this is the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money here's Robert Kiyosaki hello hello this is Robert Kiyosaki the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money having one of my best friends on the program he and I were both pilots in the US Marine Corps during Vietnam we're both lieutenants and Jack came out to be a three-star Lieutenant General and I got kicked out as a lieutenant I had some disciplinary problems but I'm very proud of my roommate and my friend Jack Burkman he is now congressman in the most powerful place on earth the US Capitol and since this is Jack's you know first time inside the halls of power and what the rich dad radio show does it's best to do is bring you people who see the world from the inside not the outside and so jack is gonna be talking about what does it look like in the halls of the most powerful place on earth the US Congress what does the world look like as a new congressman looking out upon the world and what's really going on and one of the reasons Jack made three-star general and I didn't was because he's extremely politically correct most of the time but I'm not so anyway he has to be very careful because now he's even deeper into enemy country so with that welcome to the program Jack and congratulations for being a congressman now hey thanks Robert oh it's always great to talk to you what if these you know on the radio or whether it be when we get a chance these days to spend time together in person but you know glad to be with you today and and eager to give you a perspective of you know two months ago I was just finishing my first term as a freshman congressman so I've gone from a freshman freshman newbie to now a sage sophomore in my second term and being the first term in the majority now the second term in the majority the perspective will be you know balancing out here so I can see all sides of the equation what do you think people should know that they don't see cuz everybody's looking out from the outside in you know one that when they had the State of the Union a few weeks ago I was looking for you I didn't see you but you know cuz you think even have a white jacket on anyway what well what should people know from your perspective they may not know what does the world look life of inside of Congress looking out and you know and that's that's a great question it's a fair question and most most importantly it is so relevant now based on the era in which we live of instantaneous communications and the point is what I want the American people to know and I say this every day would it be in an interview or whether and then a you know back in the district talking to constituents every day there are Democrats and Republicans starting the day together whether the workout at the gym have a cup of coffee breakfast caucus meetings and going through the day and ending the day with an after-hours meeting that may or maynot may or may not have an adult beverage attached to it but there are Democrats and Republicans working together in a bipartisan way every day the media has chosen not to portray that that's all I'm here to report to you no matter what a person's political ideology or even if they have none at all you've got 435 people basically in the House of Representatives who come from 435 different districts backgrounds perspectives experience levels for the most part to the 80% level both folks are trying to do good things the question is from what perspective and experience do they come from and I think the media is shortchanging the American people and the message they're portraying so how does the media do that well they focus what I would call on the you know the burden the shiny nickel where the bird hops from bright object a bright object the media through now again the level of communications whether it's the visual whether it's the you know whether it's use of social media they get people focused on things that really are not important but yet they might seem seem important let me give you a real world example I knew about a decade ago when the Weather Channel became a soap opera and started naming snowstorms that that we really have a problem with the media putting out what's news you know are you're reporting news or making news because I know when I see Jim Cantore in a in a spot getting rained on or snowed on it the world must be going to hell weather-wise for them but you know what it is what it is as Jimmy Buffett said in one of his songs the weather is here wish you were beautiful some of the point is we've we've kind of made much ado about nothing as Shakespeare would have said so we had McNamee he wrote the book sucked and he talked about how misinformation and he used to be friends with was his name Zuckerberg and they don't exchange Christmas cards anymore but he says because they went to the dark side because misinformation see it makes more money than real information and so they just keep everything he says they now closed-loop but you know they feed you the things that gets you so stimulated they just keep feeding it back to you is that your sense of what's going on well I would suggest you that is absolutely correct and you think about back from our our Marine Corps days together any any battle plan has an element of deception in it to throw the enemy off so they're not ready for what your your primary you know battle plan is so take that from the military operational planning to now the if you will the business planning utilized in the media if you can focus people on things that are not really important but you can gain tain maintain their focus and attention then you can do what you want to do outside and there's no no perception that there's