Fascism Explained

Yo, I’m Mr. Beat In 2010, when I was a young lad, I began teaching World History at Blue Valley High School. Fun fact- that was the same high school that Michael Stevens from Vsauce went to. Anyway, when I first tried to teach these poor kids about fascism, I had a hard time explaining it. When I looked online for definitions, it was hard to find a definition that was historically accurate, and when I did find one, it was just ridiculously complex. And since then, I’ve noticed that a lot of people confidently talk about fascism but I don’t think they know what it actually means. Laura: The true fascists who are operating today in this country are of a different variety than the old Fascists of Mussolini’s day. They’re the people who want to shut down debate on college campuses, at Berkley, what they’re doing to Coulter they’ve done to Milo, others. Some More News: Because fascism, regardless of nation, or time, or leader is a reaction against the Left It’s a frustration with liberalism It’s a rejection of socialism and communism and Marxism and feminism and globalism and perceived weakness It’s a reactionary movement that’s a bit outside the realm of conservatism that forms an uneasy alliance with conservatives and Centrist elites. Dinesh: Fascism is a form of socialism Indeed, it’s most workable form. While the socialism of Marx mobilizes people on the basis of class Fascism mobilizes people by appealing to their national identity as well as their class Fascists are socialists with a national identity. ContraPoints: To begin, let’s take a look at what fascism is. Contemporary fascists share three core beliefs 1. People of European heritage are or ought to constitute a biological, cultural, and political unity known as “the white race” – sometimes dog-whistled as “Western culture.” 2. Jews are masterminding the destruction of the white race through multiculturalism and non-white immigration, a plot they are calling “white genocide” or “ethnic replacement.” 3. The only way to save the white race is to establish a “white homeland,” or “ethnostate,” from which non-whites and degenerates must be purged. Rarely is a word so often misused or mischaracterized. So let’s look at what fascism actually means. I planned on making a video about this awhile ago, but I held off after my friend Tristan from Step Back History beat me to it. That’s right. He beat Mr. Beat. Anyway, he released this video back in October 2017. Tristan does a great job as he always does, but he mostly dives into the early history of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, and frankly, he was still a bit too vague with his definition of fascism. In the comments of the video, I attempted to simplify the definition of fascism as I used to simplify it for my World History students so they’d better understand. Fascism is essentially “conform or else.” Well, it got a lot of likes, so that’s cool, but then the “well actually” crowd hopped on, and one of the responses, from Eli A, was “That’s just authoritarianism. Not all authoritarians are fascists, but all fascists are authoritarians” and….Eli kind of has a point. Maybe, I simplified a bit too much. Violence usually is associated with fascism, but not always. So let me revise. Fascism is the idea that the group is more important than the individual. Diversity is a threat to the group. Individualism is a threat to the group. Immigration is a threat to the group. Any new ideas could potentially be a threat to the group. Basically, anything that undermines the country, nation, or even ethnic group is a threat to the group. The people in a fascist society are expected to have limited choices and strict guidance. In other words, conform to the group. Some argue fascism had its roots in the Jacobin movement, with leaders of the French Revolution like Maximilien Robespierre. Others argue it had its roots as a backlash against the Enlightenment. During the Enlightenment, when more and more people were raving about individualism, laissez faire economics, liberty, and equality, dudes like the British philosopher Thomas Carlyle were like hold up. Hierarchy is good. Democracy is bad. Some are leaders but most are followers. Absolute rulers were good for society. These ideas gained popularity during the late 1800s and early 1900s. To add to the backlash, Social Darwinism, the idea that the evolutionary concept of natural selection also applied to human societies, became a big thing. This fit right in with what would eventually be called fascism. The term “Fascism,” wasn’t first used until 1915 by supporters of a guy you probably know about named Benito Mussolini. Mussolini started a group called the Fasci of Revolutionary Action and a newspaper called The People of Italy after he broke away from the Italian Socialist Party. As you may recall, this was smack dab in the middle of World War I, which Mussolini had fought in but had returned home after getting injured. With his newspaper and the Fasci of Revolutionary Action, Mussolini started a movement, and it grew in popularity, calling for things like continuing to fight in World War I, increasing militarism in general, and most importantly, nationalism. His followers proudly called themselves Fascists, with a capital F. The Italian word fascio meaning group, which comes from the Latin word fasces, which literally meant a bundle of sticks. One stick will bend and break. All the sticks together will stand strong. And yes, this became the symbol of the Fascist Party. Early fascists seemed kind of like socialists, calling for things like an eight-hour work day, a minimum wage, and a progressive tax that targeted the rich. However, many of them seemed to be fans of authoritarianism. Supporters, who nicknamed themselves Blackshirts, turned to intimidation and violence to shut down critics of their movement. Ultimately, the Fascists were able to take over Italy after the March on Rome in 1922, and Mussolini forcibly became prime minister, and eventually dictator. For more on that, I’ve videos in the description, including Tristan’s, that go into much more detail. Again, my main purpose of making this video is to simplify what fascism is. To recap, fascism is the idea that the group is more important than the individual. Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are often tools for fascism, but not necessary for it to happen, I suppose. But the other reason for me making this video is my frustration with so many people just using whatever definition of fascism best promotes their cause or fits their political agenda. Even the Oxford English Dictionary gets it wrong: An authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Fascism tends to be authoritarian, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. It tends to be nationalistic, but it doesn’t have to be. It tends to be right-wing historically, but it doesn’t have to be. I mean, geez Oxford English Dictionary, if YOU are getting it wrong how is anyone else expected to get it right? The sad thing is that even though a lot of people use fascism as a word to describe people they disagree with or even hate, they often subconsciously are cool with some aspects of it. Could this be you? Still don’t know what fascism is? Well here are some puppets to help illustrate some of the ways society becomes fascist. Oh wow Our government sucks. What is happening to our country? Sorry, what did you say? I-I didn’t say anything. You said our government sucks and our country isn’t going in the right direction. I-I mean, I didn’t mean it. You are an enemy to the country. Take him away. (chokes) There is a group of people that is making this country lose its way. taking our jobs, and making us less by being here. We have to get them out. By whatever means necessary. You Jim Jett, from the DisAssociated Press Why do you keep locking up people with blue hair? We need to protect the state. We cannot keep a country going without breaking a few eggs. Speaking about breaking eggs Jim Jett, that’s the last question you’re ever gonna ask. Everything is fine. People are not being taken away to detention centers separated from their lov- But isn’t he just a human? Human? He is our savior. We owe everything to him. I’d give my left arm to him if I hadn’t already given my right arm at the factory. Thank you to Paul and all the puppets of the Felt Show for helping me make this video. They are all terrific actors. Very funny too. I put a link to a video in the description to one of their videos. Go check it out. Also next week I will be returning to the Compared series. And I’m really excited about this one so hopefully you’ll watch it. Thanks for watching this one. If you’re not gonna watch that next video at least you watched this one. So yeah. Heck yeah…you fascist.

