Fox News: Brainwash Your Kids Against Socialism!

all right with this piece of sound this woman Rachel Campos Duffy I'm totally unfamiliar with her my understanding is that she's part of some horrible couple that got their start on reality television and now they promote you know extremist propaganda and her husband's in Congress is that true so this is and this has been a problem for right-wingers for a very long time because whether you're ein Rand or whether you're the Fox and Friends couch or whether you're you know obviously Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump or the Koch brothers a Paul Ryan or whoever you are there to valorize wealth at the expense of all other not only human values which is literally human attributes there's nothing else to concern yourself with in life and certainly nothing else to respect and I think human nature's a complex thing it's not as if were born angels and then sort of corrupted by society but we're also not born monsters so human beings are complex and one of the ways that we've managed intergenerationally and I kind of feel like Jordan Peterson now but I think it is actually true is that we do especially the kids we tell stories where we try to instill and shape values and ways of responding to the world so conservatives have a hard time because a lot of children's stories emphasize things like not being a prick and if you're Rachel Campos Duffy and the Wow I'm just looking at them in a freeze-frame just the the ever effervescent Fox and Friends couch this not only is a problem for your sort of the spiritual death you're promoting across the world in terms of valorising wealth at all all costs at all times it really is borderline communist conspiracy Rachel let's ask you a little bit of the top ad and the headline on fox news is fighting socialism starts with a little red hand what are you talking about there well the topic is really that if you're not talking to your kids about socialism and this is the battle in our country right now free enterprise and capitalism versus socialism that's the battle and if you're not talking to your kids about it somebody is and it's not just in the textbooks and the curriculums at your kids school these messages and them I call them the merchants of socialism out there in the culture they start very young are cartoons denigrate competition there are all kinds of children's books out there look at the movies I mean when's the last time you saw a successful entrepreneur not be the villain in a movie for your kid isn't Ironman yeah yeah first of all regular Ironman is literally an arms dealer but I think what this goes back to and this movies already really pretty old at this point was the lego movie that came out several years ago and the villain in the lego movie is a soulless CEO who legitimately looks like rip mit romney like I have no doubt like there was a Romney in the storyboard so they're still feeling very sore over that in in a movie for your kids or even for adults so there are lots of several message out messages out there promoting socialism but the good news for parents is that we are our first and most influential teachers for our children so we have more influence than they do but we have to have these conversations and we have to start early and I say one of the best books to start with is the little red hat it's the ultimate book about hard work and personal responsibility deferred gratification all the things that it takes to really achieve the American dream in America what do you tell your kids about socialism because I know you have some older kids you have eight children and I know some of them are in high school what do you teach them Jesus well the first thing you want to do is listen to them because they're getting a lot of these messages and you know in class discussions in their textbooks but I say Aynsley you've got to use all the time you have in the car dinner time if you have a small business bring your kids to to the to your work and show them what you do and how business works tax preparation time tell them how many months a year you work to give money to the government before you actually get to keep a dollar of it a lot of times kids don't know these things tell them about how how if you are even a middle income or upper middle income business owner you're paying a not insignificant portion of your income in taxes because there are people that are millionaires and billionaires and global corporations that are literally paying nothing maybe you could tell them that but I'm sure you'd prefer to exhaust your kids with repeating the Little Red Hen over and over again you matter these poor kids are in the car and their parents start like blabbing at them about Venezuela and like trying to like dis instill basic human empathy like you see a homeless person and the kid has like the appropriate moral response to be worried I'm sure this person has totally messed up their lives that person could have worked hard that worked harder and and if you're worried about them you know it's a liberal who gave them a housing voucher that's why they're homeless you want to read The Little Red Hen again this is also another thing I'm sure that would really upset them and this is of course the classic PBS children's cartoon Barney this is an example of really kind of a prototypical communist society and kids having a pretty good time now did she charge Brian yeah I was gonna say now that she say thank you Barney please write me five stars that'll be $10 now I need to go to my janitorial job at the school in order to earn my keep because again that literally is the Dickensian dystopia that these people on Fox News want for all non oligarch children they want to eat them out of life so that ever ever shrinking margins can go to ever fewer fewer people disgusting just gusting those other kids what you need to do is like that classic Eddie Murphy routine where Eddie said we should have cut this but the right answer according to Rachel compost as I and Duffy as I understand it and Fox and Friends is and Eddie did a great routine where when the ice-cream truck came there was always one kid that couldn't afford ice cream and all the other kids circled around him with their cones and said he can't afford it he can't afford it because his father is an alcoholic Eddie's on the welfare he's on the welfare that's what kids should be doing and learning according to Fox and Friends and Rachael Duff Campos Duffy but this is the Bernie Barney Bernie world right here 52% of American Millennials would like to live in a socialist or communist America yes yes indeed cheer so it's good so basically like these kids learning like the most basics of moral development is a strategic threat to these people's goal to return to some type of fusion of like you know sort of Blade Runner meets the 17th century yes indeed yes indeed his exactly wait'll she see what's in wait till she sees what's in the Bible Jesus was legitimately like like all holy books you can read whatever you want into it but really one area where there is not super a lot of room for interpretation is Jesus on wealth policies he had a lot of message discipline and seeing her with her army of budding conservatives just makes me you want to have an army of red diaper babies to fight them your kids our kids might turn out cool though I hope so because I worry about kids adopted into families like that that it's concerning to me a little bit

