For The Culture – A Sneakerhead Culture Documentary

(hip-hop instrumental) sneakerhead… a sneakerhead man… a sneakherhead to me is someone whose life completely revolves around sneakers… is on top of like what release dates are coming out from the art on their wall, the tattoos on their body like… you can be a sneakerhead without even purchasing a sneaker for me it’s like, it’s like childhood stuff they just want to be around shoes, and want to be a part of the culture the sneakerhead knows the history and lineage of a certain silhouette or colorway (hip-hop instrumental) you know has like a connection to the sneaker but mostly i think it’s just a person who is just about that sneaker culture the only thing that care about in this world is sneakers (hip-hop instrumental) Hypebeast aw man ugh There lame yo, um A Hypebeast is the worst thing you can be you know there’s people that are like Puma heads there’s people that are Nike heads there’s people that are like Adidas heads and they’ve been rocking since day once but a hypebeast will ruin your chances of getting, you know, a coveted pair something that really means something to you and all of a sudden, now that it’s a trend “oh it’s a trend?” I’m a rock on the Adidas wave now I’m a do the, I’m a do the Puma wave I’m a do the Nike wave, just cause it’s hot now the Hypebeast knows that it’s going to be popular or it’s going to be sought after who rides a trend They’re not in it to like, chase after that moment that you missed they have no history behind, no nothing. it’s just… (mocking): “Yo those is hot.” Why are they hot? they know it’s hot, so they’re gonna do it (mocking): “i dunno cause they just hot yo like…” it builds so much hype cause they wear it but then at the end of they day they don’t really care for it if you don’t really have a definition or explanation on why you think something hot and you’re just going based off of what someone said like these should be hot That’s a Hypebeast and, they’re like the bottom feeders of sneaker culture (hip-hop instrumental) my name is Esteban Serrano and I am a content creator for Fuse TV well, my career started at MTV I used to be a producer on a show called TRL (Total Request Live) Sneaker had a lot to with the Allure of hip-hop sneakers were always around hip-hop it is the most hip-hop thing in this world to me that had a huge impact on what I was going to pursue as a career and then once I got into a position to create content around sneakers was you know kind of when everything came full circle for me and i was able to create a show called “Sole Searching” that we do on Fuse.TV soul-searching is a story about going after and trying to uncover these things any stories that are beyond what color a sneaker is… (hip-hop instrumental) My name is Stan Chan, I am a photographer for Packer shoes and I also do Freelance stuff on the side and creative work on the side as well I was in college for music I was sitting in the lunchroom my boy we had like a bunch of different random items. Wallets and like hats and stuff so we started taking pictures on our phone and make that weekend I’m regular old mature and take some photos outside of my complete my walk around and take pictures on my phone we get deeper like this therapeutic mean you know I mean everybody goes to work and it’s always a little getaway that you had you know where is interesting and put on your headphones listening to music from like that for me it’s just photography is that my skate my expression working with tags just like the 212 i love sneakers and I love photography was just little things that just meshed well with me is Action Bronson packages shot baby my name is mike fifth aka mr throwback i sell this is sports apparel started selling at a health Kitchen flea market in Manhattan i was living home with my parents at the time and I was just like hoarding stuff in there in my parents basement i collected like to have the ball cards and starting lineup and NBA jerseys that was just like my childhood bedroom you know we’ve been here for years I wanted like a one-stop shop where you come in and you can maybe get a pair of kicks i had a jacket and then literally walk out the door when I feel like a good kid every day in my own store think this is what I want to do forever my name is Malcolm do custom speakers manager amazing teeth into Satan jersey concentrated studio customers because I’ve been doing for by almost two years now i find my arm he hit me up one day you’ll hate my job I wasn’t really feeling my job at the time to he was like this on the Stockholm men’s feet can help me and helping turn into I’m opinion few dollars here to dollars here attention to work four days a week for the forties we turn into now do you manage that place and we travel so it’s been a journey but it’s the best never happy with my inspiration is our inches looking at shoes and say oh i think i can speak those anything like I think i can make the difference I want to give you something where you can where can people be like you did when those come out bodies 101like who did that Malcolm you’re done wow I love the event you know I’m almost late nights doing this and you know nothing nothing better than you its immense what’s going on it’s your boy gala spin having fun out here sneaker hard the greatest weakness so on earth is the number one secret invention they need to understand why we’re here and why we do this not because we don’t have other things to do with our money this is what we do start having and it’s not like it was little man we always wanted to rocky kick and like