Fight for workers' rights in the gig economy

this is not some shiny new economy this is old-fashioned exploitation 1800 style this time by sand shoe wearing billionaires via an app it has to stop this is a system that's broken that needs to be fixed we have riders and drivers behind me who in this country have no minimum wages no minimum conditions drivers and riders when they get injured on the job and not paid any entitlements of more than 1100 rideshare drivers surveyed 969 reported harassment or assault 37% received threats one in 10 was physically assaulted and 6% reported sexual abuse back on the road after months of recovery Rahul was bashed in June while working for a rideshare company from the company Rahul says he merely got an apology and a box of chocolates NAT stopped working at night after being verbally harassed by a group of drunk passengers Josh Kluger a Fedora worker fighting the company over claims of sham contracts and underpayments Josh got the win the Commission ruling he was an employee not an independent contractor and awarding him nearly $16,000 compensation well this is a really important day for workers that are working on apps particularly the food service industry josh has led the way for so many more people to turn around and get very basic minimum rights in this country

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