anything nefarious going on so yeah except I accept the fact that there are forces who don't like our country to be the Republic that it is that is you know just under never before seen in this world unprecedented individual freedoms and with that as always there is a price so what is your own you know this issue on the wall the way you know I'm an outsider looking in Trump's wall what's your take on all this interview well there's there's a cup there's a couple of things there's the number one there's the need for border secure oh and you know it's a Marine when Marines are given the mission to secure a perimeter we're gonna secure the perimeter right and our borders our perimeters as much as we would like to think everyone who comes across our border whether it be illegally or legally we we have to know who is in our country why they're here we are a country of immigrants I mean my God if you don't have policies and procedures and laws that allow good people to immigrate here and to become citizens or to come here stay a while and then go back to their home country the world in which we live aided largely by the internet which is the tool that we use for good our enemies use it for evil we don't have an option to you know let's face it the president's number one obligation is to keep our citizens safe and secure it says right in the preamble to the Constitution so to utilize the safety and security of our citizens as a political wedge which is what the Democrats are doing is shameful it's worse than shameful I'm not going to get into the morality morality which was one of the funniest comments I've heard is that a wall as immoral I mean that's that's just a detachment from reality we need to ensure that our citizens are safe and secure and that good people can come here and stay whatever they whatever the level of their visa says so so let me ask you this is it true is it true that the Democrats at one time we're in favor of fun in the wall now they're not and is the real reason that there creating all of this kerfuffle is to make sure Trump doesn't get reelected went up I'm not political in this whole thing but is that their main intention is just personal to keep this is political not not second I can give you the shortest possible answer to that yes Wow yes it's all self-interest then it is it is because back when you you can there's a clip out there President Clinton's 1995 State of the Union speech where he taught a minute and 25 second clip where he talks about border security in the need to basically secure the borders bill fences build walls whatever terminology used and everybody was standing up applauding cheering even as recently as I believe was 2006 there was a border fencing law a proposal out there that the Democrats voted to support and now all of a sudden they're against all of that it's purely political not professional it's just political no it's not there is nothing there is nothing I mean we would be embarrassed as people in uniform if we did something like that or even a spouse that with a political motives rather than the admission objective of doing the right thing you know under our constitutional authorities because you and I both swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic what does this mahler prosecutor look let's see what's he doing is it is he it's a dangerous bad and you know you know of all the issues that I'm focused on here I'm not on you know what we call a committee of jurisdiction which would be oversight or judiciary or whatever that's I'm very focused on the committees I'm on now which is Veterans Affairs and House Armed Services and so the point is I I watch the Moller investigation from a from a distance and just continue to get updates but I would probably any comment I would make would not be one of currency and I and I hesitate to make comment if I'm not not current in a you know details of the situation so I know this is a political question to ask you but when Trump announced is going to pull out of Syria what was your personal thought on that well I you know the challenge the challenge that that we have in our country is educating our leaders at any level whether it be the federal level the state level of the nuances with alliances that we have especially those outside our borders and I think as you I know that the president's intent is for the betterment of the American people I am the reality of where the real bad actors are in this world when you look at the borders of Syria Turkey Lebanon Jordan Iran Iraq that's very complex I've got I've got decades of involvement in the study there so we're going to need to be involved in all of those countries at some level because of the nature of warfare in the world in which we live transcends borders because of the internet because of but say capabilities whether it be ballistic missiles whether it be networks infiltrating across borders we whether we like it or not we will maintain some type of influence in those areas because we don't want the cancers that are there and they are cancers to spread to inside our borders right you know both in Vietnam together and we knew we were not gonna last in that war but what Syria reminds me of was what happened right after Vietnam after we left Vietnam that's when the murder started they started killing anybody who supported us so when I heard they're going to support get out of Syria and abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban I'm going there's gonna be murder after murder after murder of people who were once our friends who supported us anything politically you can say about that well we we know we know who who have historically been our friends and we have to make sure so