Flexible OLED Smartwatch Display?! - Durability test!

today we have something super unique the Nubia Alpha a flexible display SmartWatch made by the same company that designed the dual screen Nubia X a smartphone with screens on both the from the back now they've gone and made a curved flexible OLED SmartWatch that cost just about as much as an apple watch is it too good to be true Nubia says this watch can survive 100,000 bins without breaking but they haven't met me yet let's get started [Applause] the whole thing paired pretty easily to my Android phone which is nice there are two colors of the watch golden black and two versions one that has a built-in cell phone and a Bluetooth version mine's the Bluetooth they all have the same flexible curved display that wraps around your wrist and flexes as you put it on and off pretty ridiculously cool if it's durable it's the same bendy screen technology that Samsung is or was using in the Galaxy fold with the super long 4-inch display it's hard to see every side at once but since you can scroll and swipe through two other menus it's not too bad there is a built-in camera and can send text messages the newbie alpha is using its own operating system and because of that responding via text is done with the old-school t9 texting method you know tapping each key a certain amount of times to get the appropriate letter I don't think there's gonna be a whole lot of texting done with this watch Linus made a great in-depth video talking more about the software's and features and bugs of this watch so I'll let you watch that if you're curious about more it's time for me to check out the durability and as always we're gonna start with the scratch test on the flexible screen this is my first time scratching a flexible OLED so it should be pretty interesting we know that hard plastic usually starts scratching at level three glass starts scratching at a five or six and Sapphire scratches at a level eight or nine being flexible I thought for sure we'd start seeing scratches at level three with deeper grooves at level four but after taking the watch off my wrist we can clearly see marks all the way down to a level two the plastic of this flexible OLED on the Nubia Alpha is so soft it starts scratching at a level two pretty crazy now there is a raised metal lip around the edge of the screen that will help protect the surface from brushing up against stuff and Nubia also has programmed in some hand gestures so the display won't always need to be touched you know Jedi style but I found that the gestures weren't always recognized Nubia says that the watch is made from stainless steel which is true for the band but the top central housing unit for the sensors and camera is made from plastic each of the side links and bottom plate are made from stainless steel though you can see the silver shining through the electroplated black color the gesture and light sensor cover is plastic and the 5 megapixel camera lens is made from glass it has all the proprietary charging pins and heart rate sensor stuff on the back metal panel it'll definitely be fun to get inside this thing it's still pretty crazy to see this much movement and it displays so large the Nubia alpha is definitely a first generation product but seeing more displays like this in wearable technology out in the wild or on cell phones is gonna be pretty awesome let's see what happens to the flexible OLED x' when we light them on fire my lighter was touching the display for about 10 seconds with the screen fully functioning before I heard a pop the top plastic layer had melted into a bubble and exploded leaving a permanent defect on the surface of the watch due to this development I highly recommend keeping your smart watch away from open flames you're welcome the screen still works totally fine under the blemish if you look closely you can see a little plastic lip around the edge of the display almost like a screen protector the same type of plastic clip that was shown on top of the samsung galaxy full display like the Galaxy fold this is probably a built in component of the screen and not a screen protector so I won't be peeling it off at this time learning from other people's mistakes is the best way to learn thanks marques maybe I'll remove it during the teardown though if the Nubia Alpha survives the rest of my durability test obviously the watch can be bent along the curve of your wrist with its chain mail like linkage along the band I can get a pretty tight curve out of it for say a super small wrist it's the same on both sides the metal structure has a bit of play to it but overall the wash feels solid when bending it down from inside but what happens when the screen gets bent back the other direction do flexible OLED panels swing both ways I was able to get a decent idea with the whole panel straightened out and even bending back the opposite direction as much as the circular metal frame would allow before locking out the screen is amazingly still working and does indeed actually bend both directions I'm impressed even more impressive is that this is a legit product for sale right now not a prototype or demo unit this is retail all for about the same price as an Apple watch it's definitely a niche product of course for the super techy people who like conversation starters but I'm glad it still can survive some abuse just keep the screen away from sharp objects I like where Nuvi is headed and I look forward to seeing where things go from here hit that subscribe button if you haven't already let me know what other tech you want to see tested down in the comments and coming out with me on Twitter and Instagram thanks ton for watching I'll see you around

  1. It's the 1st time I heard him saying 2:01 "scratches at level 3 with a deeper groove at level 4"

  2. Me: And yet another video with a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7-
    Jerry: I thought it was going to start scratch at a level 3 with deeper grooves at a level 4
    Me: *WHAaaaaAAAaAaaAAATTT*?

  3. Hey Zack..plz do the sapphire glass test for Casio GWG 1000 Gshock. One of the most popular Gshocks till date.

  4. This might be Zack's first flame test which actually is relevant.
    It should have this warning text on the box –
    "Don't use while cooking."

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