  1. So says an American criticising the Oxford English Dictionary -a language that you have bastardised ,
    You live in a fascist country you tick 13 of the 14 point indicators of a fascist country -open your eyes and mind -your part of it

  2. Webster Dictionary:
    1 often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
    2 : a tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control

  3. Wow that trannies definition of fascism was so far off the mark. I think these words have been way overused now to the point they have no weight. You can thank the far left for this. Fascist, racist, bigot, sexist and misogynistic, are all buzz words/weapons utilised by the ignorant who cant hold an argument.

  4. I'd say with the puppeting, you need ALL of them for fascism to take root.

    One on its own is not inherently fascism, but all together are

  5. Fascism: Enforcement of Hierarchies
    Marxism: Destruction of Hierarchies
    Capitalism: Fluidity of Hierarchies

  6. Well said about fascism. Here are all of the policies about each political ideologies:

    Left-wing Ideologies: Socialism, Communism, Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Science, Pro-immigration Laws, Universal Health Care, Universal Basic Income (UBI), Pro-marijuana Laws, Minimum Wage Increase, New Deal, Atheism, Pro-Gay Marriage Laws, Pro-Abortion Laws, Pro-Gun Control Laws

    Left-centrist Ideologies: Left-wing ideologies + Centrist ideologies

    Centrist Ideologies: Capitalism, Neo-liberalism

    Centrist-right Ideologies: Centrist ideologies + Right-wing ideologies

    Right-wing Ideologies: Nationalism, Masculinism (e.g. MGTOW movement), Conservatism, Anti-immigration Laws, Religion, Anti-Gay Marriage Laws, Anti-Abortion Laws, Anti-Gun Control Laws

  7. Doesn't this mean antifa are fascists because they are basically just black shirts and believe in communism. The good of the group over the individual.