that we don't abandon our friends think about after Operation Iraqi Freedom there were interpreters who worked with our forces during during our majority of the combat operations in Iraq that we needed to make sure that we helped either get out of the country and get here to the US because they had they had basically signed their death warrants right by helping us as American forces there so we could those of us who served know what it means to protect an ally protect the brother protect US history so thank you well when we come back and be speaking more to Jack I don't get his view on the Democrat side from the Republican side from inside the halls of Congress so we come back we'll be talking more about what Jack sees and thinks about some of our more powerful Democrats and interesting a lot of them are women you're listening to the rich dad radio show with Robert Kiyosaki what is your number one expense in life your number one expense it's taxes and I will ask the question that's how come there's no financial education in school but why isn't their education on taxes either you know they tell you to save money which is stupid until you invest in the stock market which is stupid but once they teach you about taxes so here at rich that advisor Tom will write we're talking about is revision for his book tax me well welcome Tom thanks Robert so what's the tax free wealth about what what's different this time so Britt revised edition well so what we did was is we had this is the first major tax reform we've had in 30 years to 2017 was a deus ex was the last 86 was last one back when I was in Washington DC so many guys got wiped out because of that texture yeah they did they did it wiped out an entire industry savings and loans this new tax law is just as big but in a very different way it affects different industries you know the tax laws Oh a series of incentives and the question is always which incentives and which ones apply to me and so the key to revising tax-free wealth was what is a what changed so much in this new tax law that we can absolutely take advantage of in me I mean seriously the amazing the sentence for example I mean the bonus depreciation for example for real estate is unbelievable you buy a $1,000,000 apartment get a $300,000 deduction or more the very first year so if you want to make more money and pay less taxes like Donald Trump and myself get toms buck tax-free wealth don't be like Charlie Charlie is that do-it-yourselfer who does himself in do it yourself is good for tile and grout it is not good for asset protection Charlie thought he'd save a few dollars forming his LLC online with no guidance he did it wrong when he sold the property he lost thousands and thousands of dollars he did himself in by trying to do it himself don't burn yourself use corporate direct to set up and maintain your LLC's and corporations corporate direct is owned and operated by attorney and Rich Dad adviser Garrett Sutton Garrett wrote the bestsellers loopholes of real estate and start your own corporation he is Robert Kiyosaki's attorney for asset protection he and his team will do it right visit them at corporate direct com or call eight hundred 676 zero mention Rich Dad and receive $100 off your formation fee that's corporate direct com corporate direct com logon to rich dad while you listen now back to Robert Kiyosaki welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the vegetarian ready to show the good news and bad news about money our guest today is a dear friend we're roommates on the carrier in Vietnam where we fought from the air and the land and the sea and its congressman Jack Burkman like I said he and I were both lieutenants when we got on the carrier and Jack rose to a three-star general Lieutenant General and I left him lieutenant I had I had some disciplinary challenges should we say so and Jack's always been our friend no matter how much trouble I got it I want that ship and yes it was it was always fun but Jack said it best he says you know Robert difference between you and me is you get caught and I dealt and now let's remember that Jack and that's it that was that was Jack's biggest thing he pulled his nefarious axis I did but he never got caught and I almost got caught but anyway now he's in Congress he's deep inside the like I said he was in the majority as a Republican and now he's a minority and we're asking Jack to give us an insider's view of what's really going on inside the halls of the most powerful fault place on earth Washington DC and once again you can listen to the rich dead radio show anytime anywhere on iTunes or Android and all of our programs are hard cloud a Rich Dad we archive them because we're an educational company and if you listen to this company this broadcast one more time you'll hear it twice as much and you'll learn twice as much but more importantly you can have your friends family and business associates listen to this program you can discuss this program because when you listen to it and discuss you'll learn three times as much so once again Jack I want to talk to you about you know you and I as young Marines we were fighting for capitalism and the American Way and democracy and it seems right now it seems where we're singing swinging towards socialism you know I hear about you I you know Universal income for all whether you want to work or not free education free health care free food free manicures whatever you want you know I everybody wants something to for free but I can't believe it's becoming a rallying why politically right now I mean Bernie Sanders and things like this I'm gonna ask you about some of the players who are rallying but from my point of view which are socialist