1. Oh so refreshing an intelligent prime minister. Such a contrast to Justin Trudeau. I always like Stephen Harper our media didn't like him so now we are stuck with sunny ways.

  2. Haven't you noticed how little he really speaks in a critical manner about his successor as prime minister?

  3. Stephen Harper was the best Prime Minister in Canada why did he have to lose against a pot head thief😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Excellent prime minister looked out for Canada I would vote for him again in a heartbeat
    Please come back and run Canada we need people with real intelligence running our country

  5. I missed Harper. He has class, intelligence, critical thinking, empathy, & common sense. Only if we can turn back the time… So sad we have the current PM who only brings Canadians’ lives in distress. I would choose Harper over Trudeau anytime anywhere. Harper is the real Canadian. 🇨🇦

  6. If ONLY we could show off this smart man to president trump. Have him negotiate about trade.

  7. We booted an intellectual economist, and a true conservative leader for this moronic man child, who reminds me of an elementary school teacher.

  8. I’m an American but I really respect Mr Harper. He is truly a very smart very intelligent man who talks very clear and understands what he’s talking about.

  9. Harper’s strange anti-Trump reference to “conservative populism” (which it would seem is how he presently describes himself) is in need of a response.

    Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is, like many conservative fundamentalist Christians, an authoritarian. He doesn’t believe in democracy any more than does any other sociopathic control freak power hungry politician. Real democracy (the will of the people, if you will) we’ve never had and never will have. It’s a farce and the only concessions from power elites have been minimal, enough crumbs tossed to the herd to avoid insurrection and revolution. Classical Liberalism, in the tradition of John Stuart Mill – which may have once served as an antidote to calcified conservatism – has been dead for decades. Mill would be described as a socialist by today’s standards.

    Stephen Harper was a disaster for Canada as was Lyin’ Brian (Bag Man) Mulroney, the last conservative we had to endure. The only difference is Mulroney was a common criminal, a greedy influence peddler who ought to be serving a life sentence. But if you steal enough money, as we discovered in the financial and stock market debacles in 2008, you are bailed out by the victims.

    Populist conservatism, you say? I wonder if Herr Harper has any conception as to what “populist conservatism” might mean. The Conservative Party of Canada once called itself the “Progressive Conservative Party” which would be laughable if it were not so self- contradictory and ludicrous.

    Most conservative politicians are more akin to reactionary demagogues, particularly when they try to warm up to the beleaguered working classes, and are just a short side-step to the left of fascism. Many conservatives like the working class hating war mongering whiskey swilling Winston Churchill, are monarchists. How nauseating is that? The French dealt with their parasitic monarchy during their Revolution of 1789 which is why they do not exist in France today as they do in many so-called Western European “democracies”. The British queen’s decadent mug shot is still on our Canadian currency for Christ sake.

    Many people fail to realize it was Conservatives who fell into lock step with Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Without these conservative acolytes (including big business, the wealthy elites, military establishment and the churches) they would never have been able to gain total power. Conservatives have always feared any variant of people power (real democracy) or socialism and will do anything to avoid it, including aligning themselves with dictators and butchers. The wealthy conservative Canadian prime Minister during the Great Depression, the over-fed fat bastard R B Bennett millionaire owner of Eddy Match Company only cared about gaining a peerage, did nothing to save starving people in the country and even blamed the Depression on the destitute people (which they of course had nothing to do with – only its victims. I recommend people consult Pierre Berton’s book on the Great Depression in Canada for all the sordid details.

    The smiling silver spoon Justin Trudeau is not much better than Harper as people ought to have known. Neither he nor Stephen Harper (or Donald Trump for that matter) ever put in an honest day’s work in their lives. But working people clearly vote for frauds like Harper and Trudeau or they’d never be elected.

    We’ve had rotating parliamentary doors of Conservatives and Liberals since Confederation in 1867 and it’s been a 150 year travesty and disaster for the vast majority of working people.

    There’s much more one could say about the predicament we’re in, to say nothing of global warming, species loss (several every day) and the many ecosystems circling the drain (including our oceans). Corporate Capitalism (neo-liberalism) is an evil predatory system that needs to be abolished if homo saps are to survive. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with free enterprise and free markets if we had the real article and imposed limits of scale (imposing limits being the essence of ethics).

