hi guys welcome back it's the first season in the Premier League choosing me a lot of big changes coming in this one gonna pick obviously a little preseason tournament just to bring someone in but won't be playing anything games this is a squad I've got the moment pretty similar to where so obviously what we've come up with is not I'm in too many year the preseason like we contract sound is too loud I don't Randy too much outside of the windows that's where the club with is at the moment so you can see it's really starting to catch up and get there see if we can make a bit of money out of a few players that I can think of a bit surplus to requirements to be honest with you I'm you know he's a good player but he doesn't feature that much in the midfield with you the players that are in there so man get a bit of money back out of him then that'll be nice I didn't pay a lot for him that's why nice place it got a really low release clause on so I think a bit about one and a half million for him so it won't be too badly there yep six plus really that's what I'm aiming for so I'm trying to get so see these guys take that he'll take that which is nice it's probably good 5,000,000 pound profit in there out of that guy sold wardrobe said but I'm not a pre-contract anyway never really used him too much to – with you so not going to bother about that D you can go I'll see what see what they want to say about a back you I'm not interested in really selling him so I'm gonna be asking for probably over double what he's marking by the wrists because I'm not interested in selling him I still want to come in with something stupid then fair enough but I'm not really that bothered about selling him so copies not he's not happy with that you bought a navigator so why not buy him because at least he's good cost again I'm definitely interesting saying it cost her not not at the moment he's still got plenty to give the team and I think he's actually better than his ratings show when I've been playing with him he's just a much better player than what he looked his ratings I think I'll be okay but he's actually probably on the star players in the team got some prize money from that that toward him and this guy again and the player that kind of Wharton doesn't back up he's not really firmly quality I mean he's good don't get me wrong for my them in the playoffs so this will down the championship of course they're gonna want to come in and grab a couple of my players because at the end of the day these are the players that got the team promoted so let's see if we can take a bit of money off of him get some money back for this guy it didn't cost me an arm and a leg to be honest with you so I think that just over six million is nice for him got a bit of money back in the team D has gone as well just good he's out the way the sort of full black kind of support player the fact you've never gonna be a first team player but we just there was a bit of having more than anything in terms of what we've got there money-wise so he bought in just shy 26 million pounds of profits and we've got 70 plus million to spend so of course the board are gonna say good work I'm making crazy max of money for them it's good and you may seen there were a ton to offer yes girl island as well never play that I think might be resurfaced to requirements to be honest with you great player but he's taking us from Ligue 2 all the way into the family so probably time for a bit of a change these are a few guys I've been looking at this guy Reggie Cannon is a must have I think he's half price basically and he is firmly quality Ryback which was short that position this guy again he there's not that big difference in in his his value against his release cause but to be honest with you he's he's a good rated player in it in a position that I want to make sure that we've got a solid midfield and in there as well just to link everything together so I think adding him with back eyo when i cost there I love eight across the board in in midfield so this season there for me that's not bad I'm obviously gonna try and save a bit of money if I can I know these guys on big money with rail I always go in a little bit lower I think I might bond a little bit too high with that but at the end of they explain for Real Madrid and you're saying I'll come across this team that's just been promoted to the Premier League after you've been at Brown will do do you mind on B Stein come on up would be in carvajal to the position if he's even still there at this many seasons in what at the end of the day they're gonna expect a little bit of a waist drop well it's just up to you to determine what is a way stop is still going to bring them into the team I've mentioned I think every single video that I've done that something and he's coming to the next week but you've scared this guy you know everything about you know I've got his week for it you know our goodies long passing in I'm composed he is well how much how do we not know how much we need to give him to get him to come to the team what would she spend some money gonna rebalance it's a little bit so we still relevant might play with if you want to he's still popping the team the team still moving forward have a quick look at how we've brought some money in see you got sales back you Barco use your guys across the place of being the team's already a while so if we knew there that's the team with new additions put in its having that strong to be honest with you I think this I said the Nazca lines gone I've made some good money on him he's been a good servant to us yeah we there I think we've got the simple players I think the team is ready for the perma needs awareness with you and just all calm down set how I play with a now I'm gonna be playing a lot of games this time man I've seemed a lot of the other ones just to blast through it really just to get to this point where we're gonna start to see some really interesting things and start doing so many interesting things but I need to play these games otherwise we're gonna being in trouble because although were mid-80s in terms of we've got eight to eight players got some really activated players as well and that is probably mid table so we need to be getting those sort of mid to high eighties to to really be competing and I think all playing really well so we'll see how we are we go this is actually leads have come up so it's a