  8. I get how Fascism can be socialist or capitalist or some place in between, but how can Fascism exist without Authoritarianism ?

  9. I would have been nice if you add that the Faces were adopted by Musolini cause it was used during the Romans from ancient, republic an imperial times by the lictors

  10. How can any authoritarian or fascist movement be of the 'right'? It must be of the left. L to R, communism (most authoritarian) fascism, socialism, conservatism, libertarianism and (most freedom) anarchy. The left despises individualism while the right celebrates it. Mussolini was a beloved communist before realizing that the international movement wasn't working. He simply adapted a similar movement to his nation. When he did so, the communists labeled him 'right' to smear him. Sound familiar?

  11. Well i think u got it a bit wrong (in my modest opinion) if we wanna consider historical italian fascism it is basically Reactionarism, It HAS To be authoritarian but not necessarily a dictature , economic-whise it's basically socialism but socially it changes the focus of this socialism not in internal fights between classes but has is clues in the nationality (instead of nazis which put more focus on the race).
    It has a lot of imagery of the roman empire, infact "DUCE" derives from "DUX" which is the latin for leader , or another example is the Fasci wich where a status symbol in the monarchic roman era, the littorian(those which wore Fasci) were the guards of the king. This imagery tried to explain the need of the Expansionism which was a big part of fascism ideology… After WW2 fascism became a word to describe a large world of right-wing authoritarian socialism (even not socialist like F.Franco)
    With this comment i'm not trying to defend fascism , i'm Italian and i know what it meant for my country… Just think this could integrate your explanation wich was lacking in some ways in my opinion

  12. Fascism didn't came from Mussolini. It came from ROMAN EMPIRE. Fascism come from FASCIO Littorio and person who bring it having rights to set a JUSTICE forum or court (hearing). It is Prosecutor. So, the meaning is EQUAL JUSTICE for all. That symbol (Axes from wooden) is similar with Hezbollah (with gun) and Saudi (with Sword). If they BAN Italian Fascist, it is STRANGE they accept Saudi and Lebanon. Anyway, fascism doesn't mean violence. IMPERIALISM did, and LIBERAL support it with another version name: GLOBALIST and INTERNATIONALIST. Fascist actually SOCIALIST where the state control all things. And they are NOT ANTI groups, NOT ANTI IMMIGRANTS like you says. Subhas Chandra Bose is INDIAN nationalist and he join in Nazi and Fascist army to AGAINST colonialism British. Arab muslims under Grand Mufti Jerusalem also stand in Hitler side. In the war, we can not think about KINDNESS, since the rules just kill or you will be killed. Thing that i confuse is COMMUNIST. That Mao Communist China killing his own people (45 million) under Revolution Cultures doctrine, and NO one BAN them until today.

  13. This is astonishingly ignorant. You're still acting under the presumption that there is only a singular form of fascism.

  14. Alright so I don't know if I necessarily agree with the "group over the individual" definition. As far as I can see, Fascism is a system that advocates for a very strong central government and strong cultural and familial bonds, but with variable economic systems.

    They value the prevalence of a certain culture or group of people in a certain area, most likely their homeland, and seek to arrest, deport, or kill others that aren't a part of this cultural identity in order to preserve the cultures of the target group as well as, in some cases, the culture of the excluded groups. Basically, if you want to go with a political chart viewing to explain, it's basically like this

    Economically variable
    Culturally right
    Governmentally strong

    In writing this, I might've accidentally said exactly what our boy Mr. Beat said, but I had to say it in a way that made sense to me. It'd be nice to be able to put picture files in YouTube comments.

  15. The best way to trully understand the differences, is to actually study countries that had a facist form of government like Italy, Germany, and Japan.

    Look at all those countries that became a fully fascist state the ppl started to do better, everyone was working, no lazy bums in the streets, Hitler took Germany from a depressing state into a power house you cannot argue with the facts, the Nazi built tons of beautiful architectures of the world, if Mexico would of became a fully fascist state they would of been far more better off another example is Chille during the Pinochet era.

