Fed Admits Massive Number of People NOT Working! U.S. Economy in Real Crisis

the Fed is an interesting organization every single action they take is being watched literally all around the world every financial analyst waits for their meetings and trades based on the information their words change market instantly so when they release their statements they are carefully worded they refer to it as quote forward guidance the Fed has been on a mission to ensure that the markets know that they will be handing out easy money no need to worry I think I'll go back to sleep safe and sound you came here for the truth so let me uh mail that for you today we are going to look at the Federal Reserve one of my favorite topics to discuss we are going to look at Jerome Powell Janet Yellen Ben Bernanke I've got a lot to talk about today in this video but I want to make it as quick as I possibly can there's a lot of detail in here that I don't think people are aware of so let's get into it so Jerome Powell did an interview with 60 minutes and he was actually doing the same thing as Ben Bernanke did right around the bottom of the recession in March of 2009 so this happens to be an interesting interview for those in the financial industry it was more of that same talking points I listened to it all and it was quite dry however there was one point that I believe was so important I wanted to focus this video around it and we'll talk about that in a second I'm gonna show you several charts associated with this topic let's look at this here Powell's 60 minutes message to stress Fed independence and efforts to support the average American this is what they say the Federal Reserve is there to do we are there to support price stability of course we know that's false because everything has become more expensive in relation to the US dollar as time goes on the dollar continues to lose value we have had previous chairs talk about the fact that it is in the best interest of the Federal Reserve to create inflation in order to wipe away the debt this is how psychotic this institution is that they will devalue the currency of the nation in order to fulfill their desire to go further into debt instead of playing by the rules this is the problem that we have with a central banking system it's that they can do whatever the hell they want and they are never held accountable the most important thing that he said in his interview was this and I quote we have an unusually large number of people in their prime working years who are not in the labor force I'm gonna show you a chart on that in just a second the United States has a lower labor force participation rate than almost every other advanced country so when we look at the unemployment rate the u3 rate provided by the BLS the Bureau of Labor Statistics we are given a number that is absolutely positively false if you want to understand exactly why this number is false go to the end of this video and I will show you another video that I did talking about the reasons why that number is fake but for now we are going to talk about the difference between this u3 rate and the labor force participation rate this will be something I'll show you in a chart in just a second but more on this interview as I mentioned there were a lot of talking points here a lot of nonsensical garbage going back and forth but there was a constant repeated notion that the Federal Reserve was gonna be there to backstop any issues that though they don't see any possible issues but if that magically does occur then we'll be there to save the day that's basically what the interview was and the reason why they do this they want to be more quote transparent but of course we know that that isn't the case because of everything they have done over the years we've documented that and I'll show you some of it in just a moment but what we have here is an institution that only wants to spread more propaganda they want to calm the markets when they want it to be calm and they can control it by their liquidity whether they are dishing it out or whether they are drying it up this is the civilian labor force participation rate and right now it's at 63% every time I talk about this I am always criticized by individuals who do not listen carefully when we talk about the labor force participation rate we are not including infants we are not including people that are a hundred and twenty five years old this is as powell said people in their prime working years they're not in there and how the hell do you get a population where there is only 63% of the labor force and somehow we are getting a youth to be unemployment statistic at four percent you are the ones that have to figure that one out as far as I'm concerned we got a big question mark right there going back in time to 2002 this is perhaps the best speech that has ever been told by the Federal Reserve this here is Ben Bernanke and the title is deflation making sure it doesn't happen here if you haven't read this before this is probably the best read you're ever going to have because it's so telling of what they are doing now what they're willing to do what they did in the past as well he talks about the devaluation of the US dollar by 40 percent and saying it worked in the past it would work again the literally talks about that as if it is something they are willing to do they will go to any means necessary to ensure a deflation doesn't occur this is their mandate not priced ability as they suggest not worrying about inflation they don't care about inflation but they go further in this I believe he got his name helicopter Ben from this specific speech because in here he refers to Milton Friedman's helicopter drop of money suggesting we'll do that if that's what it takes we will do that and that was 2002 and of course a few years later they were doing so giving out money left right and center and of course the majority of individuals are unaware of how much money the Federal Reserve actually printed they don't know quite frankly they do not know they'll look at for example this you can see their total assets at about four trillion dollars that might seem like a lot to some to others maybe not so much regardless that's not the real number many people are not aware of how much money they actually printed and in fact nobody unless you're probably a high-level individual at the Federal