1. Socialist populism where Vatican Pope desires populism and socialism is desired by Communism. It's a regime ideology and modelled to ethnic cleansing and stealing the properties.

    It's Jezebel Hillary Clinton model.

  2. No Detroit wasn't hollowed out by globalism, it was destroyed by SOCIALIST called Liberals and Progressives. I am glad you have seen the light finally, but people such as your guest cause others who are actually wiser and better informed to suffer and die.

  3. fox official propaganda channel for trump…socialism is horrible unless it is being used to bail out farmers that have been screwed by trump's thoughtless trade war…gotta keep them farmers on board so lets throw some tax dollars at them…but remember…socialism is bad…BAD…BAD

  4. Democracy and Capitalism aren't perfect but … What happens were Companies flying out from USA to Comunist slavery factory places like China… Those companies failed the people of USA…

    Capitalism also needs moral values to be successful and stop supporting countries with Comunist regimes

    Like no stealing… no drug dealing… no telling lies…like Codepink saying they didn't support Maduro's regime just they took over the embassy because they didn't support war !!

  5. When you become an IDIOT A MENTAL IDIOT , YOU CAN'T CHANGE BACK ! he is s moron was is and will be ! that's all !

  6. this was a terrible interview-it was all about the pitfalls of capitalism and not about the horrors of socialism in Venezuela -plus, the guy is a left wing lunatic

  7. So in the end, the "horror" socialist detail was socialist populism – seen also in Hungary, in Turkey and in " the USA with Donald Trump – personal politics that are replacing the rule of law, leaders who are attacking their opponents as if they were demonic…" – thank you for coming in, we really appreciated, we'll talk to you real soon …. (meaning NEVER)

  8. Why on earth would Fox even entertain having this person on when he readily admits to being a socialist? So what if he "learned his lesson"? The fact that he EVER supported the ideology should render him instant "idiot" status and not worth the time of day.

  9. "The average American lives so much better, even the poors Americans live so much better than than some eh then people 'n the overwhelming majority of countries…" — we know brother, lying is not easy.

  10. Fox tried so hard to do these framed questions. Then after multiple tries to get a certain answer when the dude shits on trump he’s like andddd we gotta go lmao. Fox you suck

  11. Go back to Venezuela sir. You made your bed. Sleep in it. You voted Socialism in. You don’t get to abandon ship when things get bad. Go fix your nation and do it right this time with capitalism. Only system that works for most people. The system that doesn’t have you eating out of trash dumpsters. That’s the system you want. I would also argue that Detroit was hollowed out by unions that priced themselves out of business.

  12. Did he just change his mind in the middle of the interview? Populist socialism doesn't even make sense.

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