    Allowing corporations and individuals to amass wealth to the point that eight billionaires have more wealth than half the planet’s population is not only an unmitigated disaster for any semblance of justice or possibility of democracy, but an obscenity of seemingly infinite magnitude. We ought to heed the passages in the Bible (the few without violence or any semblance of wisdom) about love of mammon and the parable of the rich man, camel and eye of a needle.

    Stephen Harper was a catastrophe for Canada and why anyone would pay attention to his creepy conservative pontificating is strange at best.

  10. Check out the Peoples Party of Canada. Flat rate tax, pipeline, so people can work and Canada is on its way to economic recovery, views on immigration, etc. More to come.
    FYI – There already is a pipeline – for about 60 years now. No major accidents.

  11. I never have patience to listen to Justin Trudeau because he sounds like an immigrant more than immigrant here in Canada. He is a child at heart. The word “cute” will be his legacy. Hope he won’t come back to be a PM in the next election. He is a village boy and an embarrassment to all of us in the India trip, passing of legal Cannabis, welcoming of terrorists and Islamic people to destroy this Christianity country, and more. Shaking my heads when I write this. This country was peaceful before the refugees open door policy. I am a realtor and was once called upon to consider an offer from our government who sponsored the Syrian family to rent my listing for 12-month. The offer shows that the gov’t didn’t even know how RTA 2006 works ( residential tenancy act), i.e. tenants have first right to stay in the lease after 12 months. How on earth would we consider their offer if Syrian family have no income proof and credit ? Trudeau gov’t was trying to please the EU too much at the expense of our tax dollars and Christianity values. The Islam is being aggressively promoting it in downtown outside Eaton center. This is not Canada.

  12. Best Canadian prime minister in a generation, smart and articulate but to autocratic for the hosers in the north

  13. Shut the hell up Prime Minister Harper, every single large corporation like : Wall Mart, Home Depot, Apple, …… name it got $ Billions from hard working people in China, while westerns sat on their asses, Chinese people worked hard to be where they are now and US can not see that , American are jealous of what China could achieve, US stole every Intel. from Germany and others, so go to hell United Snakes of Israkill.

  14. Stephen Harper provided positive and effective leadership in challenging times. It is unfortunate that he was voted out of office. The Venting Vigilante.

  15. Great leader, great man. Since Harper will likely never run for PM again, we CAN have his old team of great people who supported him for his 10+ years in office.

  16. This man is an absolute giant and I miss him. Glad he is finally speaking out. Why Canada voted him out for Trudeau, I have no idea. Obama used to have so much contempt for Harper. That tells you a lot.

  17. Harper and Trump would have made a killer team, fuck I wish he was still PM.

    He was the best and most truest PM we have ever had, we had it fucking good with him and now Canada is a joke cause of the stupid, retarded Libtards that voted this embarrassment in.

    Trudeau is going out in 2019.


  18. Ah Canadians, We (not me) chose floundering incompetence that has become the laughing stock of the free world, over the Quiet competence of this fine man Stephen Harper. For that matter, the liberal party chose a pretty part time snowboard instructor/ substitute drama teacher Lil' justy tradoh as their leader ( cause Daddy).HMMMMMMMMMMM??????? The mind boggles.They chose this fool over, a man like Marc Garneau, a Man Of extreme competence and effort and natural leadership. Canada may well be heading to a future civil war or dissolution.

  19. Traded a masters of economics and 20+ years experience for a prima donna college dropout part time drama teacher. Canada messed up!

  20. This man started as a great PM for Canada. Unfortunately his last years were less than impressive which was why there was such a push for Trudeau. But he was very smart and well spoken

  21. fuck off stephen and fox. i’m not a liberal or conservative, but conservatism ain’t any better either. we need something new beyond stale lib/con political philosophy. they both suck.

  22. Socialism goes back before Marx – it was a philosophy of general welfare and helping the poor. It wasn't "failed everywhere it was tried" – it's deeply embedded in the health of a capitalist economy.

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