Reserve is aware either that's the case that we've seen here with the Federal Reserve and what they've been capable of well this here is the limited audit of the Federal Reserve this took place July 2011 you could see the u.s. provided a whopping 16 trillion dollars in secret loans to bail out American and foreign banks and businesses during the worst economic crisis since the 1930s we're looking at this time frame as being one unprecedented scheme that went completely by everybody all of the regulators all of the Congress nobody was apparently aware of anything that occurred during this period they gave out at least 16 trillion dollars that they were able to document just in this one audit and what did the Federal Reserve do the Federal Reserve said this is undermining our independence which is so stupid and what did the Congress do after this nothing whatsoever what did anybody do who got in trouble nobody nothing happened so what happened to the 16 trillion dollars in secret loans as they say loans we don't know what happened was it loaned out or was it given out we are simply unaware that detail has never come up simply because there's never been a bail out ever again and in fact this 16 trillion dollars was never discussed the Federal Reserve has no talked about this at all so what does that tell you well they could be doing this on a daily basis nobody has that information and the Federal Reserve is not going to talk about it the Federal Reserve has been giving out easy money they've been doing so for a long time sure we can suggest in 1980 that was a wild time and this is really an anomaly when you see it on a historical perspective all right but even if we chop it down to a more reasonable let's just say in this case here like eleven percent ten percent or so and bring it down to where it was at a peak but not so high and just to eliminate the anomaly regardless we see this trend take a look interest rates have been coming down and of course as I've mentioned many many times before they can't get to the previous high that happens every single time they try to increase they have to drop them down lower today the interest rates of Fed Funds rate is set to approximately two point four they always have this window and they bring it to the very top before they were increasing this time around they can get up to two point five we'll see if they're even able to get that high but they can bring it down to two point two five before they officially have to bring down the rates we'll see how they react the point is that easy money is the name of the game today they've been printing a hell of a lot of money apparently giving it even outside of their borders which i think is ridiculous bailing out Canadian banks why didn't the Bank of Canada bail out the Canadian banks why would they take a loan from the Federal Reserve why would they take money from another central bank that raises questions that's why when people aren't asking the right questions they're just saying shut up I don't care I don't want to know about this how do i profit from this you gotta understand what's happening behind the scenes this is so important to your entire livelihood to everything and it's not if you're in the United States and now it's affecting everybody because they're given the money out all around the world nobody knows the repercussions of that Janet Yellen was shaking it up in this interview and I wanted to touch on a couple points that she made I always talked about we were on a path to normalize the stance of policy essentially to bring interest rates up to a quote normal level to make it less stimulative as the economy recovered and the Fed has continued on that path excuse me Janet Yellen we are now 10 whole years on this path to recovery why can't you get your stuff in order now you know we also had a huge fiscal stimulus that came at a time when the economy was arguably operating near full employment really didn't need that stimulus and I think it was appropriate to tighten financial conditions some to make sure that inflation didn't heat up we don't want a stop-go economy where later on the Fed would be forced to tighten and cause a downturn she said that right now everything is great but of course let's talk about this for just a second here it seems like she wanted the rates to become normal but at the same time suggests that we were at full employment and we're still giving it as much as we possibly can there's no reason to do so and that's what I talk about all the time we actually agree on one thing believe it or not this entire economy if you look at the official statistics not the real statistics but if you look at them you're seeing full employment you're seeing the jobs numbers why in the world would you need to then give the stimulus out like crazy why do you have a balance sheet that's four trillion dollars why do you have interest rates at record lows well of course none of that makes any sense when you think about it well let's go back even further to Alan Greenspan I want this to be known because this right here tells you about the Federal Reserve in reality what is the proper relationship between the chairman of the Fed and the president first of all the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule the actions that we take think about that they are above all else okay so as long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration of the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things differently and what we think is the appropriate thing then what the relationships are don't frankly matter that is so huge and I don't think most people are aware of that but that is in fact the real deal that's all for this video if you found it informative please give me a thumbs up and give me a thumbs up you are supporting this channel so I do appreciate that very much and last but not least if you want the financial education you weren't taught in school that was left out of the school system check these two books out because they have all the details you need I talked about the Federal Reserve I talked about central bank's interest rates money printing all the details are inside check it out the link below if you want the audio book you can get that at the money GPS com if you want to know why the u3 unemployment rate is fake watch this video I break it all down very simply see you there