nice test against the team of a similar caliber as well team that's just come into the mean to the Premier League so make some nice bits of play to be fair like getting these players down the wings with the full backside conventionally play with curry at the back to be honest with you I am I don't utilize callbacks a lot in my normal play that was a good effort there to be fair that should have brought him from that to the point that I'm a ninja boy I said I don't normally utilize fallback to massively I like to have very sort of equal attacking and defending wide players so when Ivan Altima teams about people like kings man and Dembele and I've had them down the sides and said to them it's got to go in man I basically said to them look bomb it up and down get up and down I'm normally poor traits on them that make them quicker but I know Kings game was absolutely fantastic in that rolling brilliantly had the pace he had great stamina so he could get himself up and down really easily there's another great goal I always like to aim for close post in those situations because they're not expecting it so sorry nice a weak one in close place but kind of showing here that we have got the class to beat some of the teams that we've come open an economy in around this demands with you say it's a good sign it's good sign to move forwards with this guy's one of the plays that already won a tie-in filled up if I can I mean you might not be kind of the first team quality fit for this division but he's still a good player jump into another game against peers as well I said I'm playing a lot of games so I didn't want to spend a load of the video just going through menus of all probably match or all that rubbish you're just gonna get stuck in and get into the decent bits and see some actual gameplay see some goals see some skill and then also see some transfers and bits like that as well so jumping in and out then quite quickly here Paul comes out to we're all back there that was an absolute dream goal I look when he did it I kind of thought I looked at him before what are you doing what are you doing just tin and pass it into the net well ultimately whatever that thing was that he's just done some sort of strange physics defying kind of matrix cake wait any quick to tree you see from this other angle that physics on the engine just don't wait look at how he's travelling he doesn't look right what you scored it which is the main thing and I've been very critical of his finishing to be honest with you I mean he's kind of caught the middle finger to me there and said well look I can do which is good but there keeps him use him in the spot it's a bit dangerous here to be fair some of the plays that they've got a tire and stand off from corners as much as possible but I shouldn't be standing off from Christian Eriksen inside the box and was right for and that was a mistake well you know it's Tottenham if they don't score against me then I'm playing on women semi-pro I don't need to be slapped a lot Parker they kind of running the ball in he's really good at that to be fair I think there's a buyer he's he's got a lot of skill up kind of toyed without Eva tential II kind of cashing in on him because is worth and how much actually paid for that paid fifteen point nine million for now it's great goal it's just it was fortunate it's fallen to me but yeah you get yourself into these precious situations and said Kosta coming up with a goal which is why I didn't want to sell him so it did the business there against Tottenham we needed to do which is the main thing to be faced we've got a win against a really top team which is nice a sharing that with a competitive it was fun the chances we top them in that game to be fair but I wanted to keep it down to just the business end of stuff so this is an interesting one here I mean he's a top ball keeper for me anyway probably shouldn't really be selling him but let's see what we can actually get for him I didn't play a lot for him to be honest with you so again it's one any similar ones if I can get so good money back out for him then I'll do it said I'm not massively bothered about sending him so let's just see if they take this and then we'll come down to be a good offer I could do a lot with that sort of money get 14 for him that'd be nice I've got all the other players that I can bring in I can jump back on the the release clause list as well and see if we've got any players that we can we can pick up to go in goal so it's not the end of the world two minutes with you jump into we're into another game copy only so another good test to be honest with you being they've been performing really well when I've been looking at them they've got some school slowly plays in the squad and got it sent about this guy I think I might be wrong I think he was it never be might be nothing was Valencia potentially I might be thinking of a different guy I know there's a football manager games this is called season loser I mean that was a nice goal again post post but it was a player Valencia who's a young center back I think it may possibly bit him yeah they've got some good players I know he is kind of mid-80s which were barely to have a player in the mid 80s if you look to the team when you first click on to them as a as a kickoff game he's a star player so they have they have common leaps and bounds Samantha got some cracking players in there as well I think and I might be wrong again but I'm pretty certain barely I've also got fill photos I mean I might be wrong but I'm pretty sitting they have so I said they've got some good players that have been well the league there he's kind of easy to expect it I mean Newcastle had kind of jumped a bit higher than what you probably expect what better go in for this guy just because he's cheap he's also tall I think that's a big thing in the family you've got a tall centre back I mean we'll go for that with him 40k a week yeah if you've got a tall centre back in there you can appear nicely to casillo the back I might I've seen the turf put my ear reserve team goalkeeper in there and when I try and develop that guy I can because obviously paid next to nothing for them with a menu player so I'm gonna try and put him through some training see if I can get him up to decent level but I'm gonna look for a goalkeeper well gonna get some kind of backup players fall back so it's always been an area that I've