    Communists destroy your soverty fascist expands the country to new heights.

  16. National Socialism makes countries like Germany into the stronget superpowers in the world. Fascism, makes countries like Italy….into…not superpowers lmao

  17. I see something's wrong with what you're saying but it is fascism you're very close. Starting with this one thing you said they're against globalization, that is who came up with fascism, with a plan to take over the world like Hitler head in this country they call it globalization! So apparently you don't really understand what you're talking about after this country being attacked and 1963 with a corporate fascist coup and that's why we only have fascism instead of the government of the United States like we are said to have!!!

  18. Fascism is angry journalism in my opinion, when you single out dissenters and utilize mass broadcasting to incite violence and anger towards individuals or groups who defect from a political ideology.

  19. I looked in the description and saw the sources you listed. As someone who is/was a highschool teacher I'd imagine you were taught the importance of primary sources. Why then do you cite Slate and Britannica, secondhand tabloids, as your sources instead of the actual primary sources; The Doctrine of Fascism by Mussolini, Essays on Fascism by Gentile, etc.?
    Neither are long and neither are expensive, The Doctrine of Fascism is about 30 pages and can be bought on Amazon for $3.
    As someone who in this very video states that mainstream broadcasters, politicians and even the Oxford Dictionary get the definition of it wrong you're seemingly very willing to take some other mainstream news agencies second or thirdhand interpretation as fact.

  20. Lol I just looked up the definition. Even if not everyone agrees on what it is, I don’t need someone to label a fascist system as fascist for me to be against it. Comment section below is like WW3

  21. You make too much rational sense for most humans. Wish more educators was around , instead of teachers. You, as a educator will know what I implied.

  22. Bottom line the Democratic Nationalist Socialists Nazi Party is fascism. Against freedom, Liberties and aganist the Constutition. The Democratic party wants big government, less freedom and your constitutional rights. You need to comform to their ways and their values, l like the war on independent thinking and a war on our First Amendment rights and bascally all our constitutional rights making America exceptional in the world.

  23. Did the Soviet state become fascistic withs: authoritianism, ethnic Russian domination, police state apparatus, no opposition etc,..

    I m looking for points of debate. I personally see the sameness but also the differences.

  24. Mr. Beat I think you oversimplified it again. Fascism is right wing authoritarian nationalist movement based on the concept of class collaboration along national lines. It emphasizes division along ethnic, racial and social distinctions in order to further a narrative that minorities are the root cause of social and economic dissonance. It often is militaristic, but militarism isn’t a primary feature of it. The primary features are class collaboration along national lines and the scapegoating of minorities as the perpetrators of social and economic dissonance. I picked these because they seem to be way more uniform than any other features of fascism because they can be applied to every single fascist movement you can think of.

  25. And you still misdefined it..

    Just stick to the first part: "the group is more important than the individual."

    Thats as far as you go and remain accurate. After that you diverge from fascist authoritarianism and go into totalitarianism.

    Diversity is not threaten the fascist.

    Diversity is necessary to benefit the group. Diversity of though, ideas, views, and approaches. The word youre looking for is: "divergence". Diverting from the core fundament that the individual has a continuous social obligation to his or her society IS a threat to fascism, because thats he premise fascism is based on.

    But a black gay man who thinks we ought to do things differently because that will improve the well being of the group and acts on those belief is embodying the spirit of fascism.

    Individualism is not a threat to the group. (With the exception of individualism which does not contribute to the welfare of society.)
    So long as the individual contributes to the well being of society (ie. Benefits the group), there is no grounds on which the fascist despaires over him or her also netting a benefit for themselves. In time of peace there exists no reason to curtail the advancement of the individual above and beyond his or her peers.

    What IS necessary is that he or she be willing to make sacrifices if society calls for that sacrifice.

    Immigration is CERTAINLY not a threat to the group. ( Non-integration/refusal to adopt group identity and customs is)

    Immigration into fascist society means MORE FASCISTS. Concurrently, fascism is almost ideally designed to quickly and succesfully integrate immigrants because fascist administrations would already have an indoctrination infastructure in place that has been tuned and refined to be as efficient and effective as possible.