fascist or communist points of view things you and I did not fight for necessarily but we did fight for the right for them to have the freedom to express our points of view so Jack let me ask you this Nancy Pelosi could be the most powerful woman in the United States right now and she's been in that position for a while what does she have what is the magic or the Mojo that she has it gives us such power in in the halls of Congress well in a word money I was afraid you're gonna say that what do you mean by well you know what would I mean by that and I'll tell you no and this is not a statement on Republicans or Democrats it's the way over there have been therapy there are some people who've been here too long and I would suggest to you she reflects a time past but she has been able to carry her influence into a time forward today which I don't believe reflects the values of who we are as a society and who we are as a country and a world partner and so what I've been told by some inside sources amongst my my shall we say my Democrat friends inside the Democratic conference is that money rules jeez how does how does her access to cash and money give her that power well it's probably in its simplest form is that if you're a member of Congress and and a Democrat that you want a committee assignment of sorts you have to okay get through her I mean I I can think of a couple of folks and this is not you know inside this is common knowledge but for example I hold Congress room and Kathleen rice from New York and very high esteem I served 1/3 of the first term on from the Veterans Affairs Committee and also a man in a in a couple of caucuses with her bipartisan working group again Democrats and Republicans working together to actually reform Congress in such a way is that we can actually get some things done and move forward but but because MS rice was was did not vote for Miss Pelosi for her speaker she was denied committee assignment to judiciary and again I'd like that Kathleen rice is the absolute perfect person to serve on judiciary because she's a former district attorney in New York she has got the right mindset the right capability but because she didn't play ball she didn't get a committee assignment Wow thank you for that and then what about these new people like Kamala Harris Alex were cause you know Cortez Elizabeth Warren of course Bernie Sanders has been sounding the socialist agenda for a long time well what I would say I'm gonna I'm gonna break them into two groups because you mentioned you know Harris Sanders you know for example there on the Senate side and one of the things that I have found out in my short term here in Congress it's kind of like going to a family Thanksgiving dinner where you have the adults table with the kids table and this the Senate thinks of themselves as the adults and they treat the House of Representatives kids so when you went any time you have a senator saying something it's going to be different than when you have someone in the House of Representatives that is going to say something because the house was designed by the founders to be a very raucous give-and-take environment the Senate is supposed to be kind of a you know advise and consent back you know in a reflection of the Roman times what the Senate was supposed to do but you have people and I don't care whether it's whether or terrorists or Sanders if you've never been in the private sector and you understand what it's like to generate a profit so that you can pay your people a good wage so that you can continue your company in business over the long term that's what capitalism is but we have too many of our elected officials who've never been responsible for profit and loss never been entrepreneurs never been anything to do with understanding where a dollar really comes from it comes from the generation of goods and services in a capitalistic system that allows everything else to happen and we have too many of our colleagues but just again it's not necessarily a democratic Republican thing we have too many of our colleagues who really don't understand the private sector so how serious it from your opinion is all of this call for a universal income free education free health care it's only serious if the American people who really they can they can smell the different types of manure if they really kind of put their nose to it yes if the American people do not get involved in the process if nothing if for no other reason than to cast an informed vote remember Jefferson in his hope for the future of America was that course he envisioned a fairly he was going to say a largely agrarian society I don't think they the founders had envisioned the Industrial Revolution and they probably died no they didn't envision the Information Age but we have more information now and less knowledge as individuals because of the just the amount of data that's being thrown at us so I would suggest to you if the American people the voters the citizens who vote and you know what if you're not a citizen you shouldn't be voting that's the rules the point is it when the American people step up we make good decisions the more the American people sit on the sidelines the poor the decisions are made and you know as well as I do there's no such thing as a free lunch and when you want to talk about socialism just remember when the USSR was the USSR the second desk was socialists United Soviet Socialist Republic now know how that ended it doesn't work but just flat doesn't work the challenges in our country is we need to have a more educated citizen citizenry and it starts with teaching history in the schools I think that that ship has sailed you know well I got eight grandkids and we