  1. Even the Fed admits the Civilian Labor Force Participation Rate is extremely bad. But since they're only looking at the U3 unemployment rate, no worries! See how they do that?

  2. The entire world is controlled by giant multinational corporations and giant financial institutions the later are located in three cities: New York City, London and Zurich. Every year the CEOs and bankers meet in Devos, Switerzerland. The fly there in their private jets to discuss the enslavement of the world. The slave masters control worlds supply of money and labor. 50% Americans possess no savings living pay check to pay check, 70% in England . The French are demo in the streets of Paris this summer because they are in the same situation. There is no solution. Our governments are on the take these slave masters donate money to their campaigns.

  3. Feds chairman cannot subtract 63 out of 100. Hahaha. 100 – 63 = 37. Fed chairman came up with 4. People know what i am talking about…

  4. Your tax dollars at work, affording the lifestyle of those who are able to join the workforce but choose to be welfare surf riders.

  5. Is it not amazing greenspan still has tge audacity to show his ugly face on tv after destroying the world economy?

  6. Cant find jobs, jobs we have are all crap, and they have open borders, so we must fight for the scraps with these illegals… the billionairs deserve to lose ALL their wealth in a huge tax against only them . Im sick of their games. They mean us ill will

  7. Can me and my Grandpappy saunter on up to the discount window???? I need some easy money.

  8. I thought more people were working than ever and the economy was doing great and everything is going well 😬

  9. No country on earth could bring this country to it's knees militarily but a bunch of lunatic Amalekite Edomite fake Jew converts will monetarily. That goes to show you their intent of controlling all nations on earth through deception.

    But remember this: The tower of Babel failed and so will their plan for man only has one master and is not those Amalekites for they are not his chosen and neither are their half brothers.

    One thing is for certain, all hell will break loose very soon. All the signs are here and with a lunatic Amalekite in the presidency watch it all burn specially when he thinks he owns the Holy Land and can dole out to any one he wishes. Goys have no say so on the matter.

  10. They are right. Me and my neighbors were talking about this last wk. No one in SW VA works. It's mind boggling.

  11. type of society and economic system postulated to emerge from technological advances in the productive forces, characterized by common ownership of the means of production with free access to the articles of consumption and is classless and stateless, implying the end of the exploitation of labor

    what am i?

  12. Even professional health care workers (like ARNP, PAC, PharmD) are having problems finding full time job. Employers would rather 2 to 3 part timers vs 1 full time person. Instead making 100k they make around 40k which doesn’t make a dent in 160k student loans. It’s because employers have to pay for their leave, healthcare, retirement, unemployment insurance, liability insurance, and their wage. But per diem/on call workers don’t get many of these benefits. Yet more and more professional schools keep opening up and marketing these careers as bullet proof salaries, yet when students graduate reality sinks in and they realize they paid 160k in tuition for 40k job they have to fight to get because more and more schools push out more and more graduates year after year. The schools and student loans processors don’t care it’s all about $$$, and professional organizations who accredit these schools say they don’t have authority to prevent another school from opening (Medical schools are regulated), result is anyone can enter and get license. Students should have financial counseling prior to enrolling in high debt schools and the true state of job market should be sought out by asking current professionals how easy it is to find job. People don’t leave job anymore because they scared they won’t find another….sad.

