, if we build their what, economy up, they will be western?
    Like help USSR/China, they will be like us.

  5. Reading his book now — it is very good. People need to wake up to the evils of China, just look how it is silencing the NBA and money grubbing corporations and players like Labron James are willing to give up their freedom for this — disgusting. China and rise of Mao was creation and a deal made by Rockefeller and his henchman Kissinger. MUST BE STOPPED.

  6. Both democracy and communism with Chineses characteristics are still waiting to be proven which is better for the world living life-style. America is governed now by a psychopath chosen from 2 evils, whereas China has reigned by an empire-lead leader that has so much more respect and support from its people, so far now to eternity.

  7. Needed only 4 decades to achieve the prosperity status, that the Western world needed 200 years to comply. Democracy created hindrances whereas socialism with Chineses characteristics enhances "speed" on advancement. Nothing other than "Communism" suited the Chinese for a New China which was then a heavily populated country. As for those deaths, a casualty from civil war or revolutionary war happened in every country that has succeeded in trying to seek power or independence.

  8. Very recommendable! Frank Dikoetter does not mince words about the communist party of China and Mao! Mao killed more people than Hitler!

  9. Amazing review of China from about 1900 to today! This professor has lived in Hong Kong for many years and has great insights on what’s going on there currently.

  10. A very calm and powerful presentation. It is good that the world is finally waking up to Chinese totalitarianism.
    Donald Trump has awakened the world to this threat. Thank you, American voters (from Australia).

  11. Finally, the Chinese's real voices from the Chinese of the generation living after 1949 when CCP took the power can be believed in and respected for ! For those like myself, though it took such a long time to understand the true nature of the CCP, the voice to USA current president, scholars, thought leaders and many more Americans sounds like warning! Still lots are still remaining unawake!

  12. I can't believe that some even favour the socialism/communism in America! If so, I would suggest those go to Mainland China to experience it. They would survive if they could shut their moths off or be a non-human animal! Otherwise, the jail is the place to stay!

  13. I've spoken with people in China who have lived in the time and have described exactly what he is talking about. This is true.

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