Former Megachurch Pastor Says Evangelicals Supporting Trump Has Ruined Religion

Former mega church pastor and author Joshua
Harris recently did an interview with Axios on HBO, where he talked about the fact that
evangelical support for Donald Trump has helped destroy the credibility of the evangelical
movement here in the United States. We have said that repeatedly here on this
program. Plenty of other folks have been saying it
repeatedly, but here’s the thing. This is a guy who came from inside that kind
of world. He sees what’s happening both inside and out,
and even though he announced earlier this year that he is abandoned his faith, he still
sees what has happened because evangelicals overwhelmingly support Donald Trump. I think the latest poll shows his approval
rating among evangelicals is 77% I think his approval rating among just Republicans is
slightly lower than 77% so evangelicals, they’re the top. That’s his biggest voting block. If you don’t include the people who wear the
white hoods and all that. But this is a big deal. And yes, Harris is absolutely right. Support for Trump has further degraded the
credibility of the religious right. And here’s the thing, those of us who’ve been
following the religious right me for 15 years now, we knew they never had any credibility. I mean, anybody who’s ever listened to Frank
Shaffer or read one of his books understands that this group never had any credibility,
but they do among their own followers. And you’re not going to change their opinions
of Donald Trump. You’re not going to convince them that they’re
somehow bad Christians for supporting Donald Trump. But what you are going to do is give this
movement, the evangelical movement, the religious right, the moral majority, whatever the hell
you want to call them. you’re going to put it in the heads of people
who may be headed down that path, that these aren’t real Christians, that this isn’t the
group for you, that this isn’t where you want to be. If you actually want to follow the gospels,
and that’s what matters. We’re not going to get people to drop out
of the evangelical movement just because they support Trump. But you could easily convince other folks
in this country that that’s not where they want to go because they have no credibility. That’s why stories like this are important. That’s how you tackle these groups, whether
it’s the religious right, the NRA, or as I mentioned, the groups with the white hoods. It’s hard to get in there and shake those
members and make them realize that what they’re doing is following a false God. But what you can do is make it to where anybody
who’s on the fence about whether or not that’s for them is to let them know that this isn’t
what they think it is, and it’s not going to go the way that they think. They’re not gonna find salvation. They’re not gonna find real friendship. They’re going to find a bunch of phonies. They’re going to find a bunch of frauds and
find out that every one of them is really just a tool for corporations and people trying
to make a quick buck just like Donald Trump himself.

  1. Those megachurches have always been a bit on the sketchy side. But if there was any doubt, their support for 45 makes it very clear that they are about as anti-Christian, not to mention as twisted, as it is possible to be. Good grief.

  2. God isn’t racist because he made us all. Trump is racist but has support from people who say they love god. Figure that one out!

  3. Why yaw giving Trump such a hard time is as Christian as any other Christian living in a fantasy world.All the Christians I know use the Jesus card to escape their wrong doings to hide from responsibility.

  4. These white evangelicals have been creating atheists for years. l know atheists who are more Christian then these folks. Jesus said there would be people claiming to be his followers but prove false to its power.

  5. That morally deprived doomsday cult has NOTHING to do with Christianity. Jesus would lay one eye on them and kick them all out of the temple.

  6. How can anyone who claims to follow Jesus, support a…
    Child Abuser!
    Charity Thief!
    A Blackmailer!
    Woman Degrader!
    A Sex Fiend Ally!
    Habitual Liar!
    They should be ashamed of themselves!

  7. How can the evangelical's support a piece of trash that molest women, cheats, commits crimes, praises dictators and is a narcissistic, pathological liar?? These are God's beliefs? They're HYPOCRITES just like all the other supporters because we know if this was a Democratic president doing all this, they would be SCREAMING FROM THE ROOF TOPS!! Truly VILE…

  8. As a former Christian Evangelical after 45 years and all the contradictions Christianity that I experienced in my search for the truth I found the truth Jesus is a myth he never existed Christianity is a Lie the whole new testament is a Blasphemous pile of garbage no wonder their minds are twisted

  9. Evangelical theology is designed to detach from representative politics and economics subordinate to oligarchic initiated state violence so the status quo ruling class can maintain dominance atop your obedient and faithful superstitious hope. Exactly where we are today.

