Fox News Hosts Attack Trump After He Demands Loyalty From The Network

Donald Trump officially admitted on Twitter
that he believes Fox News is supposed to work for him. In a series of tweets. Yesterday,
Donald Trump threw another hissy fit where he was mad about Fox News, hiring some Democrats
occasionally not being as horrible as he thinks they should be to democrats and of course
for mentioning some of the bad things he has done as president of the United States. So
here is a a selection from this multi tweet Tantrum that the president suffered yesterday.
Just watch that Fox News heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC communications
director spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchored at Sandra Smith
Fox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate. The Dems give them nothing.
CNN and MSNBC are all in for the open border socialists or beyond. Fox hires give Hillary
the questions. Donna Brazil, Juan Williams and low rating, Shep Smith, hopeless and clueless. They should go all the way left and I will
still find a way to win. That’s what I do. I win too bad fox is letting millions of great
people down and we need to start looking for a new news outlet because Fox News isn’t working
for us any more. Now, the president has been going on and on about Fox News for a couple
of weeks now ever since their poll came out showing that, oops, he can’t win the presidential
election if it were held today, but this latest attack that we’ve got to go somewhere else
because they are not working for us anymore. That statement finally sent several Fox News
personalities over the edge and they lashed out back at him on Twitter. Brit Hume tweeted
out, Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you. Guy Benson basically said the same thing.
He said, we don’t work for you. And then, um, you had Howard Kurtz who said, uh, our
job is to cover both sides. So that was a little bit more mild. But I
think it’s a good thing that these Fox News on air personalities are finally willing to
say, listen guy, we don’t work for you if you do something bad. Guess what? We kind
of have to talk about it. If the Democrats do something good. We also kind of have to
talk about that, that that’s our job. Now, some of these hosts did go on and explain
an interview. Is that, yeah. You know, we’ve got the opinion side of Fox News, Your Fox
and friends, your Hannity’s, your Tucker Carlson’s and Laura Ingram’s, and then you’ve got the
actual people who talk about the news, Your Brit Humes, your Shep Smiths, people like
that. And a Trump really hates the people who talk about the news. He only likes the
people who talk about opinion because opinion can be way off the mark, not even based anywhere
near reality. And that’s where you have to be in order to
praise Donald Trump. And that’s why he likes them. When you’re talking about facts and
figures and statistics and polls and what’s really happening in the country. Yeah. Suddenly
all of that’s not very flattering to the president and so he gets angry. And he thinks something
has changed at Fox News. In fact, according to a daily beast report from about a month
or two ago, Trump has been kind of grilling Sean Hannity asking him what the Hell is going
on at Fox News? Well I can go ahead and answer that for you, Mr President. Cause I know Sean
Hannity is not going to give you an honest answer. He never does. The truth is that you’ve
become so horrible and so extreme and so fringe and so crazy that even this network is having
trouble falling in line for you anymore. They’re running out of excuses, they’re running out
of ways to cover for you and it’s only going to get worse. The crazier you get.

  1. Donald Dipsh-t knows what works and with any luck, his luck will wind up less in his favor. End of the day though, he is used to throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits and using whatever clout he thinks he has to make people bend to his will. The orange-tinted scrotum lord is hoping someone higher up at the network will reign in their wayward conservatards and force them to give him the ol' early morning Fox and Friends treatment.

    Can anyone at all let our loser in chief know that low approval numbers are like low ratings? Hammer that point home to him, he needs it.

  2. Addendum:
    During the reign of GW Bush, I began my
    slow descent into the madness
    Of Libertarianism and conservative Christianity.

    Rather than sharing a lengthy, boring, and incredible personal story about my Journey into fundamentalist Christianity, and conservatism, I shall instead share
    a succinct version of the story.

    I found my way out of the conservative trap, I stopped listening to conservative talk radio
    and, I was finally able to with much help
    walk away from conservatism and Christianity.

    Now I have seen many political documentaries.
    With “Outfoxed” an
    “The Brainwashing of my dad”
    Being two of the best.

    Outfoxed can be found on youtube:


    “The Brain Washing of My Dad” can be found on amazon prime.