struggled with so I want to see if I get a couple these guys are really cheap obviously have to make some money on them as well but also there is there's a bit of backup in a bit of support if Cameron goes down I can't swap meet you across to the other wing because I'm losing then I left back and though he is traditionally Ryback but you can play back back and left back so just one of those players where I'd like to where I'd like to keep him out on the left hand side to be honest with you it's kind of because also he can even call back in and he's got really great even after really great shooting on my talking that we get across in I've chained them out on these crosses doesn't I set a key part for the full-backs I'm gonna bring this guy in as well over on the right-hand side purely because again I have any got youngsters in that position so it'd be nice to where to add him in there I only get this guy's well because he's cheap bit of padding in the middle of the park and isn't really matter I finally keep him for a season and sell them because he's going to make two million pound profit Basin is where new the guys will do the same adds a bit of depth got in for this gold peepers well the Santos I'm gonna try and get a couple of those are the guys you seen at the top there and the Dillion command elect is my main but I like that I'm looking at to be honest with you he's a goalkeeper at 27 where you can come in for two or three seasons hopefully easier using the 80 area you can do some good work with him figure this guy's willy scores period because it's another good quality sent to back option that I've got in there if Friedrich obviously they get injured I've got another player that I can bring in he's also a pretty good age to be fair and its current wages in that higher name for a fact he's probably gonna ask for thirty forty thousand a week quite easily well that's what I'm kind I'm gonna go in with if they don't suggest anything because that's going rate in the Premier League really so well we'll go in go in at 25 to see what they say they always put my center one three or we want this one that see I said 31 so I mean that's in the realm of what I was expecting anyway so that's a dip to get that quality depth I'm happy to do that we've still made profit we've still got money in the club lock we're still going things are still going where we need to go so quite happy with that Man City game is a big game thing I like about Man City is and it'll either work or go disastrously running today but they do a really high press which is great so I love planning and people a new high press but it only works if they're from my side hit the high press leaves them with a lot of space in the middle of Bach play some people if a really narrow high press if you haven't got wide players your part too because there's just too many even though when you break the ball down there's too many people in and around the area need to do anything with both city don't they've got their wide players they need clients and fall backs are overlapped so when it comes to city doing a high press get in this position I'm in here you straight into the backline there's no sort of padding out in front of them been Andy knows he's not there because he's been dragged out of the way score easy goals I mean you shouldn't score they sort of always get Man City but you will because of how they set up and how the team is in your life it doesn't quite work in the same way as it does on FIFA but that's something that I've noticed you see that there's a lot of players coming in off the pitch when you get them on the break because they do commit they're full backs they do commit fernandinho just go forward as a CDM and you are left kind of three on two sometimes poor on two against whoever's left at the back you might become pretty much the stones bottom nd whoever they've got and I said obviously they've moved on a few years now so they've got lengths at in there but again look like the pullback so always high you've always got that space between you full backing center back you can exploit whereas when you go and play teams like Bailey and teams at lower down you can't always get that in that position but that was a fantastic cross in there one of the things that I try and do if I'm out on that side are tying get the cross instead of swinging in towards the goal whenever possible and this because then they already had an on target there's neither touching the my direction so we're doing a massive is all here it's these guys I thought that shot in because it was really comedy and one of the players I've been dropping in into the games because crew have decided that they want me to bring through some youngsters play them in ten games as a sub or at the starter even when you know they're gonna be about 50 barbarian so yeah that's how I add the back end of the game performing really well I mean the teams that came up with us and the teams that you'd expect to spinning around I didn't know what space doing now for all the 100 base pairs was a really good good game but then eight games in they've not even won a game and that's just crazy I don't really know what's happening with them it's not good we've got a game against forest so a team that again I've come up with is that it should be to a similar level that we are probably because they were playing football when this is last season in the same division they are a good outfit to be fair they've obviously got adzick over on that side a player that I don't know whether it was one right or wrong to have sold him to them when I did I think he might have actually stopped me from going up from the championship at the first attempt oh hey you done it now that's what happens great you're there from where we got a 3.4 Melania it's been it's been really good actually to begin with I think that midfield is incredibly strong they don't I sit on paper they might not look it you might think oh yeah they're fairly decent your back he was 80 to give it to you guys a teammate it they might look okay but they actually perform much better in the game I mean they've got better playable stats than their overall stats you see it a lot on Ultimate Team there's a lot of players that the stats just don't reflect that was stupid so we're just going to leave that there to be honest with you and it's never one of those things where they complete you guys well you've