FIRST class vs. BUSINESS class vs. ECONOMY plus vs. ECONOMY class onboard Malaysia Airlines A350

  1. Once again, thank you so much for watching this seat review video! I hope to do more seat reviews in the future. Comment what area I could improve on please 😀
    Also, may I add there is foot rest available in economy plus cabin, which you won’t see in standard economy.
    Happy travels, and please subscribe if you haven’t (about 98% of people reading this haven’t subscribed yet! Come on, it’s free!!)
    One World Flyer 😀

  2. How about Malindo Airlines I go to that plane to go to China! Plus its pretty great and I went to the Kuching Airport to board the Malindo Airlines and their food is awesome! 😋😋

  3. Good to see comparisons instead of just one. Easier to choose from.
    Super Business Class is kind of hackie. Maybe Bizz Class. 😀

  4. As I am a Malaysian,I love flying with Malaysia Airlines.Adding on, I love it on the way they renamed the first class to business class suite.I will be using Malaysia Airlines to go to London this November.Hope I will get to see you anytime soon!!!!Greetings from Malaysia

  5. as a malaysian i havent try Malaysia Airlines before we always choose Jetstar or Delta [ the international airlines ]

  6. Malaysia Airlines does not use First Class term any more. Now it been called Business Suite.
    This is because in government procurement and also some private companies/corporate policy, prohabit to use 1st class, so using Business Suite will waive that 😅.

  7. Man in Brunei we do have a Malaysian Airline plane BUT IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THIS!!! SO GOOD!!! What ever atleast it's better than air Asia!

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