    Now perhaps if you search youtube or the vast, never ending interweb, you may
    be able to discover a free link to
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    However because I did not find a free link below is the trailer:

    May you find edification.

  3. If the Democrats do something good we have to talk about it? Lolol. Ok deal, if that ever happens I'll talk about it

  4. Defending a lier means having to lie too so Fox has to say the truth sometimes or lose credibility . It's about time.

  5. Anyone else thinking of that part in The Dead Zone, ya know when Martin Sheen (President) is alone on a room with a gun and a bottle of booze??? Alone???

  6. Murdoch's sons were so infuriated with their father for hitching the Fox wagon to Trump's star that they finally revolted. What we are seeing now is the sons exerting their influence over the direction Fox is taking. If Trump has lost Fox then he has no chance.

  7. Fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan , fake education, fake husband, , fake education , fake billionaire, fake president is frustrated with his very own fake news. It's just not fake enough.Now that's a real problem.

  8. He turns on everyone sooner or later, hell he called one of his sons "retarded" on the set of Apprentice per Tom Arnold. The only one he doesn't ever turn on is Ivanka…because he's that creepy.

  9. His way to win is cheating. The Federal Election Committee with no quorum for the 2020 election! No Oversight whatsoever.

  10. "So," he tells Hannity, during their after dinner love chat, "you put the Ex-Lax in Shep Smith's mashed potatoes."

  11. According to the Constitution " a free and unfettered press" is supposed to work for the people. Not a wannabe dictator.

  12. I’m a conservative but because I believe in hard work and family principles and I don’t approve Trump and the way he is taking this country. And just by listening to Fox News I get angry and my head hurts.
    I don’t believe in equal rights but I believe on complement rights, and yes let me explain myself, sex orientation is not the same a men is a men and a women is a women now you have gay, lesbian and others that we are not the same ; you can not compare a men to a women even do he feels like one or ask a women to be like a men.
    And we need people like that to complement our society to maintain a balance but we are not equal and I know is hard to accepted but is the way it is. And I don’t have to agree with them but they are people like me so I have to have some cain of tolerance with them. I have more but that is enough of sex gender.
    Now On immigration I have dual citizenship and this country is build from immigrants and that is the beauty the mix of cultures for example if you mix water, lemons, sugar and ice you get lemoned and is better that jus and ingredient by itself , but not all the lemons on the basked are the same you have bad ones. And that is for all countries not just Mexico and yes not all people that speaks Spanish is from Mexico. And most of the people that come to this country is looking for a better life for them self’s and their families no rich gay is going to come and work in the field so we have to accept that we have a different culture and grab the best out of it and make it American that’s what we do.
    Respect is what I teach to my children and they are expecting respect from others.
    Politicians are so deep on power that they forgot about America and “We the People” and if we are the quarterback of the world we have to be a team player-because no one wins the game by itself and we need the hole team it doesn’t matter color, orientation or political view this is America but most of this representatives in high power had forgot about it and we need to remember them.

  13. Fox News has to make money somewhere. Due to advertisers boycotting Carlson and others for their racist support of Trump, Fox News has to get money from their other shows. If Fox's shares drop anymore the share holders can sue Fox News for billions. Unlike Trump the Murdoch's aren't fine with losing billions of dollars.

  14. Trump doesn't realize that their are people out there who don't care if he has fame or fortune or whatever and will call him out on his bullshit and stupidity.

  15. Well I like Trump and I don’t like any of the media. And Fox you are slacking always repeating that Hillary is going to jail and I am still waiting. Obama needs to be hung as a traitor and the Clintons too

  16. Can any man bitch more than this fool? Is it clear to everyone that if he was running this great country there would be no time for tweeting? Good Lord, is he on the toilet all friggin day?

  17. Seriously, what is with this guy and loyalty? He does know that he is a president, not a king, right?

    Guess now he is window shopping for the next, and possibly even more unhinged platform to kiss his graces and do his bidding.

  18. I love it! I haven't heard anything from the trump supporters about this!🙄 Now ALL news is fake now, right trumpheads?