you know we’re gonna put it back then and now we can’t you do anything this is the culture right here everybody in the culture the high beat the old head if you like me because you’re here in this building all kinds of shoes all kinds of lifestyles like giving with you the first speaker that i can remember that I absolutely had to have was the first diver from question that was the first one I was in high school I’m from Philly like that speaker was my Jordan for a lot of people who grew up loving the bolt I grew up hating Michael Jordan think it was the bread their team’s name i started late on the jordan and i’m going to your what argue for these appraised do you change the game man to be most influential player ever you can’t even question the influences turning me on right now you see a million i was in college i had Jordan before that but i think the Apple easily the ones that was like you think so I hated that man with a passion Rach wait i love those blocks Holloway like the old Hornets color with could so go for that I wore concord 11 my wedding respect I mean you can go like let’s be real but I don’t we got like them so the Irishman came out and that was the speaker that I wanted so bad now I have every Irish thing that ever comes out she’s a silver work on the color wheel that it is both dinosaur America not like that side angle you know satellite he’s standing you your jeans just late nice biani i love when when when it’s not just normal leather that’s my favorite part of the shoot their trainer want my favorite month is all about finger has two 1987 senior i was born and it was something about it was super lightweight especially for that time like like it’s nothing like looking at like Jordan one from the side and like slot you know we all played like basketball and he’s like you know directly by our town and stuff like that and I did jordan 14 I’m like 11-12 parade and I was pouring the sneakers to the game like I wouldn’t wear them i was just bring them lay them off and I feel like Michael Jordan the three little bears the mid air nike sb’s it was beautiful man that to me is like if i can get that shoe I’ll give out give all the rest of them more accessible now we’re going to Instagram like 30 hundred different stores that you really need or saturday for this much amount of money today so why it changes a lot more accessible which is cool and once that doesn’t mean it’s kind of a kind of wagon another because for me were made me like at least the sneaker coach is so cool hush to find peace me is that you know not that many people don’t have a point you know if your heart of getting up like beautiful things that everybody had a story i’m gonna be me and you have the same period when you would have a different story if i didn’t have the ground I don’t know where I’d be that platform is amazing because it’s literally a picture and you can just write like for sale down literally from we could just get you off and the transactions on its Anatomy my favorite part of the cultural and social media is the art that comes out of it be it like from these cut soon that people are doing with like you know repainting else new girl people creating art out of the Seekers let’s be real speakers are just because they were featured on a nice take college is like the biggest logs known to man no to anything we go ahead creating your only constant in your own lane is more is more valuable now Leonard ever been before if I could give advice to anybody who wants to pursue a career in features was don’t have the surface skills and ability of what they think is available I would tell them first this indulgence I ever yes that goes you know the company lawyer because companies need to count those same people who work in those departments are a part of ‘secret culture and there are integral very important part where we about this like oh you know what trends are hot but worry about like why the terms of whether you like how that shootout design don’t think that any of the things that you’re passionate about outside of speakers don’t apply this weekend culture trying to figure out every corner of every aspect of that industry that culture and then what you know that finds one that about everything that you learn that’s like you are really like doing this a lot most everything that he always left and just what you find that dangling i think the first thing is just pissing golden you might have fun most of all because you know having fun and it’s not even working like and I really tell people that if you really want to do something just do it

  1. Peace and blessings brother, i really digg your video and so i figured i would ask for a sub for a sub, we would greatly appreciate it!!

  2. Colorway= Color Scheme
    Retro= Re-release
    Lifestyle= Casual
    Hater= small minded nigga
    "Buy what you like"= rule#1

  3. There must be at least one good American Researcher out there to find out that sneaker culture ,or trainee culture started in Liverpool U.K from the middle of 1977 till now FACT. Being the first is what it's all about. ADIDAS needs to thanks to the Liverpool Scally's for it's sports clothing rise as well .Hip Hop was at least 5 years behind, The Truth Is Out There

  4. 2:08 this is a fact. I wanna buy that Adidas Padiham LG and well hypebeasts got it and I can't. Worse, to see it being reselled at ridiculous prices. Fuck these scumbags!

  5. Dude who loved the Iverson. That's legit. Feeling it. Also, only dude in this vid didn't start with the usual Jordans.

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