Fox News: Drunk Rape Victims Need 'Personal Responsibility'

on the Fox News show outnumbered they're gonna discuss rape get your facepalm ready some eyebrow raising comments about sex assaults coming from the former president of George Washington University in a recent radio interview dr. Steven trottenberg said that women should simply drink less alcohol if they don't want to be raped he said women need to be trained not to drink in excess so they can punch guys in the nose if they misbehave I do that occasionally women's groups were quick to condemn his comments okay Lou now should this be controversial because this ex university president acknowledged two things he said that some men take advantage of women who drink too much and also that women shouldn't drink so much because you could potentially be putting yourself in a dangerous situation should this be controversial what he said I don't think so as a father of two sons two daughters I will tell you right the last thing you want is any child a boy a girl that doesn't matter to be defenseless and when if you don't teach your kids and pray that they learn to never ever take on additional vulnerability to just the everyday life in this society you know why should there be anything controversial about it losing control of one's self exposing oneself and creating tremendous vulnerability is to me a disastrous choice for anyone to make boy or girl Harris what about people that say well you know it's like saying well women are drunk that it's somehow justification for rape I mean what about that argument that says no matter what a woman does I don't care how much she drinks that's not justification for bad behavior from a man well personal responsibility is I think also what Lou is alluding to is very important in all of this oh yes yes personal responsibility in terms of rape if you get raped you should have taken more personal responsibility for yourself you know there's a really interesting moment there when Lou Dobbs was talking he's talking about the rape victims and he says you know you got to you got to be careful and make sure you don't quote lose control of yourself so you're gonna bring up losing control of yourself in a situation where there is a rape victim and a raper and you're talking about the rape victim shouldn't lose control of themselves not the raper lou dobbs did not say hey maybe the raper shouldn't lose control of himself and rape no he said well if you drank a shitload and you're really drunk and you're knocked out well you shouldn't have lost control yourself and gotten drunk because obviously the guys are gonna rape you once you're unconscious on the couch duh I mean this is victim-blaming 101 see the amazing thing is this man like that point of like hey guys just like everybody be careful let's all try to be responsible that's not a bad or outrageous or controversial point if you first say and make clear well you need to train the men not to rape you want to talk about self-control how about taking wild insane crazy teenagers 20 year old guys and thirty year old guys whatever it's some sort of a party right hormones raging they're drinking they're getting crazy how about teaching them I get it you're young you're a guy you have sexual urges we all understand that we all get them but under no circumstances ever ever ever ever ever ever ever do you have sex in a way where there's not obvious and clear consent okay so why not just if you just say let's teach self-control to the men okay trained the men not to rape then yes you're allowed to say everybody be responsible let's not get crazy let's not all go way too drunk et cetera et cetera but that's the problem the problem is oftentimes in these conversations you don't have that caveat you don't have that hedge and it's not implied like some people think oh it's implied they do obviously you say don't rape but no that's not implied because sometimes people the first point they make is well logics back she got drunk so you are victim blaming and it's the same thing like we've all heard the argument before why are you dressed that way oh you have a short skirt now obviously you were gonna get raped you're wearing a short skirt you're enticing men to rape you or we live in a free country you can wear whatever the fuck you want and you should expect not to get raped because we're civilized human beings how about that for radical idea it's also like the the recent nude photos that were leaked from celebrities some people legitimately made the argument well they shouldn't have taken the pictures in the first place so their privacy gets violated and they get hacked and your point is stop living your life as you please in a free society and monitor your motions not hey it was fucked up with the hackers dead man maybe they should exercise self-control and not break the law our moral compass is all over the fucking place manages focus on who you know the perpetrators are on the victims are and talk in clear moral terms why we try to make it fuzzy lines and why we try to blame both and give credit to both it's this weird thing that we do with only certain crimes we should try to rise above it be more rational and if you're gonna make a more nuanced point at least start out by being totally crystal clear and say don't fucking rape