we have to reclaim it it has sailed but that doesn't mean it alleviates the responsibility enough to put some rudder into the ship to turn it back well what I think is good what I think is interesting is that you know during the Cold War there's evidence that the Russians infiltrated our school systems and that's where it started to be taught and then now in Venezuela there's evidence said Cuba sent teachers into Venezuela and we see what's happening in Venezuela today and what what are your comments looking from inside the halls of Congress I think from from inside it's in a continual education of in this case of my colleagues in the house I chose just just because of what experiences I had in life before coming to Congress my first step here to become a functioning member of Congress as soon as possible was to build relationships with my colleagues Democrat Republican doesn't make any difference to me so that when there were issues that we needed to discuss as to human beings or a larger group that that I had built the relationship on the front end so I knew what what was important to my colleagues where their level of understanding was in some issues let's face it I'm the highest ranking combat veteran ever elected to the United States Congress well congratulations yes all that means is that when I got here two years ago there were four hundred and thirty-four sets of eyes wondering oh is this another old retired bloviating general who's going to come here and say well now that I'm here Arizona will do things we you know me well enough that's not my style I went to use my military experience especially to educate and mentor others who are good people but had no clue how the military works so that was the first step towards building building relationships I'm involved in again bipartisan reform of Congress and involved various various caucuses different things but this is this was a day on stay on 24/7 365 job and that's that's what it's supposed to be for those who are lucky enough to be elected to serve their constituents and for those of you who look like you know Jack and I have been friends since 1972 and I would say that's the primary reason he made general was that Jack communicated to everybody he was a friend to everybody treat everybody with respect kindness and charm and obviously I didn't help but if it's one thing I'm only learning now Jack is the importance of us keeping the communication lines open instead of severing them that which you know I did a lot of so while we listen to the rich dad radio show right now I would say that's probably the most important skill if you're gonna be an entrepreneur's be entrepreneurial human being or in business is can you treat your fellow human being with respect and I would say that's what Jack did and he also did it with you know charm finesse and a smile on his face but I think that was your number one skill Jack any comments on that I would suggest you thank you you flatter me but I will take it but the idea I was yeah I was raised by the Depression era parents you know who'd met in the 1930s my dad was in the South Pacific in World War 2 and I was I was I knew growing up that the the love that was given me was genuine the discipline that was meted out to be my parents by my parents was done out of love and not out of Hey and to always treat others with dignity and respect because that's just how I was raised and it's amazing it's amazing what you can accomplish if you just listen first before you start talking and now this is kind of this is an attempt at humor but the point is I figured out a way to reduce the national debt and that is I'm going to limit the members of Congress to so many words per day anything over that there would be a fee per word it'll go directly from their campaign accounts right into the US Treasury it would be applied towards the debt so we could solve two problems here we could have less talking and we could reduce some debt reduction well that sounds like a great idea like I said the one thing about the rich day radio show we want people from the inside rather than people like me from the outside giving their opinion so you know once again congratulations keep up the good work keep communicating and thanks for being part of the rich dad show today hey Robert always a pleasure thank you for the opportunity I look forward to see you sir thank you jack when we come back we're going to ask Robert you're listening to the Rich Dad radio show with Robert Kiyosaki don't be like Charlie Charlie is that do-it-yourselfer who does himself in do-it-yourself is good for tile and grout it is not good for asset protection Charlie thought he'd save a few dollars forming his LLC online with no guidance he did it wrong when he sold the property he lost thousands and thousands of dollars he did himself in by trying to do it himself don't burn yourself use corporate direct to set up and maintain your LLC's and corporations corporate direct is owned and operated by attorney and Rich Dad adviser Garrett Sutton Garrett wrote the bestsellers loopholes of real estate and start your own corporation he is Robert Kiyosaki's attorney for asset protection he and his team will do it right visit them at corporate direct comm or call eight hundred 676 zero mention Rich Dad and receive $100 off your for me ten feet that's corporate direct comm corporate direct comment a listen now back to Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad radio show welcome back Robert Kiyosaki the Mishnah ready to show the good news and bad news about money special guest today was my roommate from the aircraft carrier out in Vietnam Jack Burkman became a three-star general he retired from the Marine Corps