  1. The ideal Fox news kids I suppose would be taught to punch the other kids in the face, and take their shit, and then accuse the other kid of attempted theft and sue if they attempt to take their stuff back. Never too early to start learning gaslighting, projection, and conspiracy theory techniques, after all. Teach them to hate dark kids, tell them the dark kids want to rape and kill them, explain that the dark kids are lazy and don't deserve as many cupcakes as them at class parties.

  2. "In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of." – Confucius

  3. Parent: I want my kids to decide who they want to be when they grow up.

    Fox News: Brain Wash your Kids against Socialism.

    Parent: Hey Honey, Let's read "The Little Red Hen" every night before bed for the next 18 years.

  4. I guess she's never heard of Tony Stark. Iron Man. Played by one of the most famous actors ever Robert Downey Jr. Movies that have combined to make billions and billions of dollars. Yeah that sounds like it's all about socialism.

  5. So the message to us socialists are that kids with asshole parents are influenced by their asshole role models so we should treat young opposition better than their parents. My liberal father treated me with respect and then the conservative property owners called the cops who then kicked my ass and threatened me for skateboarding so it wasn’t a hard choice for me. Let’s be good people good people.

  6. The irony is and this is true with a lot of conservative ideas, all this will do is push kids away from whatever da fuck they are talking about…lol
    War on drugs: more ppl do drugs
    War on terror: more terrorist radicalized
    War on socialism: 52% of millennials are in favor and I'm sure it will b higher for younger generations
    The conservative mind tends 2have things exactly backwards bcuz it disregards basic human nature

  7. The little red hen was trying to feed her children in the story I’m sure she knows all about the struggles for a single mother trying to raise children in today’s economy

  8. what the fuck is this woman talking about? Our early education is absolute dogshit when teaching about economics and history. We are already conditioned very early on to treat socialism and communism as a joke.

  9. even if they were holding classes in kindergarten about socialism, so they're teaching a system that sees a lot of pain and suffering in the world and attempts to put an end to it and help people? The horror

  10. "52% of millenials are so jaded & beaten down by aggressively individualistic capitalism and total corporate control over the government that they want to turn to socialism"

    Yeah no shit boo, dude. But not boo for the reasons you think.

