Four Horsemen Of The APOCALYPSE

Vaush: So listen, all right? Listen up. Listen. Hey. Hey. LISTEN! WingsOfRedemption: Look ‘ere, LOOK ‘ERE! LOOK, LISTEN! Vaush: There are uh, a lot of different
groups who are broadly culpable uh, in the- in the- the planet dying. First up, we’ve got the Bourgeois class. The Bougees, the Boogies, the Booglies. This includes basically all Uber-wealthy people; capital owners above a certain threshold of power; and uhm, politicians. These are the people who actually run and guide our society, okay? These motherfuckers up here. Then we have the fucking… MAGAtards. Then we’ve got- How do I draw smug… Intellectually deficient liberals? Can I draw Elon Musk? I’m just gonna draw a rocket. We’ve got them. Okay? And then finally, on the far end… on the far end of the spectrum, okay? We’ve got… the doomers. There’s the dimmer. Okay? Listen, this is it. These… are the Four Horsemen… of the end of the world. These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,
and all of these people stand in the way of us dealing with climate change. First of all, these people: 100% on them. When the world burns, they will be the
first ones tossed into the scalding Pacific. These are the fucking ones on top. These are oil executives; coal executives; and politicians who are bought by either who knowingly perpetuate false information designed to keep the public
complicit in the destruction of the planet. These people are malicious, they are
knowing and malicious. They have the intelligence and the political capital necessary to understand what they’re doing and they are doing what they are doing in spite of that. These people, I prescribe them the guillotine. (In a video game.) *Righteous chuckle* Now, in the immortal words of… Carl Mark, who wrote capital letters: “People will do stuff that benefits them.” That’s what Carl Mark said. Marl Carks. So, no amount of fucking motivational speeching, no fucking fancy-pants UN speech is going
to change the perspective of these people. They’re not. They already know what they’re doing. They’ve bought in, they’re committed to
being pieces of shit. The only thing you can really do is make it so that it is no
longer in their material interest to continue being, uhm… subhuman pieces of shit. They’re not misinformed – they’re just bad people. So, what you need to do is you have to cultivate a political climate where it is politically unfavorable, where it is a bad idea to continue to propagate that propaganda, y’know? So, you can’t really…you can’t
directly address these people. You can address them in like, the “Hey you, fuck you!”
sense, but you can’t appeal to them. Then you have these fucking people. Have you ever been, by the way,
on MAGA Twitter? Hold on. If you ever go over here, you will see… you will see some shit, okay? This is where you experience ego death. #WakeUpAmerica #ImpeachmentSham, #Dems
#Trump2020Landslide #FakeWhistleblower #JoeChina #UkraineExtortion #DemocratHypocrisy #WalkAway #WitchHunt #FakeOutrage #MAGA #Trump 2020 KAG? (Keep America Great) The point that I’m getting at laboriously is that people-
uh, republicans are subhuman, and I mean that in every sense of the word. I mean that if you, uh- I’m no surgeon myself, but I know this and
there are studies on this, by the way, I’m not just like- I’m not just um, rattling this off, uh- If you actually do a um- an
autopsy of a republican, uh you will actually find distinct physiological distinctions between their body and those of a human being. Uh… Their- the- the organs are- are- are wilted;
the blood is of a sickly color; the skin is atonal beyond the first couple layers – well, almost
as though a vampire- someone painted on uuuuhhh, like, spray-tanned -; um, there’s a- there’s…deeply wrong- Now the sk- ooh, now the skull shape, folks, Don’t even get me started on the skull shape of the republican. The point I’m getting at is: these people
are difficult to reach, okay? So, how do you reach these fucking people?
How do you do it? Tell me how you do it! So, there are… two basic routes, okay? You appeal to the commoner… or you appeal to, um… righteous indignation, okay? So, in one route over here, okay? You can say- Here, watch this. I’ll do a little mini-speech. Watch this, okay? *Do what the fat bearded man bun tells you to* That’s one way to appeal, okay? You go for that common populist Dixie charm right there, and you do your um… and you do your absolute best
to appeal to Americana in a way that like, calls out the people
who are responsible, okay? And alternatively, another way that
you can go about this… is to appeal to the more conspiratorial
