Five Reasons you should support the PSL's Socialist Presidential Election Campaign

I want to tell you five reasons you should support the PSL socialist presidential election campaign have you agree with these five reasons you should support and join the PSL number one the PSL is campaigning on a program that demands that a job at decent pay should be a guaranteed legal right for all number two the decision about whether people can work should not be left up to the capitalists the right to work should be a guaranteed legal right number three that the bankers whose greed and criminal acts destroyed the economy and millions of jobs should be arrested and imprisoned number for that all mortgage interest payments and student loans should be declared null and void and number five that housing and free education for all should be guaranteed in the Constitution these are reasonable demands at one time the capitalists told us that we could never have an eight-hour working day we could never have unemployment insurance and that we could never have social security when we were too old to be employed by then but we won those rights through struggle join this campaign become a volunteer in the Lindsey osorio 2012 presidential campaign and join the party for socialism and liberation you

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