  11. Do these people really think that schools are teaching socialism (aka communism because to these people there's no difference)? I really don't understand wtf she is talking about. I graduated from an upstate NY school in 2010 and they didn't shove it down our throats. The only thing we learned about it was it exists, what it is, and historical examples. These people probably also think that teaching kids ABOUT Islam is the school trying to convert them. Lmaooooo

  12. Normal people who understand reality: "Hey kids, you have to share. Sharing is caring."

  13. Blargggh! Gross.
    Makes me sick.

    But be warned our oh-so-heroic & fearless Fox 'n friends…..
    NOT SO FAST! …….

    Why… "The Little "RED" Hen" did you say?????!!!

    OH NO!!! LOOK OUT!!!
    Never mind fear mongering to all about your scary "socialists"
    …. you're too late…..


    That means teaching them about a magical world with EVEN LESS "big bullies beating people up & stealing their lunch money" and an EVEN WORSE kind of "sharing & reciprocity & "respect amongst friends from far & wide"!!

    Turns out there aren't monsters or aliens or Mexicans or immigrants …. BUT "REDS" UNDER THEIR INNOCENT LITTLE BEDS!!!!!!

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  15. Man. It just really sucks greed is the only motivating factor for humanity. That's why there's no such thing as civilization and society. We all still live in caves fighting over whatever meat beast is prominent in the area because at the end of the day we're just greedy.

  16. Notice how she doesn't suggest any time spent showing kids those who are homeless or struggling and listening to their stories.

  17. If you don't teach kids about socialism, they'll learn it on the streets and playgrounds. Before you know it, your kid's sharing his lunch, rather than taking the lunch of smaller kids.

  18. Right now the name of the game for right wingers is to conflate a social insurance program with the government taking over the private sector. Medicare did not end the private healthcare industry because the governemnt does not control the means of production. The problem for the private healthcare insurance industy is that the insurance company can not serve the policy holder and stockholder at the same time. What happens is the policy holder gets their healthcare rationed and the healthcare provider gets paid less while the patient that has no insurance has to pick up the difference . There is literally no in depth discussion on this on any news network. Fox just muddy's the water with talk of communism a political ideology.

  19. My sons are anti socialism. They hate high taxes, they think Med4all is a joke and the GND. I and my wife raised our two sons right.

  20. There probably arent many people here old enough to know about The Real World San Francisco, the season with Puck and Pedro, but I am pretty sure that's where she is from.

  21. I remember one time we were picking up my brother from Union Station and we saw a homeless man and I said something about how that was very sad, and my mom was like don't even look at him some Faith or worse than death. I just said: "That's very Christian of you." She got triggered. 🤣

  22. Now they conflate socialism with humanism. Of course, Christianity and and the rest of the authoritarian religions are firmly anti-humanism as it upsets the opportunity for man to exploit man..

  23. Where is the parody version of this horrible book?
    Where is the twist ending where the wolf eats the red hen?

  24. My mom taught me to NEVER call people STUPID. Since I am an adult now, I can say that those IDIOTS on FOX are STUPID.

  25. We already live in socialist states, nothing can be more socialist than democracy! There's no reason the guy with the most money is not the president apart from…SOCIALISM!
    Conservatism is in a tough spot because where they used to tell people that they should play nice in order to be rewarded by God while they run away with the wealth, they now have to tell people to forget all that moral shit and be as competitive as you can in order to get rewarded by the market genie, it's a tough one to sell without the fear of hell.

  26. Her free time with her kids are……"in the car, dinner time and bring them to your small business". Do I even have to say what is wrong with that. No wonder we have non-empathetic sociopaths running around.

  27. 8 kids? I should have known when Sean and Rachel were making out in hotel hallway on MTV "The Real World."

  28. Show kids how Jeff Bezos pays 0 dollars in federal taxes where his workers have to piss in bottles because there's no bathroom breaks.

  29. Funny how the right wing attacks actors and actresses, but idolize TV reality stars like her, trump, and the dummies of Duck Dynasty.

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