  1. Hmmm… How about incouraging self control in people in general?

    Oh wait!! Most of us live in the U.S. where up is down and "no" means "GIVE IT TO ME", or "you've already had 3 chocolates today, maybe you should slow down" means "STOP EATING YOU FAT FUCK, KILL YOURSELF"

    (( Warning : these are the things I've experienced/seen on both the internet and real life with my 13 years of life in the U.S., I don't literally mean this, Fat shaming is bad, no means no, and up is up ))

  2. 3:40 Train men not to rape (an obvious dumb statement, I agree) right after that Kyle proceeded to explain what he means about that 3:49 The assumption of consent and everything. Oops….too late I already wrote my anti-feminist triggered comment…..Secular talk have a section of Kyle out of context yet I wonder if it has one for the audience out of context?

  3. I know that I will get hate for this but in some cases, I believe rape can't be prevented. For example, the online dating situation. If a woman post explicit content on her page, it opens the door for rapists. Also, the drinking situation. I'm not blaming the victims, but in there situation they can be avoid. Too all you women who post twerk videos, you are opening pandora box. You are risking your life.

  4. ROBBERY, STEALING, LARCENY – if a man picks up a wallet lying on the ground, opens it , and takes the money – does that constitute theft?

  5. That drunk girl needs to take more responsibility because if she was sober then that serial rapist wouldn't have raped her

  6. i have ben abused a lot but i have too much respect for the loving men in my life to blame lack of control on the males behalf. it is sick and twisted men that do this and altering ur behaviour MAYBY will protect u (u shouldnt have to change ur behaviour it is never ur fault) just saying they are trying to say let them rape the other girl a rapist is gunna rape no matter what u do make THE RAPIST take 100%responsibility!!

  7. If you leave your wallet unattended at a party and someone steals from you, it isn't an unforeseeable.  Of course rape or wallet theft are both wrong and criminal, but the reality is evil people are out there.

  8. If you don't want bad shit to happen to you put down the cup of booze and close your damn legs. Why do you have to go out and get drunk? Nothing good happens….

  9. of course it always the guy that wrong never mind that a drink girl comes on to a guy that has had to much to the guy it the bad person

  10. Oh man, asking you to take some personal responsibility, be an adult, watch out for yourself. Oh geeze, what a radical idea, suggesting that must make you sexist, because women are never capable of taking responsibility for their own decisions. This is why people call the new generation the crybaby generation.

  11. I do agree,I'll explain;Some women talk about everybody does it,everybody don't drink,or use;The law is complicated in self indulgence matters,The way I see it that young man was the victim;I remember when I was in a hospital, and it was a young female having sex with every last guy on the wing,at first I felt sorry for her snicking one by one guys to her room,and one day it was just her,I setting in the t.v. room,out of no where she began to cry "I DON'T KNOW WHU Y BOYFRIEND GAVE ME HERPES",I didn't tell a soul for fear of her ending up being killed for spreading it on ,The Ward while in the hospital,I was the only one in the with her;I say run from any kind of casual sex!

  12. Can we all quit acting like guys don't know not to rape and also realize it's not just men that rape?

  13. No u retarded fuck. He is talking to the potential rape victims, telling them to not let their guard down. When she is unconscious, she MAY OR MAY NOT get raped. IT IS NOT HER FAULT. But she made a mistake. You can get hella drunk at your own home sure..just don't get drunk at a bar and expect these probably other drunk people to know better. Also I don't think "teach men not to rape" is a good idea. I find it really insulting for some random person to say that I'm a "potential rapist". And now I bet some of u feminists think my feelings don't matter…well I couldn't care less

  14. Don't tell me to lock my door, teach your son not to break into houses. Men already know not to rape, if a man where to rape someone, no amount of telling off would stop him. Women, and men, have to realize that they need to take personal responsibility for themselves. If you don't want to be drunk raped, don't get so drunk that you no longer have the ability to protect yourself. I say again, Personal Responsibility.