  13. Can you tell me where to invest my money I'm not even making 2 percent. I tried everything i knew but it hasn't been working for me like it did in the past.

  14. As a contract worker whose pending contracts got cancelled in late 2018 and has not been working for 5 months but don't get unemployment I am never counted.

  15. I don't understand why the feds are worried, they created this, and now they are complaining because people are hip to their bull. I don't work for other people I'm self employed off the grid. So screw them and some taxes. I refuse to allow a stranger to take my money for their own use and watch them destroy prosperity. It's sad when the criminals cry foul.

  16. Greenspan's position about the FED's "independence" is defunct starting with President Trump.
    (And as with future presidents, its not going back.)

  17. I'm going on an interview, but I'm pretty sure 30-40 other people are going to be fighting for that job. That's the problem with the US

  18. I have been saying all along that that alleged 4+ TRILLION in assets at the Fed could not possibly be correct, that those are NET assets that is in fact a bogus number based upon the fact that they absorbed, bought up trillions and tens of trillions in those fraudulent "investment" vehicles that they knew years in advance were ticking time bombs that would eventually detonate. All they had to do to cover up this fact was leave the word NET assets off the charts and change the FASB accounting rules to allow them and quite a few major corporations to mark assets to face value rather than market value. By doing this they kicked the can down the road, 10, 20, 30 years depending upon the maturity dates of the instruments involved. In fact if you look at the value of US equities alone since the post GFC low of 6,900 and the market cap today you will see that the difference is no less than 20 trillion dollars and that money had to have come from somewhere even if it is just electronic bookkeeping entries. All that and much more will have to be paid by the population at large via an inflation stealth tax and just to demonstrate the impact we have already seen (this is just the beginning) housing costs have risen by hundreds of percent since the post GFC low depending on the market you live in. Here, rent has doubled since 2013/14 and the rental vacancy rate has dropped from 5.6% to less than 1%, and that less than one percent is the very lowest end of substandard housing and the high end luxury housing very few can afford or they would also not be sitting empty. Yet that inflation is not directly measured and so not reflected in the CPI. If raw prices were all measured and not subjected to BLS hocus pokus to reduce them you would see that inflation has AVERAGED slightly more than 10% annually since about the start of 2014. I know that here where I live I have lost just about 40% of my purchasing power since 2014 and suspect there are places where it is worse.

  19. Oh nooooo! Whatever are we going to do!?!? Please tell us!!! Buy gold & silver? load up on peanut butter & ramen noodles???? Please unveil a solution!!! 😂

  20. Yep, I'm not working and I want to. Female EE. Started my "career" then took off years to raise children. Went back to college to update computer skills. Couldn't get ONE interview. NOT ONE. Fine. Whatever. Started waiting tables. It was hell. People REALLY don't like older women. Especially younger women. It's mind-blowing. I guess I'm on my way to the glue factory. Idk. Can't make heads or tails of what is going on.

  21. we are tired of working for peanuts inflation kills our wages they want us to work our lives away so they can enrich theirs while we work our asses of to just barely afford to live.politicians waste money left and right I seen something not long ago where they spent 500,000 on some bs party or something thats enough to support my family for 25 years!

  22. I'm a hard worker and have various skillsets but can't find any steady work. When I hear people say Tump is great he fixed the economy I'm like speak for yourself. The quality of my life still ain't worth shit so he didn't fix it he just catered to a certain group like the lying asshole that he is.

    sorry about the caps but people need to know this. We the citizens are getting taken to the cleaners by a group of bankers.

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