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how’s it going everybody it’s Devin
Howard and I’m here today to tell you how you can make money from social media
there is no doubt that social media has totally exploded over the last decade in
fact I’m willing to bet that even people like your grandma are on Facebook you
know when you got the grandma on Facebook the social media is here to
stay so why not find out a good way to actually earn money from what you post
on social networks before we begin let me just put a little disclaimer out
there making money online isn’t just some quick fix it requires a lot of work
and a lot of time and a lot of effort so if you’ve got that if you got what it
takes then you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you about how you
can make money online let’s get started the first way to make money online is
through affiliate marketing all right so here’s how affiliate marketing works you
know you’re already posting pictures online maybe you’re sharing your
favorite you know type of coffee or you’re showing off your outfit of the
day so why not make money when you’re promoting the products that you already
love so that’s the whole idea behind affiliate marketing you partner with a
company and you promote their product on your own page you give your own personal
testimonial and then if people come to your link your specific customized link
and make a purchase you’ll get a percentage of that sale so here’s the
key with affiliate marketing it is really important that you already know
and love the products that you’re selling you don’t want it to sound like
a sales pitch so if you can authentically say I am in love with this
product I use it daily it makes me feel this way and it does this for my life
people will believe you because it’s actually true they have no reason to
question it if you’re promoting something that you don’t really love
that you don’t use that often that doesn’t really impact your life in any
way people can tell authenticity is key a great place to start with affiliate
marketing is Amazon Amazon has everything you could ever need it has
cleaning products that as clothing it has electronics I mean Amazon is the hub
for literally everything and they actually have an affiliate program where
they’ll give you your own customized link and if you promote something that
you bought on Amazon people can go to your link make that purchase and then
you’ll get a percentage of that sale one thing to know you do need to disclose
when you’re making money from an affiliate link so lots of times actually
the law will require that you do that but also when you’re honest with your
audience it increases your credibility building an audience online is
definitely challenging but once you are able to do it the rewards can be amazing
there are plenty of people who are making a solid income via affiliate
marketing because they have an audience who’s grown to rely on them and trust
them to give them honest recommendations and reviews of products and different
you know foods and lifestyle things plus there are a lot of affiliate programs
that you can choose from so if you’re involved with sever
your earning potential is pretty much unlimited next let’s talk about selling
your own products making money online doesn’t have to be all about selling
another company’s products maybe you have something of your own that you’d
also like to make money off of well you can do that online super easily you
don’t have to be an expert or you know have a huge business you could just be
an at-home DIY er and you make things that other people would like and then
they want to buy it right now there is a huge boom in supporting local businesses
people want to buy homemade products so if you’ve got something you’re in luck
if you make something that you love and you have neighbors and friends who are
asking for their very own of whatever you like to make why not try selling it
online you can build an audience people will see what you’re making they’ll
realize how much they want it and then all they have to do is go to your
website or your Etsy shop or whatever you’re doing make a purchase and then
you’re earning that money Instagram has a really great tool that will allow
people to actually buy products straight from Instagram so they’re never having
to navigate away from the social platform so that’s a really good place
to start social media is a great place to start
if you’re trying to build your own business or sell products online you
don’t have to have a huge audience for it to work all you need are a couple of
people who do trust you enough to buy the product and then all they need to do
is share about it on their own social media sites or tell their friends about
it and within no time you have a booming business the third way to make money
online is to sell your pictures social media is all about the pictures with the
high quality cameras on our app iPhones and androids more people than ever are
actually starting to take some really artfully crafted photos and if you have
a passion for photography selling your art online especially on social media is
a great way to earn some extra spending money Instagram is a great place to sell
your photography you don’t even need all of that fancy equipment all you need is
that good cell phone that I told you about you’d be able to edit your photos
using some filters and then if people like it they can actually go online and
buy it now that’s pretty awesome if this sounds interesting to you you definitely
want to check out 2020 komm so they help you sell stock photos
that people can go online and buy in order to successfully have a photography
business that’s kind of based on social media you need to make sure that your
watermarking your photos so that people are not stealing your artwork and also
keep track of what photos you’ve sold in which you haven’t and make sure you hang
on to the originals these are very important things but they’re simple and
easy to do especially if you’re passionate about making this your career
now last let’s talk about becoming an influencer influencer marketing is huge
right now companies are willing to pay people with large followings online tons
of money to shout out and promote their products so if this sounds like
something that you’d be interested in keep on watching we’ve all seen
celebrities do this all the time they promote their tea they promote fashion
brands they will always be talking about the different products that they’re
using mostly because those companies are paying them to do so now if you’re
interested in becoming an influencer this is what you need to know you have
to have a specialized focus you can’t be going from you know one type of thing to
the other you have to have a reason to be the person that they that a company
would want to select to work with so for example if you’re really passionate
about fitness but you also follow a paleo diet you’re going to have an
audience that’s built up of people who also appreciate fitness and who are also
interested in a paleo diet and then in doing that you’re going to have
companies that are also focused on fitness and paleo foods come to you
because they know that you have this special connection with their small
market and so they’d want to pay you to talk about what they have to sell or
maybe you’re a makeup artist and you want to post makeup tutorials online if
you do a good enough job with those videos and those pictures and you have
enough people who are watching them and really adhering to your advice you’ll
get makeup brand skincare brands you know hair care brands who are all
reaching out to you so that you can promote their products and they’ll pay
you to actually do that alright people I have told you the ways
that you can make money using so Media now listen to this you need to
start now social media is constantly changing and
evolving and things are you know very fluid so if you want to get a hold on
the digital market do it right now the most important thing is to just be
genuine be yourself don’t try to be anybody else don’t try to become an
influencer who’s you know main focus is something that you don’t even care about
be you people will believe you people will trust you if you’re just staying
true to yourself and it’s super easy to get started just make a commitment to
what you want to do what you want to sell what kind of products you want to
promote what kind of message you want to convey and that’s really all you need to
do take advantage of the social connections you already have work
together with people who are trying to do the same thing and you will be able
to gain popularity very easily you just have to be willing to work hard stay
committed go into every challenge knowing that you’ll get over it and soon
enough you will become successful but you can’t you know spear from the road
you can’t you know take a break you can’t really take this time off you have
to be able to stay focused and stay committed start with what you know but
be open to new things like I said before social media technology digital
marketing it’s all always changing so you have to be able to be willing to
change with it most importantly have fun be creative you this is something that
you enjoy and not a job not a way to the help you pay your rent if you’re just
enjoying what you’re doing you’re going to be it’s going to pay off go to WWF
elite unicorn comm for more tips on how you can make money online using social
media and affiliate marketing you

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