Flying the BRITISH AIRWAYS BOEING 747: New York to London in Economy Class

what's up guys today I am heading to a London from New York's John F Kennedy International Airport with British Airways in a comedy class or otherwise known as world traveler we're on the air train service which linked in New York to the terminal buildings here at JFK Airport and takes you around all of the terminals to British Airways terminal 7 once you're off the air train is just a very short walk across the road to the terminal terminal 7 laughs JFK is the only Airport terminal in the u.s. operated by foreign carrier on US soil but once you're inside the terminal it's actually that frames to be honest it's a little bit dark very low ceilings just like the old settlers used to be out to be throw before they got me built I headed to the TSA checkpoint here at JFK and it wasn't actually that busy that's probably because it was really early in the morning here and most flies heading eastbound across the Atlantic leave the u.s. in the evening to get into Europe in the morning well this is one of the few exceptions to that rule and it's British Airways morning departure that leaves at 7:00 in the morning and gets its Heathrow as some one o'clock in the evening security cleared with relative ease I headed through to the duty-free shop to prep some bargains ahead of my flight back to Europe this is definitely one of the perks of this job and I have to say that our drinks cabinets at home is never short of weird and wonderful alcohol from around the world BA are working on a massive renovation of terminal 7 other moments so there is just building work everywhere you walk within this building wall I expect it'll be pretty nice when it's complete it doesn't do much to add to the dark and dingy atmosphere generally found in terminal 7 and here is the queen of the skies is going to be taking Mia Frost and today he can't deny that even at 20 years old this aircraft looks beautiful now as the day was delivered or from the outside at least as we got closer to departure the gate area started filling off in what can only be described as disorganized chaos nobody knew where they had to go there were no forms of queue set up or anything like that it was just every single passenger in a really small space and was very claustrophobic actually but I think it helped that the PA system wasn't working either and all the boarding announcements were done by a woman shouting it of the passengers across the gate area finally my boarding roof was called and I could actually make my way out of this terminal down the jet which towards the Boeing 747 any duty-free purchases are collected as you walk down the jet bridge to the plane to make sure the owners are able to drink them in the terminal building and finally I was able to afford my very first ever British Airways Boeing 747 British Airways have a massive business class or club world happiness the College on the Boeing 707 it includes not only these seats downstairs but there's also a load of seats upstairs in football – which is where I'll be sitting later on this year when I find pull-up world on the beatings and for something for today they were made my way through the Premium Economy cabin or world traveler plus as they call it which is essentially just leg room it's a perfect closet at the back which is where I will be cramming for today's flight over to be a have recently renovated all of the other acceptable settings with the really nice having there's mood lighting and everything but there is no mistaking that this aircraft is a very a very durable and is still over 20 years old and after all economy is economy regardless of what airline my seat today was 45 he which would normally give you quite a good view across the back of the wing however that is if the window is not scratched as it was on this flight I have to say that this window was one of the most but nice fresh windows I've ever had on a flight and I've even flown a num'rous triple sevens before this was terrible be a safety video is pretty humorous or at least it is the first few times you see it in us tend to get a little bit dry after a while it features quite a few British celebrities all in aid of comic relief which is a British charity and that was in my last site of the USA for this trip as we entered the really low cloud and emerged a few minutes later on top of it let's take a quick look at the mood that we flew today and it was a pretty standard routing for our flight from the east coast to the UK we headed up over Nova Scotia over Newfoundland straight across the Atlantic hosting over Southern Ireland before crossing the South of Wales over Bristol and then a beautiful descent and landing into London Heathrow flight o today was six hours on one minute from takeoff to touchdown at the altitude of 37,000 feet once we were above the clouds into brighter weather the space of the window really became apparent it was absolutely atrocious it wasn't like this was a one-off either every single window on the lower deck of this aircraft that I saw had exactly the same scratching on it it was pretty disappointing to be honest that the window was quite so badly scratched I know it's not the end of the world but it really does give quite a poor impression to all the windows seat passengers when they can't sit in out the window due to the scratches not long after takeoff the cabin crew came around with their breakfast service I opted to be full English breakfast after a few days of us I was looking forward to seeing how a british airways full English breakfast was done and yeah the only stable doesn't look that appetizing but I don't know whether race restricts our hungry at this point and heated coffee and food another thing but he actually didn't taste too bad eh-oh Matt only seven four seven acquire modern and to be honest I find it a lot easier to use and on the nuevos a four-year had on the way over for 20 year old aircraft in-flight entertainment system is surprisingly modern I think they've had it refitted it has hundreds of movies TV shows music albums all sorts of things to keep you occupied as you travel around the world on these aircraft kids have their own section to where they can watch a variety of Disney movies and things like that and also catch up with all the news from the BBC with our World News Service I'm quite sure whether this is completely live or whether it's just loaded into the system before the flight leaves it's really cool to be able to catch up with the news as you make your way hardware or stair landing but hours before landing there is a light snack service on this flight consisted of a VG's village present [Applause] the crew were pretty good at bringing around a steady supply of snack streams and everything else that you could want to keep you occupied compared to the terrible weather that we left behind in New York for weather in Western Europe was much better we got some fantastic views across the south of Ireland the Irish Sea South Wales and Bristol as we headed across to London Heathrow [Applause] ladies afternoon and so we searched town on schedule at London Heathrow at 7 o'clock in the evening local time it felt really strange but also really cool to actually be arriving into Heathrow on the same day that we left from New York it's not very often that you get daytime flights heading east and this was a really good opportunity to actually fly from the u.s. to the UK in broad daylight I know that it uses up a day of its time but I really do wish that more airlines would do these morning departures from the States heading over to Europe getting into Europe in the evening it makes it so much easier you get off the plane and have a full night sleep before whatever you're doing the next day arriving into the UK out of you paperboard it's actually really straightforward as long as you have an impassible you can just head straight to me passport gate put your passport on the reader and you're straight very nice in 30 seconds within 10 minutes of stepping off the aircraft I was here at one side at a thorough terminal 5 Heathrow really is an efficient airport to fly through these days especially if you go through terminal 5 or Terminal 2 from here I headed to the pod parking section which would take me on a little self driving pod right the way through to the business parking just north of terminal 5 it's really handy to use you can get a pod on-demand you press the button and here comes the pod then it's just a 5-minute journey which takes you right from the terminal right into the center of the carport to get your car back home I mean it's pretty expensive parking west you can't beat the convenience really so here with the Sun going down I got off the pod and looked about 10 meters to my hot car in order to drive back home really was cool being able to get an early morning flight out of the u.s. fly all the way back to the UK and then just be home in time for bed British Airways were fantastic as always in economy class the aircraft was a little bit tired and scratched window really big for me off however the cabin crew were fantastic the meal services were too bad in-flight entertainment on the 747 is still pretty good thanks very much for watching this trip report take care and I'll see you next time here on in flight video you