and today he is congressman Berkman his website is Berkman dot I'm very proud of my roommate and friend and we've been friends for years and years and years we're supposed to be offers and gentlemen you can tell jack was an officer and a gentleman I was an officer but not a gentleman and that's why I got into so much trouble and yet that's life and I'm very happy I took my own path of this whole thing so once again you can submit your questions to ask Robert at Rich Dad so Melissa what's the first question for our ask Robert our question today Robert comes from Julia in Omaha Nebraska favorite book Rich Dad Poor Dad she says Robert do you think that the threat of socialism is real in our country with all the fake news and talking heads and politicians trying to grab headlines I'm wondering if it's just all about seeking attention or if you think this is something that could take hold here in the US that's a fabulous question I think it's already taken hold and I'm not saying that socialist communist or fascist or capitalist are bad people it's just a philosophy it's how you look at life there's no different than if your employees I'm looking for a safe secure job doesn't mean you're a bad person or being an entrepreneur saying I want to start my own business it's just a different point of view but I think the big difference is people don't know the difference between a socialist a capitalist and a communist or a fascist and really what most people are fascists they want to tell you how to run your lives see how a fascist would say I want you all to wear I want you all to drive the same car you cannot have a different car so fascists are you know they think they know what's best for you even which is completely anti-freedom me I'm a capitalist I just want to take time people's time and people's money and make money that's what my thing I'm not good or bad personal as people do it criminally obviously and some people do it good so a capitalist takes people and money and creates products a socialist is like a Robin Hood they want to take from the rich and give to the poor and a communist is somebody who believes in central government centralized government we're a cat this is a different part capitalists believe in centralized banking that's where the Federal Reserve Bank things like this so communist capitalist socialist fascist they're all just different points of view on life good or bad some are good and bad obviously but nothing to do with that the trouble was socialism today without financial education in our schools naturally socialism going to grow his evil assume our shows before we talk about the biggest crash coming his pension plans you know first was the subprime mortgages in 2007-2008 the next giant crash coming our pension plans and for the baby boomers who had the the baby boomers had the easiest of all generations all generations you know they were born after World War two the market took off they got a job that made high pay they bought a house the house went from a hundred thousand to a million and put my name is stock market got rich the problems without financial education the baby boomers are about to eat lunch and so we have this huge thing called pensions you know that in 1974 ERISA was created ERISA sense of Employee Retirement Income Security Act and that for the very first time in a few years baby boomers were responsible for the retirement now I know many many people they don't have enough money to retire on they may have built the last a few years but our pensions are going bust and that's why I wrote rich des prophecy I started in 1999 because I could see the crisis coming so my prediction and prophecy was in 2016 we'll come apart so I missed it I miss it by a year and a half it came apart September 2018 and it's still going down so the question is can our government leaders pull it out I don't think so so that's why with a rich dad radio show that's why I create the cashflow boardgame in all this so you could teach yourselves and with a cash flow board game you could teach people could teach people cuz the schools aren't going to teach you they don't what do teachers know about money what do our leaders know about money most of them are socialist so the position I reached at it's you can you can make a choice of free country you can expect the government to take care of you you pick your mommy and daddy to take care of you or you can learn to take care of yourself so that's my point of view nothing is right or wrong we're all different people but I never wanted somebody to take care of me I am a hardcore capitalist I do it legally ethically and morally I don't believe in cheating anybody so once again that's my point of view is there socialism absolutely and the more desperate people get the more desperate they become the more desperate they get more communism will come into place and today most people you know in social media are fascist today in social media you're guilty you have no chance of proving you're innocent if somebody accuses you of something the mob all the social media which is antisocial makes her decision whether they're guilty or not guilty it's a very tricky where all we live in today so once again I fought for capitalism General Jack burger and fought for capitalism you know the congressmen fighting for capitalism and I thank you forcing the rich dad radio show because we're about capitalism once again you can submit your questions to ask Robert I wish I and thank you all for listening to the Rich Dad radio show

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    This country is involved in all these other countries under false pretenses. Many times, it's for oil to protect Petrodollars.