  10. Well what did he expect. You kiss the butt of this crook immoral person etc. Do you not think that all people are fools???

  11. After 85% of Evangelicals voted for Trump and a large percentage of them still support him they can stop their fake moralizing of everyone else. In other words S.T.F.U.

  12. The evangelicals have fallen into the ancient sin of idolatry. The are worshipping a Golden Calf and deserve punishment and this is according to the texts they believe.

  13. As a Christian (not evangelical, but I have evangelical friends who agree, not all follow trump although I know my friends are in the minority), I agree with this. trump's actions are NOT Christian. Many of these people are very bad Christians who want to twist Christianity into something that makes them feel morally validated, when in fact they are not living the life Christianity calls for at all. These are your prosperity gospel followers. Sadly, they make all Christians look like this. They're not. Even being pro life isn't to follow trump, because simply making abortion illegal wouldn't stop it from happening, it would only penalise women stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some of us see this clearly, and we can do nothing but watch the Christian reputation go up in flames. It was supposed to be about loving thy neighbour, giving unto others, humility, and selflessness. They've given the entire faith a bad name.

  14. All these “Go to Hell” Christians will be shocked when they end up in the burning pit for their bling trust in the orange anti christ.

  15. Another great show, Farron.  I had Evangelical friends who I admired for their stated love of God and stated love of all people.   Then they began believing in and defending trump. I loved those friends dearly and was horrified by that.  I can't even talk to them anymore. The Televangelist 'pastors' are now a blight on America and all true followers of Jesus.

  16. Evangelicals don't have credibility, they are just transactional people. These people are easily prone to extortion and bribery.

  17. Not all evangelicals support Trump. Most people at my church don't either. I agree with Joshua Harris, Trump is the antithesis of Christian beliefs. It's hard for me to believe people are Christian if they support Trump. It's very easy to shoot down they're straw man arguments.

  18. Anyone who tries to bring about the return of Jesus or Armageddon is a prideful idiot. The world will not end because you want to. It will all happen in God’s time, not yours. Leave it God’s hands and worry about saving your own soul. All the atrocities they committed will come back to haunt them.

  19. The unfortunate is that these so called evangelicals have been stricken with a reprobate mind. See Romans 1. There is no coming back for them. God has given them a strong delusion so they believe a lie. Hell hath enlarged herself to receive all of them.

  20. I don't follow Christ, I try to be more like him! That's what Christianity is to me! And the hate that's in Evangelicals, is not Christ's way, but the Devil's way! And the Devil wants them to hurt and kill those not of their beliefs! And they keep murdering others just like the radicals in any religion! They are all Devil's advocates!

  21. well i'm pretty sure Evangelical Super Stores already ruined religion along time ago….and there is nothing Right about them! Just a lot of Alt… sooooo

  22. If they are supposed trump the devils they need to be runt Christian is not supposed to be working for the devils like they are for trump

  23. Like many people I was brought up in evangelicalism and know it intimately. Despite knowing ever so well how shallow, false and the reverse of Christ and his message it is, it still surprises and saddens me somewhat just HOW toxic and bankrupt it has become. Maybe I was missing something in my youth, but it never seemed remotely THAT bad then!

  24. If evangelicals were truly religious or Christian, the last person they would support would be trump, the least Christian man in the country.

  25. So much for Trump calling himself ‘THE CHOSEN ONE’. What a JOKE Evangelicals don’t blame Trump you knew what you were getting into when you all took on this crooked lying false so called POTUS.on it was all about the MONEY to line your pockets, You reap what you sow, great parable that.

  26. Fox CUNTSERVATIVE PROPAGANDA has destroyed Christianity. Republicans are proof that Religious Indoctrination is DANGEROUS and PATHOLOGICAL. Anti- American BIGOTS and domestic THEOCRATIC TERRORISTS.

  27. I don't think Trump destroyed the credibility of Evangelicals, they have been quite capable of doing that themselves.

