FMAV exceeds expectations on delivering Engaging Associations Forum 2019

We saw a need to create a boutique event
in the association space to really challenge the status quo
provide interesting content and crowdsource to find innovative solutions
on how Association operations can change, structures can change, membership models
can change so that they survive and thrive going forward and so six years
ago Engaging Associations was born FMAV has been a partner for four years.
FMAV every year has come to the table with a new idea, a new product
that’s going to enhance the overall experience for everybody involved and
and so it’s been fantastic. Well working with them is really unique in that you
build relationships with the various people that work on the projects with.
And it’s like getting together with a group of friends you know – we can
communicate effectively with each other We have a little fun we joke around but
we also inspire each other and challenge each other so it’s really beneficial to
have a company that you can work with that have that kind of people behind it. What
we’ve been able to do is take a conference that we would have put in a
plenary room and three breakout rooms and turned it into just one plenary room
where we have three stages and are able to condense our footprint in the hotel
which would save on room rental it would save on other things. So would you spend
a little bit more on the technology? Yes but it’s not really adding to your
budget because you’re saving in other ways so it’s I think it’s
really important to show the associations in the room that there are
things that you can do perhaps even in venues you’ve had to dismiss in the past
because they’re too small to make it happen and making an interesting
experience. Involving the stakeholders at their very
ground-level at the get-go by using something like the Event Canvas process
and understanding why it’s important to involve those kinds of stakeholders have
those discussions I think in the long run would benefit an association overall.
Well we’re a creative group we’re trying to be innovative in our sector so
working with FMAV we get an opportunity to do that. We’re constantly looking at
the new toys and tools that you guys have in your kit and finding unique ways
to roll them out and even some of the tools that have been around for a while
you know we put them into use in creative ways that allow us to showcase
both the technology but also innovation within the sector and I think they play
a big role in that. If I didn’t trust the process we
wouldn’t be in one plenary room with three stages with silent breakouts,
creative zone, a relaxation zone none of it would have happened as
quickly as it did if I hadn’t gone through the process
with such an awesome partner.

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