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  7. Look how many more comments than average this post got, and this points to our country's real problem (in my opinion): So many of us want to simplify complex issues. To do this, we see the world in black and white–Dem v. Rep, Capitalism v. Socialism, Christian v. Muslim, vax v. anti-vax etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah. We pick a side, then seek out information supporting it and reject evidence refuting it. How many people watch both Fox News and MSNBC (I recommend you watch neither)? I've done this for fun before… believe me, it's actually entertaining as hell. Media, schools, parents, churches etc. all of our sources of brainwashing support and magnify this polarization. I guess my point is… can't we all just get along? Thank you for your perspective, Mr. Bergman, and your point about listening before speaking would be a great start.
    Oh, as for an actual solution… what if all elected officials earned the same as school teachers, with no outside income, with term limits and a cooling-off period (so they can't just sell out to corporations with the promise of a paycheck at the end of their terms). I was a public auditor, and "cooling off" periods were normal, because we had to be "independent." Shouldn't our representatives be as well? What if we had officials who actually wanted to serve their constituents for the love of their country?
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    P.S. how can 2016 Bernie Sanders supporter get his $27 donation back?

  11. I clicked on the video hoping to get a realistic reason as to why "Political leaders are pushing socialism" and all I got was this biased political hack named Bergman spewing BS! The reason is simple and if Bergan wasn't so biased – he could sum it up in the first few sentences. Political leaders are pushing socialism because they believe it will HELP PEOPLE!!! That's it in a nutshell. Whether or not socialism actually helps people is debatable. But it irks me that he doesn't say why they are pushing social and instead spends 38 minutes spewing biased bs!

  12. I laughed when Bergman said (23:35) "If you've never been in the private sector, and you understand what it's like to generate a profit SO THAT YOU CAN PAY YOUR PEOPLE A GOOD WAGE… That's what capitalism is!" LMAO! Capitalism is about selling products at the highest price for the LOWEST COST and keeping the profit! NEWS FLASH – Wages are a COST that companies want to reduce!

    Furthermore, public corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to their stock holders (owners of the corporation) and have a legal responsibility to do what is in their best interest, even if it hurts their employees! Of course, companies must balance that fiduciary responsibility with the need to keep their workers working. But make no mistake, if a company could pay an American worker $5/hour instead of $15/per hour then they would. That's why they move to Mexico, where labor unions have less power. It's to reduce labor costs!!!
    Yet Bergman claims that company motivations include paying their people a "good wage"! LMAO Give me break – Bergman is so biased that it's disgusting! And the entire video is him spewing political bias, etc.

  13. I don't usually hear bias in these videos, but the guest certainly has political bias and he's used this great channel as a vehicle to spew that bias.

  14. Socialism = higher taxes and more bureaucrats. Politicians push socialism cause they can easily steal more for themselves when they have more money from taxes. With more bureaucratic jobs they can give them to their friends/family.

  15. It’s stunning how narrowly focused one man’s knowledge can be. Stick to financial matters Kiyosaki. Politics is not your forte.

  16. Bergman toured Israel with AIPAC’s AIEF affiliate in 2010.   He calls a country that attacked the USS Liberty and whose agents stole uranium from the US (Lavon Affair) an "ally."   That's why he's down with the Trotskyite Neocons and the whole "That's very complex" narrative.  The John Bolton PAC was a top contributor to his campaign committee in 2016.   He also voted in favor of РFunding for co-development and production of defense systems with our ally Israel.  This makes him the oldest Zionist in Congress.

  17. Hi senator who made this country the police of the world. If the media is lying about your cumballa relationship with dems and republicans, why do you all do something about it. Come out speak out. You sound PC, and quiet frankly sold out.

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