First ever official SONRA release in Poland!!!

[Music] battler nowit’s go toe-to-toe with a nobleman through the city I don’t Broadway oh gee let’s shoot one two three oh you don’t know doors started opening movie this keep it low-key I could throw a shell like a oak tree I’m so propane if you’re only a had that nonsense Audrey let’s get that niceness up in our minds we don’t speak or your girl seven is why cuz she slowly Ted a girl should do some obliques and don’t blink I pulled a rabbit died ahead and drain the whole sea what that means I hit her with the magic you know whether than she ever been and we don’t really mess what you’re like Donald to a Mexican small circle with my next to King you ain’t gotta guess again but thanks for checking there god bless the kids so you know we are here checking chairs on anybody acting like the best by the way that’s pretend the pessimist the next we’re a force to be reckoned with that check the way you pick my flextime and they make a test they try to rub it on my head I ran on honey day like seven flay I did this numbers you can check the specs you polar bears like you detects the bed did you all know and us estas whoever analyzes about how special and becomes an issue it’s evolved from Superman love masters permission mr. Ashbaugh Santa Cruz at us [Music] Revathy you still couldn’t drop it a red octagon soccer mom you can’t stop we don’t do no talking like a pantomime if you ain’t runnin with us you can stand in line at me I ain’t got a stun I can’t handle mine I’m like yes indeed you can tell them rest in peace cuz we don’t do no talking like a pantomime if you ain’t runnin with us you can stand in line I mean ain’t got a stun I can handle mine I’m like yes indeed you can tell them rest in peace oh really I’m on my life where my memory go I remember back in high school we were friends from befo now I’m seven but no I knew back then I was cold I take your dough but don’t eat you understand here telling me so I mean you bought a ticket to my show I’m thinking as cool but it’s a damn shame that you had to pay for it to just take a look at my crew you see familiar faces but I got business with the agreements I’ll issue isn’t inspect don t do that suits the spat on giving us the Swedish way here involve account arresting attempt wrote in utter Vandross and aversions fancy student s employed obstruction become of spellin awestruck full of stress from Parliament House Varsha reached Eagle squee campout Qaeda checked site kinds pass leash bigger old school campout spend a few minutes list on the stones of strontium hosta spoons dishwashing toss the screen here inverse of each with a coffin cotton thus podiatry wish rich dish feel lighter coulis event feel annoyed as training normal thousand mile tank on his offer by next release am young V dark chow [Music]

  1. event fajny, wszystko zajebiście, nie znam historii marki, może jest jakaś fajna i ciekawa jednak cw i design wszystkich modeli to takie "gdzies już to widziałem", dla mnie nie do odrożnienia od saucony czy niektorych asicow z daleka, elo

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