elements of the MAGA crowd. And that one, by the way, is much easier, because this QAnon shit blew up enough that people
are really receptive to this kind of stuff. *Rehydration and plastic jug noises* And this one’s really fucking simple. Literally, all you have to do is pretend to be Alex Jones. *Crackpot!Vaush speaks The Truth™* *Wrinkled brain reproducing conclusive statement* That is… the other good way you sell them on this shit. I’m drawing the Illuminati. The best way to change people’s minds, uhm… is to leave them with information contrary
to that which they already possess, and then to fucking dip. Literally just dip. These people, the porkies over here, know there’s climate
change and don’t want to do anything about it. These people, the MAGAtards, don’t know there’s climate
change and don’t want anything to do about it. These people know there is climate change,
but don’t do anything meaningful to stop it. They are nominally against climate change, okay? And these are fucking liberals. These are the people who will argue about
budgets and deficits when talking about whether or not it’s feasible to
prevent the end of the world. These are the people who will um… hand wave and suggest that sometime,
in the near future, y’know, “Oh, hey!” “Ingenuity will take care of it.” “We don’t need to worry too hard.” The libs, my friends. The fucking libs! THE FUCKIN’…LIBS! They can’t keep getting away with it. Greta Thunberg: We will not let you get away with this. Vaush: These are the people who say climate
change is bad, who recognize it exists, however, they do nothing to meaningfully address it; they ham and haw about timetables and budgets; these are those people, okay? And if you’re calling out these people,
the best thing you can do, by far, easily! …is to call them dumb fucks. The thing is: here, these people as we’ve acknowledged prior, are subhuman, and you can only appeal to them by hitting them like, on strong points, okay? The problem is: these people already think they’re
doing everything they can to better the world; they think that process is- is- is defined by incremental change and by approving slight increases to R&D
teams who are trying to uncover some- Nonsense incremental bullshit like this, okay? These people can’t really be reached with
these same broad emotional talking points because they already think
they’re in the emotional right. So if you’re talking to them, all you can really do is
hammer home that it’s not fucking working, okay? *Vaush talks to the FUCKING LIBS!* That’s pretty much all you can do with these people,
and I lumped in a lot like, broadly, but basically… What are we doing? You know what? Here’s a fucking chai tea. And the doomers just think the world is going to end
no matter what and there’s nothing we can do. These people’s minds can’t really be changed
and also, there aren’t that many of these people. If their mind is going to be changed, it’s because they started getting on medication, not because they heard a good argument. And there we have it. What did Greta’s argument sound like most? It mostly sounded like this one to me. Greta’s argument sounded like it was aimed at
people who know that climate change exists, but are unwilling to do anything to stop it. The problem is nothing changes until these people do. So to my mind, if we want to deal with climate change, this is what we have to do. I think that by far, these rhetorical approaches are the ones that are most
underutilized and most potentially efficacious, because as long as a substantial chunk of the voting
base in this country is utterly convinced that um, that global like, climate change is a Libtard myth, these people are untouchable right here, because they have a voter base that will
live and die to protect their lives Do what needs to be done to
change people’s minds. Easy! Guys…*Deep breath* Say it with me. Say it the fuck with me! Fascists don’t care about the [?] Fashies do not care, they don’t
care about the truth, not in the sense that they’re ignorant – they know,
they just don’t care if they’re right or wrong. That’s all I have to say. Would I eat poop? I would eat up to a moderate amount of poop
to prevent the end of the world, okay? Up to a moderate amount, but not too much. Greta: HOW DARE YOU?

  1. how u gonna call elon musk a dumb fuck when he has millions of retarded 14 year old boys that stroke his mars fantasy off?

  2. What do when I'm in a country of mostly rocket people and a few conspiratorial elephants slowly going BuddhistPeaceSymbol?

  3. 6:50 Or just how much people 'care about it', or will agree with it so long as it wins them an argument.

    Coughcough DESTINY cough

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