Foil Seal Inspection using X-ray Technology

Hi I’m Rich Cisek and this is quick
tips with Rich. Today we’re going to be talking about foil seal inspection with
x-ray system so many products have a seal in them that looks very similar to
this it’s just a simple thermo seal but you want to make sure in the inspection
process that that seal is there we offer two solutions for that one all of our
x-ray systems can be equipped with an optional missing foil missing cap sensor
that makes it very easy to inspect for these types of things and that’s all
integrated into the machine so you don’t use any extra line space and every
products inspection is done for that particular thing for more advanced cases
we have x-ray systems that can actually image the foil seal itself and make sure
it’s sealed and for these types of applications we use a high-resolution
x-ray system that actually shows us the signature of the seal on the container
very very valuable for things that you want to make absolutely sure are sealed
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