  28. Whenever anyone is discussing the American Evangelical "Christian" Right, I am called to quote a segment from one of the stand-up routines of the late, great and very wise Robin Williams. In this bit, Robin spoke about the unmitigated hypocrisy and grifting of many Evangelical TV Pastors, and added: "a spokesperson for heaven quoted God as saying:" I don't know these people, I've never spoken to them, and I wish they'd stop using my name." AMEN, Robin. If you're a Christian, why would you vote for the AntiChrist?

  29. Lol ruined it. How about the fact that evangelism is let alone not a religion. I mean Christ the church of Satan is far more kind people that those. Monsters.

  30. Whenever I hear about those religious right Evangelicals blindly supporting the GOP, I can't help but remember the words of John Fugelsang:
    "…..I have come to view Jesus much the same as Elvis. I love the guy but the fan clubs scare me. Many members of the GOP talk about Jesus all the time. They invoke his name incessantly as if he is a mascot holding pom-poms on the sidelines.
    Wouldn't it be great if the Republicans could get Jesus of Nazareth to run for President on the GOP ticket?
    They can't pick a front runner anyway. So wouldn't the GOP love to get behind and support the election of a guy who is a peaceful, radical, non-violent, revolutionary who hung out with lepers, hookers and criminals. A person who never spoke English and who wasn't an American citizen.
    A man who was anti-Capitalism, anti wealth, anti public prayer (yes he was, Mathew 6:5), anti death penalty but never once even remotely anti gay, and didn't mention premarital sex.
    A man who never justified torture, who never called the poor lazy, who never asked a leper for a Co-Pay, who never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazerenes and was a long haired, brown skinned (as stated in Revelations), homeless Middle Eastern Jew.
    …..of course that is only if you believe what's actually writen in the Holy Bible."

  31. The Evangelical Cult is a cult of Satan. These fake Christian bastards are enough to make me throw up. I wouldn't let those fuckers anywhere near a child.

  32. I'm sad this pastor has lost his faith but to all Christians here don't Trump and his degeneracy ruin your faith. The real gospel is directly apposed people like Trump and his lies.

  33. The bible condones or outright recommends genocide, murder, rape, infanticide, slavery and incest. When you think you want someone to "be more Christian", be careful what you ask for.

  34. The Evangelical movement needs to change their name to the Evilgelical movement. They are not true Christian's and money grubbers, just like all big businesses.

  35. Christ warned them against people like trump yet they decided to follow the teachings of trump rather than the teachings of Christ.

  36. The religious right, otherwise known as Evangelicals, began losing credibility about two decades ago and their views, greed and hypocrisy have only gotten worse with the arrival of Trump whom they mostly support to the hilt, even though everything Trump stands for, says and does is the antithesis of Christian values and morality.

  37. I have always thought this Scripture is very good, to recognize the phonies & hypocrites that mock God. 2 Timothy; 3-5 "Having the appearance of godliness, but denying the power thereof. From such people, stay away"

    God tells us not to waste our time on such people. They quote God, but do not have God's power in their lives. Having not His love, joy, peace, blessings etc The fruits of God show up once we accept Him.We r known by our fruits. We have peace, not
    division, like the ungodly breed. Look how they cause such division! We cant let them do this to us! God's people will reflect God, not fame, wealth, power. They r slaves to the earthly appearance of having importance & influence. i love you all for ur posts. Declare God & the hypocrits will flee. Lets pray that these hearings from Washington will shine light on the evil, corrupt, blasphemous, lies that make His children miserable. We will have peace soon by God's powerful hand. Praise Him!!

  38. Another 1% out of 99% that support TRUMP, more hilarity coming from you chumps. That nonsense must be keeping your knotheads faunching at the bit. Too bad they aren't smart enough to see your hypocracy and bigoted opinions.

  39. Trump is a projection of who they are inside and wana be outside, they just to bitch made to act upon it. Trump is their god personified

  40. I am incredibly grateful to my dad for getting me out of my mom's custody when I was 16, because she was (still is) a hardcore Evangelical. If he hadn't, I would've killed myself before reaching 18.
    That is how bad that cult is.

  41. Evangelicals are either stupid or criminals. Or both. These idiots are going to be in for a big surprise on judgement day.

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