dominated this game two minutes to play against team that's not a shot on target we'll make one of the players into an alder and he'll just do something stupid and a couple of these guys to be fair that I've been looking at kind of obvious targets to be honest with you some other majors with quite a lot more than the release clause there were decent rating in positions that I won like this guy I mean you know he's really scores in too dissimilar from his actual erm that's all valuable to get eight stupid goalkeeper for 12 million when I sold 79 mates logging per for he was 14 and a half so I'm jumping up three levels in a goalkeeper and I've made a couple million on the way as well gonna go for blessing purely because I think that Raonic midfield such a right wing position or whatever you want to call it that I play is a weak point in the squad I think that's the main area where we can we can improve to be honest with you I'd love to to get a few more of these guys these loads of him you saw that Chaleff Larry's think got 24 million parmalee's Clause a or weight striker some players in there that Adhan wolf to going for you can see there this Dembele is on there as well the single players now and I've got the money to try and get him for something these guys that's the nice thing about being in the Premier League you shouldn't stop you know punch some of these you you miss these guys you and you lower down and I've see a probably won't come to you anyway but you'd miss them completely if you were lower down in the pecking order so got these four guys yeah I'm gonna start with the most important one I mean you the three I'm not overly fussed about there then more to add a little bit of deck and to generate a little bit money from the end of the season as well back in their turn around and make some make some profit at them but this is the main guy this is the guy that's gonna make a difference I think between is staying where we are in the league when things start to get tough and actually dropping down and tumbling down the tables we've got a weaker a weak at all Eva we are gonna start to face some more shot to be honest with you I said it against some of the other teams tonight and the Man City a my just showed me spawn elated all's they did have a lot of good chances there's a lot of times when they could have really caused us some problems and that game could have easily finished 3 1 3 2 3 3 potentially but the chances win that clay cook take on I say I'm gonna show you this for X amount of time you know a bit bit back and forwards with this guy tying nail Dan's I think what we want to do you might think this is a bit petty just kind of trying to shave little bits off here and there but when you trying to go in for four people if you over spend 5,000 on you wage budget and give them an extra 200k sign on that he's walking pretty given that fourth guy couldn't even in 20 wonder we can item track a to sign on so it's worth doing you might put yourself next to player especially when the players where the width for and you pain one and a half million from and it's way of doing that because you generate an extra money so those two you guys are gonna be coming in the next next available to answer their window so some good strength coming in from that side you see all these players up I'm looking for keeping an eye on they are the single place in there I mean it like I said I'd like to get more than what I've got to play with what I've got the time and pick the right players to be honest with you say going for blessing as well I don't know about math you guys too much I don't think about will actually go for them this guy's good player he's 26 he's 77 weird right wings but good pace decent dribbling stats so he'll be nice play to add into the squad get him out on that that far side that's a fair that's a fair fair demand to be honest with you that way John I'll go with that Premier League player it's best to turn him up for three or four years we'll get into another games we've got another tough game against Liverpool and there which the property is on when they start but they're still what like salla I'm still what the players you'd expect them to have to be honest with you then just added a few more players into the mix well my god been down below as well but still got Van Dyck still all the guys you'd normally expect and have don't know one about cameos in there not quite sure what happened well he's back there and he's made a great save dependence with you well yeah not add the the best times bless him she'll command for it but not quite sure what happened Alison me interesting one to pub we have a look and see it's actually happened to him wasn't too fond of wine that shot to be fair it's one of the things that I think I mean I've just used it I think beef is just a bit silly sometimes you're not facing the goal how can you actually accurately put on on target the shot with you some power I don't think you can you're not facing the goal you're only using you actually how we generate from your leg to to shoot what they carry a something he did decent to get hand on it but again I mentioned the cost of quite a few times he does bring a lot to the team really does he's very good at trapping back maybe good picking up the ball had to try that with Canon I think anybody that plays on fever doesn't try those sort of shots when they're in that position where the full-back doesn't deserve to bow fee that's what beef is all about and I'm not quite sure what happened here to – we have a look at the replay I think again it's one of those things where FIFA says well why are you beating a team that probably shouldn't be in so we're gonna give him a little bit of a soft call I mean I've gone to try and poke the ball look he's already passed the ball and then because I'm trying to poke the ball when he's passed it he's then gone and on that book Hey well you know I'm gonna get oh yeah penalty batsman it's not I mean I mean you know this is 25% chance that I might have not put it in a different corner but you didn't you went the way I always pick might know is that if I've got a couple of panic saves in future ones or when you subscribe and do a few more videos I'm gonna put out I just pick one direction I mean yeah if you're gonna be really critical about it they can go down the middle they can go top five top of that but I'm left on right so there's