1. i am flying Aer Lingus in July from TOronto to Frankfurt via Dublin,. We have an hour and a half to transfer planes. hoping this will be ok. this will be a round trip with same amount of transfer time. i don't believe that there is customs clearance for Canadians in Dublin. i believe that is still done here in cCanada

  2. Thanks alot! I have a fear of flying and I'm soon going from Dublin to Boston and this really cleared my worries

  3. We're doing this journey in a couple of weeks. Do you get an on board meal included or do you have to pre book one?

  4. I live in Dublin but go to Chicago every year I’m going in 3 days this got me so excited so my trip thanks so much

  5. I'll be on this same flight in roughly 6 months… It'll be my second flight ever, and it looks like it will be quite enjoyable! Thanks for the video

  6. Hey mate thanks for the review I wasn’t sure about Aer Lingus until this video, you just earned a sub

  7. It used to be a pretty good airline but now it's all gone to hell. They're now charging for simple things like headphones, blankets and even the seat you want to sit in on transatlantic flights. There's no free allowance on baggage either. I was charged €50.00 each way for checked luggage up to 25k. I was charged €608.84 for my return flight from Dublin Chicago and I could have got the same flight through American for €517.00 and that included checked luggage, headphones and blanket. It's a race to the bottom with that airline. Aer Lingus used to complain bitterly about Ryanair's "hidden" charges but now Aer Lingus is doing exactly the same thing, It's sad really.

  8. LOL! Every other flight I''m on there always seems to be a not so happy toddler screaming somewhere on the plane. Bless their hearts….

  9. Window seat do you work for aerlingus or have you ever worked in the avation business as in ground crew cabin crew loader

  10. i walked through those exact same walkways and terminal and even took that escalator in the start in dublin 4 months earlier

  11. Hi, Window Seat. How does the Aer Lingus 757 compare to the Aer Lingus A330 in your opinion? My flight in February from Dublin to Newark is showing the 757 and I am worried it wont be as good an experience.

  12. FYI regarding Aer Lingus' 'rucksack' prohibition: Aer LIngus defines 'rucksack' as a huge oversize backpack such as height from head to lower back, like a large wire-framed backpack with back bars for treks in US parlance. Typical student-style backpacks are permissible and must not exceed size requirements: up to 22 pounds; H 21.5 inches; W 15.5 inches; and Depth 9.5 inches when 'smushed' into tester. BTW, Aer Lingus toll-free number is: 800.474.7424 I selected option 2.

  13. Just subscribed 👍 I'm traveling for the first time by myself from Dublin to Chicago in a month and I'm perfectly fine with being on a plane, it's just the process of getting to my gate. I'm worried I'm gonna miss my flight because I've never gone through an airport by myself. My questions may sound stupid but, do you have to go through terminal 1 to get to your gate in terminal two? I just need to know the process of getting from the entrance of the airport to my gate

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