Fidel & Raul Castro's Legacy and What’s Next For Cuba | NowThis World

  1. If communism prevails then russia prevails and that means more white people, the whites prevail. So… yeah, good.

    Cuba is poor and that's how I like it: I like my women weak.

  2. Is NowThis World's next video going to be about how the Castros have killed 1,506,395,294,314,395,069,245 people and imprisoned five million gagillion protesters? Oh wait, that should be three trillion zillion gadillion, my bad.

  3. Is the commentator a fool or just another leftist propagandists? To call Castro president is an insult to basic common sense and human dignity. When have the Castros's held free elections where all the political tendencies are represented and can freely participate? What are free health care and education when a society is under the rule of a tyrannical government, and the people can’t afford their basics necessities? Cuba will only be free when all Cubans can freely associate and choose their political affiliation, and those political tendencies can be represented, no matter the ideology and elect their government in a free and democratic election.

  4. Many Cubans are very thankful that they have security within their society.. They watch international television and see how a bloodbath of murders happens on a daily basis in other Latin America countries.. The Cuban government is not perfect, but does it's best to support the people. Long live Cuba.. Long live the revolution!!

  5. He’s not a Castro but he is one

    Castro was better than having a USA backed dictator Castro jail and sent away criminals he had no choice because America had there foot on Cuba’s neck there would be no Cuba without him

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