Fox News asks Ohio voters about the Hunter Biden scandal

  1. The CNN’S and especially that special little guy Rachel Maddow are having fake commenters put positive comments on their videos to try and make others think that they are not fruads, liars and fakes…….look for yourselves and let them know. It’s pathetic and despicable. How low will they go to control weak minds into hating our President our country and our freedom?

  2. Hahaha….oh yeah its FOX comedy crap again. What about a biased interview…pick out what you wanna hear…thats not the truth. But in Europe we know that FOX is comedy.

  3. Why dont the president turn the table on the leakers, he should task the 17 intelligence group to investigate all "leaks" of any data that should not be out in the public?

  4. The Democrats don’t respect civil rights! If they did, they’d have PUBLIC impeachment hearings – Even Nixon got one!

  5. Fox News Zombie Viewers gonna perform their Auto Erotic Self Canabalism rituals while worshipping the orange self admitted rapist Antichrist, I suppose.

    END IT NOW 🤯

  6. I hear the biden boy was getting paid $50,000 a month !
    I have no way of knowing truth about anything !
    But I will say !
    My hat is off to anyone who makes 50,000 a month
    and treats it as if it is the change on my dresser !

  7. weve had a do nothing congress under every president. Doesnt matter if there is a dem or rep as President. Congress always spends its time trying to stop the president from getting anything done.

  8. Why do people say Biden only got the job for his name? What did Trump get his job? Certainly wasn’t for his wit and political genius

  9. I love the guy in pink shirt response:- Who Believe Joe? Well, the media, Facebook, celebrities etc were running things in the past, installing, controlling, manipulating & detecting for former Presidents. Unfortunately, they can't buy DJT. Also, Americans see clearly now, they know what's happening, they are inform, they know the truth, they are wiser & smart, the american people control things now & are waking up to speak out the truth everywhere. So, thanks to one sided Facebook, YouTube etc, your users now know your tricks & the truth of what really went down between BHO, JB, HRC, Comey, Mueller, Dems, Media etc and poor Trump, during election & after election. Halleluyah!

  10. play the victim? what a huge stupid mistake and advice. What a dummy. Leader of the free world, play the victim? Go home Rinse your about as smart and sharp as a sack of marbles.

  11. Its sad…they dont report this opening statements of the Ukraine scandal with u Trumptards… Fox has got y'all flying blind

  12. No matter what President Trump will win, very few are blinded by Biden the crook, what a shady nasty bloke he is. He will never win not a hope in hell.

  13. Let’s see Michelle Obuma’s qualifications are? Oh that’s right she married a liar, and a racist fraud that divided a nation that is irreparable.

  14. omg they are misleading you stupid people …. Trump is a con artist …and you people believe this stupid ignorant man

  15. Michelle Obama is not entering …omg you white people believe anything !!! dummies …talk about Guiliani and Pence and Pompeo and Munichin all are going to prison …dummies !!!

  16. Consider this: Please comment and share!
    Given this is clearly Round Two, Year 3, of a coup d’etat attempt to remove a duly elected President, by Dems and the Deep State rhinos who exposed themselves in yesterday’s vote with Dems against POTUS like Graham and Scalise and with Republicans like Romney in the Senate, as per the Constitution Article 2/Section 3, a POTUS can adjourn either one, or both, houses of Congress and send them home to reconvene at a later date and the POTUS can continue serving functions of the Executive Branch like receiving ambassadors, etc.. The Dems have been using Article 2/Section 4 to try and impeach him on high crimes, misdemeanors… Article 3 is the CHECKMATE move and Trump should exercise especially if there are repeated warnings of, or if ever there is a real assassination attempted. The lines are drawn. It’s a nuclear rule option but should be on the table as CHECKMATE move to this active coup d’etat in the US .


  18. Hey Hanitty . Why do you call it a coup? Even if Trump is removed.,elections will still be had . There is no reason why another republican cant be voted in . If the country votes for Repugnant again ,how Is that a coup? The Dems have plenty of evidence. Trump had better, make a move !! His cronies are getting locked up .


  20. "Investigations"? I am looking forward to multiple Bidens going to jail over this, and other scandals in their collective pasts. Plus the Obamas and the Clintons, of course. Pay-to–play in politics for personal gain should NEVER be countenanced, regardless of political affiliation. One of the nice things about President Trump, of course, is that he was independently wealthy going in to the White House, and thus has no need to sell our uranium to our enemies for millions, or to accept $500K speaking fees etc., etc. That, and the fact that he is the political outsider's political outsider, answerable to no one in DC. The only question that remains is, how will the Dems choose to obstruct him during his second term, to the detriment of all Americans? Will they never learn?
    "The primary goal of the Representative is to become a Senator; the primary goal of the Senator is to become President." Aren't you glad that we have been able to sidestep The Swamp in the personage of Donald Trump, citizen?