  19. Trump will tell countless of lies until he breathes his last breath. Trump attacks those who tell the truth about him, but respects those who would lie for him and break the law for him. It's coming back to bite him in the rear. Karma is closing in on him now.

  20. Trump need not worry! Sarah Sanders works for Fox now! She'll lie for him continuously once again! Believe it or not!!!

  21. Conclusion of trumps presidency, its goin to end like the jonestown massacre, neither hes goin to sink the economy r he goin to have us nuked purposely, jonestown followers followed him to south America then they didnt want to be ther ,so he had everybody drink laced koolaid and most of them died,so this is how its goin to end,I hope they impeach, before anything happens

  22. I felt sorry for my In Law. Without Fox where would MAGA supporter get the news and my In Law are True MAGA supporter and they hate me. Love it

  23. Fox rating s must be going down to start to cover both sides  as their host is just as interesting to cover both sides of him  and not just the fake side .

  24. The only way that news can be reported is with honesty to never deviate from the truth, and have the credibility for good reporting, as well to be able to report the news without any interference from people like President Donald Trump who would like that the news media would report his fake news which is called dictatorship. 🤔

  25. What will be his legacy will his grandchildren be embarrassed to read history books of all the bad things he has said and done….

  26. Trumptards are gonna have to walk back so much of the shit they've been talking the past few years once this shit cunt is out of office it's gonna be fuckin hilarious. "I didn't support that guy I swear! I'm just a fiscal conservative!! Please don't carve cheetos into my forehead!!!"

  27. I disagree on the assessment that the reason Fox News is starting to speak out a tiny bit against Trump is because Trump has gotten so crazy, horrible, etc… I think it has more to do with the fact that Roger Ailes is no longer in charge. He was a huge Trump backer and ensured Fox's coverage of Trump was positive.

  28. Let’s look at this the other way: Fox is starting to realize they might get left behind if Trump loses and they’re trying to pull back from Trump’s insanity so they don’t become irrelevant.

  29. Fox viewers are all Stupid! Stupid is as Stupid does, and Stupid is a republican! Their "Shit for Brains" can't comprehend facts and truth! If you can get conned by a dumb ass like Trump, it says pretty much everything about your intelligence!

  30. See TYT story — 🍊🐂 filthy friends set Amazon 🔥.
    Killing farmers in North America, besides everyone for breathing.
    They are monsters. What does bitch the con say?
    Look at China!!!!! Trade fight — a big con.

  31. Hard to believe FOX news would ever consider going against Trump. I guess it must have something to do with the fact that the majority of Americans don’t like their support of Trump or the kind of nasty lies certain hosts report. Also the fact that they are losing advertisers on a DAILY BASIS because Trump. 😠👎

  32. I have a suggestion for the replacement of Fox. It doesn't make a difference anyway, all I hear and understand is "blub".

  33. The USA has an IMBECILE IDIOT for a President! Let that thought sink in and you will understand why the rest of the World is laughing at you! But, be encouraged: his next suit will match the colour of his skin! 👏

  34. He's still and really a child he needs a playground with his toys bottle of milk🍼pacyfiers pampers but not the Oval Office..

  35. Well, "loyalty" pretty much explains everything; Trump has the general concept, but somehow he thinks he is the Universal and Exclusive Recipient. Anyone who's loyal to something else, like, oh, his job, his professional ethics, his oath of office, the laws and Constitution, his family, his religion, his country, the truth, or common decency, is by definition, DISloyal to Trump.

    As a corollary, anyone who has ONCE been subservient (that is, "loyal") to Trump has constructively pledged to serve him faithfully forever and ever.

  36. Fox Noose is the lazy ass parent that created an atmosphere for a child to grow into a miserable adult then gasp and wonder why their loser 20 something kid screws up again and again and hates them too.

  37. Folks,

    This is a ”guy" who managed to bankrupt a casino… At least TWICE!

    DT can't do sh*t (right)… Not even lying

  38. so he thinks that fox should OFFICIALLY be his north korea style tv station. now, i wouldn't be so quick to assume that fox finally got their heads out of the trump hole they were stuck in just yet.

  39. It's a monumental, international disgrace that this man holds the office of President…his behaviours are so infantile it unbelievable

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