1. Id have to disagree – the big 3 (FF/FG and joke of our times "neo-liberal Labour" !) are all signed up to Thatchers Legacy – or maybe Hayek and Von Mise, should I say. Plus with the EU pushing it from behind them also – The alternative political system won't rise from the ashes – first will have to come the destruction of real democracy(its almost here). The militarization of the police, enforced vaccinations, fluoride in the drinking water and a regressive education system dividing people along class lines will guarantee their corrupt system into perpetuity.

  2. @bubblesinsligo I don't pay for a Tv Licence ,,,,,shitheadinsligo , Cause I don't own a TV . Media from Ireland is class A crap. As for the HB PENCIL in RTE waste of tax payers money .
    . Book shop on the right idiot

  3. @bubblesinsligo I don't pay for a Tv Licence ,,,,,shitheadinsligo , Cause I don't own a TV . Media from Ireland is class A crap. As for the HB PENCIL in RTE waste of tax payers money .

  4. For the record, Anarchy and Chaos are completely different. Anarchy is to mlive without state. Chaos is to live without order. Now while Anarchy can lead to Chaos, you do not need Chaos for Anarchy. Anarchy has a bad reputation as a sort of a violent, bloody, political system. It doesn't need to be. However he is right, we do need a completey new system. Vote Anarchy!!

  5. The new Anarchist Party is the FG/Lab. coalition. It is to be hoped that some independent TDs,who live the truth will not be silenced about this. This government will prove that the existing party system must be destroyed & replaced along with their placed senior managers.

  6. @fishredone cop on, he's not far of the mark, fianna fail have well and truly frigged this country up the ass and still you'll have muppets voting for them again tomorrow, pass round the vaseline

  7. anybody who actually votes FF this Friday after what they did to this country along with the green tree huggers needs to seriously wake up

  8. has this man gone into that bookshop and looked up the word Anarchist . means no government actually running or doing their job . so no point in sending him a voting card , cause he he gets one and votes he is not a anarchist …gobshite . I am a anarchist ..I am not bothering to even register .
    its PJ day for me while everyone trottles down to their primary schools and votes for the biggest gangster . I am going to watch the fucking GODFATHER IN REVERSE …

  9. @RockBanned maybe now that youve warned them they will hear the motorcycle gang arriving and flee into the hills to safety. its ironic humour you fucking moron!

  10. @shitforbrains121
    (You live up to your name…….MUPPET.)

    Definition of BOUT
    bout [baʊt]
    a. a period of time spent doing something, such as drinking
    b. a period of illness
    2. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Boxing) a contest or fight, esp a boxing or wrestling match
    [variant of obsolete bought turn; related to German Bucht bight; see about]

    Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

  11. @paddyj555 thats the point he's making, he's joking at the same time however. listen to the end he says the only ones that can destroy the system is fianna fáil.

  12. "I'm an Anarchist myself" you are hardly an "Anarchist someone else" a new political system will emerge from the ass. That bit is true, the ass.

  13. @TheMrsDubose There isn't anarchy in the U.K though. There are only a handful of anarachist countries out there. Most of them are places like Somalia, where the governement was so corrupt, it just fell apart.

  14. David I loved the video, great sarcasm, the sad part is you are right on the mark. Fianna Fail have been selling national assets since they first got in office, David keep up the good work, Tony Boyd.

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