  21. So remember we are supposed to belieave that Joe Biden did not talk to his son hunter about getting a job that pays over half a million dollars a year that joe biden set up. Arrest both of them. Barr where are you.

  22. Michael as President???? I just about spit out my coffee! This would be the biggest scandal in American politics, next to the fake witch hunts our POTUS has been going through!!! So, Then there would be transparency right???? I mean Michelle would tell the truth about who she really is right? Sure, when pigs fly. Oh, sorry to speak so badly about pigs. But then speaking of pigs…….MICHAEL< OUT YOURSELF!!!!

  23. Hello fellow American's, my name is Fancy Bugosi, I'm the speaker. I gotta let you know what is really going on. President Bush I mean pppppresident Trump will undoubtedly be re elected, the only way to stop him is through an ah ah impeachment, and that's what we are working on, day and night, it's all for you, and to stop him from bringing our crimes to light. But I ah ah gotta end it here because there seems to be an issue with the ahahah um teleprompter ah can Shah um , I don't remember sorry.

  24. Real Americans hate Democrats. Only foreigners, woman and gays vote for Democrats. It’s sad. The American country is ruined.

  25. I tell you what if it is possible why don't the republicans start an investigation on joe biden on their own and not include dems,
    on corruption and same thing with omar how she married brother to get him into country dems lie lie lie and no one wants to do anything only about trump is all we want to talk about lets not worry about real corruption or bad dealings, Hillary and Obama done, among countless other things total witch hunt if they were truly worried the dems would investigate bidens but cant cuase he is one of their best front runners, who told war story who made him who he is and it was proven out to be false,, just like dems doing now ALL FALSE , no truth the dems have done this for 30 yrs,,

  26. Faux and turkey neck Hannity are trying so desperately to distract people from reality. Thankfully it's only working on a small number of simple-minded people. F45

  27. Sorry but when I listen to some of these democratic women it shames the work of former women to get the 19th amendment passed, they have no thoughts on facts it's all based on feelings. So what else is new, the sad part is they out live their husbands by ten years so I guess Toxic Femininity will prevail. Or as I say, "why do men die before their wives…? Because they want to". LMFIAO

  28. The Hunter biting being is just another distraction from Donald Trump and his kids corruption. Let's talk about a banca who's going to high level meetings with Chinese officials baking tray marks for company let's talk about his son's tweedle dumb and tweedle Dee who born around to different countries and selling luxury apartments there let's talk about Donald Trump himself who has over a 100 businesses in Turkey which is probably one of the reasons why he sold out the Kurdish people

  29. Why can’t we the people impeach? We are their employer after all. They the EMPLOYEE . Hold their pay give them a Pink slip, etc

  30. A congressional source confirmed to Fox News on Friday that Kent
    testified that when he brought his concerns to the office of the vice
    president in 2016, his staff “blew him off” and ignored the issue
    involving the younger Biden's role at the firm.

  31. do none of you feel the your dumb american tax payer we can take your money and laugh at you on tv treatment from the political tv show.

  32. Oh what joe biden did is just politics an how politics are. So it no big deal. We have to impeach trump for doing the exact same dame thing. What the hell people

  33. What is wrong with these females? Corruption with Biden and his son. These are the same people who voted for Bill Clinton. Plus they ignore that Bill Clinton was a rapist. But when Trump talks about a female in a negative light on a bus o my God the world is coming to an end. He's a woman-hater. These females are disgusting.

  34. These people keep saying no evidence, not true and they know it. They’re so much evidence on trump crimes, PERIOD !!! But they choose to ignore it.

  35. I'm from Ohio and I think it's very very relevant to dig up ALL shady dealings with ALL of congress! Trump 2020!!! Vote out Rino's(Republican In Name Only) as well!!

  36. Fox propaganda and the illegittimate Putin implantation treat you like fools, they know you are desperate on your flight from reality. Fox continues to smear our Civil Servants and will face accoubtability. Hannity insanity will soon meet the reality of the Rule of Law.

  37. We need to primary every globalist Republican!!!! Get a pro-American candidate up against every single one of them!!! The President is doomed to failure if we don't get him some help.

  38. All Americans: please vote the D party out of Congress. They're dragging your country through the mud. I am not an American, I don't live in the USA and have never visited the USA.

  39. The democrats are a crooked bunch. The only Democrat that could give President Trump a run is TUlSI; because of her views, she's clean and has the American people to hart and no foolish wars as President Trump has. So that's a disqualifier for her in the realm of the Commie democrats. Also, what're her views on energy, health care, and if shes going to bend to the stooge squad?

  40. I would like to see a list of work done by Congress over the last four years to see who did their job and those who supported the narrative…

  41. Remember to Protect and Serve the people of this Republic…
    Not the Government…
    The Government is for the people not Corrupt Corporations…

  42. A conspiracy literally constructed out of thin air by Paul Schwiezer, published by breitbart, which fox trump state tv will run as a legitimate story. Of course fox feeders will believe it.

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