  1. I've done this flight, I agree it makes sense to complete the whole flight as a day trip flight, not having to sleep on the plane

  2. I used to LOVE BA!!! But after the last flight I had HORRIBLE! I was going to London from Philadelphia and came up into PHL about 11 hours before the flight so I went to the Admirals club to wait. I went down to my gate about 1.5 hours before the flight. I went to the counter to show them my ticket. They took and tore it up and gave me a new one with a different seat. I purchased Premium Coach and give my coach with no explanation. Coach was so cramped and crowded it was so uncomfortable and I said never again will I fly BA.

  3. As a regular traveler to Asia BA comes a long way down the choices I make for a carrier. BA cabin crew still have that you should be happy we let you fly with us. Long haul better than AA but that’s not saying much.

  4. BA are great these days and since a few months have upgraded their meal service. The 747s are also being revamped and despite having a narrower seat than the A380 are better than the 787s. The dinner and lunch even comes with cheese and biscuits but the bread rolls are still the pre-packed plastic type and not freshly warmed crusty rolls as most other airlines serve.

  5. That window may look bad, but this is the window I got on a BA 772 from LHR to EWR

  6. Sorry….you haven't sold me on the idea of flying. As matter of fact, i was completely terrified watching this. I WILL NEVER FLY…..maybe because i watch too much Air Crash Investigation LOL. This reminded me of TWA FLIGHT 800, Helios, Delta flight (where plane was inverted), Japan airlines, and Northwest crash. I love the simplicity you deliver in the video, and u almost made me entertain the thought of flying…..but nahhhh!😁

  7. I have my corporate clients always asking for the upper deck on 747's. I used to think it was a sense of exclusiveness they felt, and then one day someone admitted it was quieter there, compared with the main desk. Great video.

  8. My Dad flew on an unrefurbished BA 747 three months ago to Miami. He hated it. Been looking at BA reviews ever since, I do like the refurbished 747s a lots

  9. I've been both ways across the country Nd I've got to say the way back to London is a much better flight. They upgraded my flight for saying in the bored that the flight has to been delayed till half 12 instead of 20.55 thank God that was some sort of error.

  10. I’ve got a medium hearing loss problem and I’m afraid the music drowned out the narrative to some extent. This is the only thing I would criticise . However I think I’ll avoid British Airways as a carrier of choice. I prefer the Middle Eastern and Asian airlines . Better everything.

  11. Do you get a complementary bar service on BA? And if so what type of snacks and drinks etc can you get?

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