  15. Dumbasses. DONT GET DRUNK in public. You really think all men are gonna follow the rules? I'm gonna leave my social security card in a public restroom with a sticky note saying "Please do not steal my identity".

  16. Rape is always the fault of the attacker….

    However, if you and a guy are fooling around and you want to stop, SAY SOMETHING. Do NOT expect a guy to read your mind.

    And while you should be able to drink as much as you want because it's the rapist's fault…. Watching your intake is as reasonable as locking your door to avoid getting robbed. If someone breaks my door down, that's on the burglar…. If I make it easy and leave my door unlocked, well easiest way to avoid being burgled is to have your door locked, less effort the burglar has to go through, more likely he is to try to get in.

  17. How about rape is illegal and you should not rape?
    What is it with rape that makes it seemingly the only crime that is always the victims fault?
    Or maybe we should all wear a burka, right? Because rape doesn't exist in Muslim countries. Did you see how much of her face was exposed? Asking to be raped, that one. (sarcastic aside concluded)
    Like the man said: DON'T FUCKING RAPE!

  18. fuck it. feminists are liars and an unrecognized street gang that needs drive bys by all other drug war gangs. fuck feminists. if I ever see one getting raped I would ask the rapist to please kill her and then I would go home, minding my own business. and I recommend everybody to do this until feminists knock their bullshit the fuck off. go on fucking strike against saving feminists from getting raped as sometimes a feminist needs to be raped.

  19. I literally love every word that comes out of your mouth. i hope that doesn't sound creepy, but your saying everything that needs to be said in such a clear way.

  20. Are you retarded? "teach men not to rape" everybody knows rape is wrong but their are people that don't care. Rapists are going to rape so the best thing to do is try to be safe. I don't believe that it is alright to have sex with a drunk woman if she did not consent but it is important for women to have restraint and not put themselves in those positions. Furthermore, "teach men not to rape" is the same as saying "teach blacks not to steal". I am not trying to be racist but this is a perfect example since it is not just men that rape (like blacks) and blaming one group does not solve the problem. In addition, since theft happens people lock their doors if one left their door wide open and left their house and we're robbed people would say theft isn't ok but he did kinda ask for it. This is similar to the issue at hand because no one is saying rape is bad and the rapists at hand are justified, just that women need to be more responsible in a society where simply tellin someone not to rape will stop them from raping.

  21. I really like your views as "This is a free country and you can do whatever the fuck you want" honestly (aside for when your hurting someone) that this should be applied to everything. Everything should be consentual with whoever is involved in the act.

  22. how about you teach men not to rape instead of women not to drink…… fuck off and rot in hell

  23. Menech… Yes dipshit! Some men actually have to be trained NOT TO RAPE. A drunk woman or a woman in a miniskirt is NOT AN INVITATION TO RAPE! Moron.

  24. "Personal responsibility" is a concept that most women cannot fathom. They like to play the victim. 

  25. This is no different than the Steven A. Smith comment that women should not provoke an abuser. There is nothing wrong here. STOP conflating good advice with blaming the victim. Everyone watching this video would tell an 18 y/o heading to college to not get drunk around horny frat boys, and watch your "open" drink. That is NOT saying she got raped because her skirt was too short.

  26. Sam, I like a lot of your stuff, but you are simply not addressing the whole picture here.  Rape is evil.  It's never anything else.  And so is robbery.  Countless people choose daily to avoid bad neighborhoods and bad situations in order to reduce the risk of being robbed.  Those are choices akin to self-preservation.  Does advising that kind of thing (avoiding bad areas, situations) mean I'm condoning robbery and blaming the victim?  Uhhh, no.  The reality is, obviously, robbery isn't going away soon.  Neither is rape.  These things are to be avoided. But yet women are to be held entirely unaccountable for situations they put themselves in.  This is not defending the rapist or rape itself.  This is condoning people making smart choices.

    So, in this instance, your argument is bullshit.

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