five options they can use pick one every single time you're gonna say 20% of the shots that your face so that's what I do I don't find guess it and try the cool is he he's running it from the right hand side so he's gonna hit it on this angle or whatever I just dive one way that's it we have a basement ultimate team not that you know Morty's golf but I'll be down in one way don't worry about it coach put it on the inside and probably there you know that effort these are reasonably teams that you come off against like what would have been the team that had been a bit of a bogey team for me I faced him quite a few times and it caused me a lot of problems and I don't see how that I think you go in from Evans he's got pretty finishing but it didn't yeah I think what for a bit of a bogey team for me a bit of a bogey teaming with a knife or a lot of a lot of cops to manage with you they are a very good set off bogum squad I think sometimes people overlook them I mean when they got beat in the FA Cup final I don't NASA to reflection of what would being a team of a certain quality I think that's a reflection the fact that they were playing quite a thing that must seem in the world I think if they'd not Man City and add that that game that they had against Tottenham and and all the bits and pieces then they easily would have gone on on Warnock when the Champions League I'm not being nice to typical but you can see in the league form and is I think the Man City T know they are playable I think it was just one of those games where it was just go on and go on and go one end and no one could kind of get authoritative it again well moving the goal their lap you again popping up with the goods so kind of stapling his name lit with more on that position can't say look I'm good enough to play here and still won't save him if someone comes in for him to be honest me if I can make some money out of him I'm going to because I said I don't think he's a hundred percent top player they're gonna stay with us we've had some interest in him as well to be honest with you so we've got Southampton in the next game against Watford the time at the most at Southampton they're very good team this is any bit about apnea again I'll heat battering on on him and he's a really good player and that was a fantastic finish and but he's not the pace East when I had a key enabler in the previous leagues he was kind of like high 90s in terms of spin speed acceleration but this is the thing I'm saying hello as well my midfield he's Acosta Baku and hangman been all chipping with goals Norwood players I think we kind of ran riot against Southampton here to be honest with you that was a bit silly lunge but it happens yes I use the target on it because I can't take penalties on this game so in my life terms of forwards this is guy I've been considering I've been looking at it with 25 million it's one nine million families cause when our mental is that if you've got a player's 83 years in your team and you've still got a release clause on him from when he was from four years ago why are you not looking into it for their loss is my gain cuz I'm getting this guy he's gonna come in who's gonna make that striking position more shut up and again it might allow me then to free up a peer and I'm definitely gonna get nine more than nine million pounds the appia so it's definitely worth doing to be honest with you I'll sell one striker to fund a better striker and I just have to win painting money money for him I might even actually make more from up in them what actually end up spending on this guy so I think you see it got a bit of business to do he's a good psycho he's good age as well 25 he sees they've got five years in him quite easily so he could be a player that hangs around the top end of my squad for quite a while to be honest with you it's got good skill good dribbling that's one of the things that kind of Drew me to him when I was looking at the players but got four players there they're gonna be coming in it's a good it's good depth some good overall quality if they're not first team names or more names on the first team sheet when it goes out next we're we're first and but if they're not if you're not first on the team sheet then you look at the bench and you think a bit like Man City bench and a little more Spence to be honest with you look at the bench and think wow those players would actually walk into any of the team listen the family let's some people might be known and that's a bit over the top no no no no no whatever but to be honest with you if you turn around and you said well you've got you've got 4b neo navigator it's very goal and you've got Henderson you've got Y now them I think all of those things for gunners to be honest with you and some people might not mind hate on Henderson book I think yeah he's not he's not Steven Gerrard they're gonna be wrong but he still got a great range of passing he's still got a cool head when it comes to the build of play and that's why he's so good but they they would go in midfield serve any one team you're not gonna pick this jacket over any of those guys it's beyond him something needs your eye but it's not like good anyway on to the game so he was smashed to bust choice anyway seemed to it you probably know it seems to do quite well against the big teams but I think it's just cuz I'll pay a bit more attention to what I'm doing and I don't kind of rush things think when you again to lower teams you take the Gamble's that should have gone in but Mecosta to be honest with you but we won it anyways it's not the end of the world there's good battle going on the 80s we look at Watford up there what for the fourth and the god big gap on Man City so what but Arsenal me Liverpool all good all good teams in there they before want me to come in and manage them not gonna have nothing happen pal I mean sick with clock I know one doing do get me off and stick a clock he's good and I'm happy I'm happy where I'm at so that's it little bit done on this one plea through the vast chunk of the season to prepare so we're coming into the first chance for your window get these players from across and we'll see what we can do in the next video we will do this main bit of this dance play window in the back of the season and see if we can where we can finish the second at the moment that super can do first

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