FRAG Community Update: HALLOWEEN & more 🎃

[Intro music] Hello everyone and welcome to this new community update video! First and foremost, if you guys want to get 20 Free Diamonds and access to a unique deal, please make sure to enter the promo code right there – (right under my finger) – in the Shop in order to get 20 Diamonds and access to a very special offer with my face on it so it makes me very happy to contribute to the game with my face. So please make sure to enter this code: B-U-G-O-M-V That’s “BUG”, as with every weekly code that I’ll give you, “O-M-V”. Also make sure to comment once you have done so and whether or not you want me to give you the next week promo code so I know you guys are interested! Now onto the topic at hand: The 1.4.9 Update should be out by now, hopefully, it entered Beta stage at the moment I’m recording this video, and it does not feature a lot of changes but it does feature a pretty spooky theme for the current map, featuring pumpkins instead of coins that you can collect in order to get even more gold at the end of the game. We really hope you enjoy this new dark and moody atmosphere, it’s something we want to recreate for every seasonal holiday so don’t hesitate letting us know what you think of this new map, and please try to unlock all the spooky Halloween-themed characters, in the game at the moment. I’m sure it will be worth your time. This update also contains a fix of sorts to the Camp AI issue that occurred last week. As you are probably aware, because of a minor typo in the code, some characters like good old Vlad over there suddenly got a lot more powerful and we found out that the reason why Camp character became a lot more powerful is a change in the rotation and aiming speeds of these specific Fraggers. It applies to every Fragger but Camp characters in particular benefited from these changes because most of them are snipers, and the sooner you can lock on someone the faster you can one-shot them, basically. We found out that players really liked how the meta was evolving because of this accident, as you can see in the video I made last week presenting three new decks, and we decided to sort of keep this change but also modify it to make it a little bit more fair. So Camp and Defense Fraggers now get a proper bonus in higher arenas as opposed to lower arenas and it’s a bit complicated but you can read all the details about this and all the changes in the 1.4.9 update by clicking the link in the description below which will redirect you to the new and improved FRAG Blog where I will post patch notes, update logs and potentially future discussions, long articles debating about certain aspects of the game, and so on. So I hope you’ll give this a read and let me know what you think in the comments once again. Back to the new map aspect, I know you guys are still excited for the new map coming to FRAG eventually, and I wanted to share with you some of the progress that had been made on this map so without further ado please enjoy this exclusive look at the new FRAG map.

  1. The new 🗺 is amazing can’t wait to play it!!! Bigger an better things are in the future! Awaiting your next surprise 😉

  2. I make awesome videos, and I am just a child trying to make a dream come true… please sub to me, so I can get a partnership!

  3. I am more upset that I spend money and get ripped off, and email support, just to be fed some nonsense about how it is a bot protection thing. Ripping off customers is not a good business model

  4. I’m finally collect enough gems to by season pass and now I can buy it only for money ?!!?!!??!!?

  5. Thank u guys for ur effort and seriously looking forward to new modes. Don't be discouraged by the less comments though . keep doing what u do

  6. You all should change the Gifting thing with your friend.Like for example I have atleast 1k diamonds and I want to gift my friend 500 diamonds or you can gift them a skins and coins.

  7. Thanks for the Pomo code it’s my 2nd one I have used I’ve been playin this game for a few months now so keep up the good work

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