1. I hate the american conception of anarchy, is just a neo-liberalist, pro-guns fascism. I want freedom, I want to be free enough to pick my gun and shoot every damn thing in this world that I don't like too much.

  2. Okay, I was expecting it to be as much of a takeoff of that song Jericho called 'Basketball Highlights #17' as the original "One Crazed Anarchist" was of "Even Flow".

  3. this would be a badass heel theme for dean ambrose, kinda disappointed that wwe didnt use this for dean when he turned heel

  4. Wow Chris Jericho is creative thinking of his wrestling rival while making this what a brilliant idea, goood jooooooooob maaaaaaaan

  5. i just noticed the a for anarchist is darker on one side and light on other the dark side is a f for fozzy

  6. omg I love fozzy saw them in concert one of my favorite bands can't wait for the Judas album to come out whoo

  7. You know what happens when you overlook this kind of talent? Huh? You know what happens? Music industry… YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!!

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