    Non-integration is a threat to fascism its a threat to ANY society, as evinced by demands for sharia controlled zones, afro-centrism, white supremacists, etc. etc.

    It isnt their diversity, but their divergence from their common identity as americans that errodes their utility in society.

    "Any new ideas can potentially be a threat to the group."

    Any new idea can potentially be a threat to democracy. Case in point, fascism! Fascism displaces democracy, indeed dissolves it and replaces it with the whole.

    "Anything that undermines the country, nation, or ethnic group…"

    No, dude. JUST THE NATION. Fascism does not abide racism, ethnocentrism, or even the idea of a "pure" race. THE NATION, full stop.

    "Limited choices and strict guidance."

    Citation? Define: "limited choices". Everyones choices are limited. You are no more or less qualified to be a fighter pilot under fascism than under democracy. Additionally you cant choose to occupy someone elses house against their will, take things which belong to others, or hurt people. These are limitations on choice. I dont understand how this is a soecifically fascist ideal?

    "Strict guidance…confirm to the group". Again…what does this mean? You receieve strict guidance and incur a demand to conform to the group under democracy. You MUST respect others rights, you MUST obey laws, you MUST contribute financially to the administration OR you will be imprisoned/punished.

    By your logic, we already live in a fascist society.

    It also isnt a backlash against the enlightenment. It is a product OF the enlightenment, a path forward FROM the enlightenment era offering an alternative to nihilistic selfish individualism.

    "Absolute rulers."

    Lets maybe clear the air. There is NOTHING about the fascist model that asserts or even condones an "absolute ruler." THE INDIVIDUAL IS SUBSERVIENT TO THE GROUP. ALL individuals. So wherefor then, is there room for an absolute ruler?

    "Hierarchy is good" is not unique to fascism, its just exclusive to post modernism.

    Social darwinism: insofar as it is the the idea that societies which are fit to survive and societies which are not, DO NOT. Is observed in our modern era…look at the socialist revolution, the great leap forward, the ensuing destruction of the soviet union. "Social darwinism" in action.

    This comment is getting super long, so ill end it here. I respect your attempt to define and describe fascism, sir. But youre falling into the same traps that result in errors which render your attempts impotent.

  26. Pretty sure you defined collectivism, which was a trait fascism shared with many other ideologies at its peak.

  27. Seemed, at first, to offer a reasonable examination of 'fascism' and does manage to insert a range of views about the term. Overall, however, the effect of this presentation is INCREASED CONFUSION. The presenter wants to pretend to be objective but can't completely disguise his biases.

    Read what Orwell said about 'fascism' and other ideological tropes in 'Politics And The English Language'

    "The word Fascism has now no meaning except in so far as it signifies ‘something not desirable’. The words democracy, socialism, freedom, patriotic, realistic, justice have each of them several different meanings which cannot be reconciled with one another. In the case of a word like democracy, not only is there no agreed definition, but the attempt to make one is resisted from all sides.

  28. Solzhenitsyn explains it best. "You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the "Russian Revolution." It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators."

  29. Oh boy using Oxford and disagreeing with a dictionary. Dictionaries are not prescriptive on how you use words, they are descriptive. They are definitions based on how we use the words, not the other way around, They are not words that we use the definitions of. You make some good points though, specifically about using language as a tool to get a political gain. People who use this tactic are what actual post modern philosophers are most afraid of.

  30. What exactly makes it right wing? Is it because it is nationalistic? Socially traditional? Militaristic?

    I feel the modern term right wing is usually associated only with fiscally conservative and nationalistic

  31. But your basically just describing socialism/communism. "An authoritarian system where the group is more important than the individual" or really any authoritarian collectivist political ideas. Hell, Fascism don't really have to be much about race, Benito weren't too big on that from what I recall. I mean yeah, he weren't exactly progressive, but he weren't a Nazi. The thing about any militarist government is, you need an enemy of some kind to justify it. So my point with this is, I don't think you can make a broad definition of Fascism, you will end up having to get more detailed.

  32. Fascism is simply the love of the people before the state.
    Although the state is a creation of the people to protect the nation.

    But cool little video was entertaining.

  33. I think because the word "fascism " has become so widely used with various definitions and interchangeable concepts and holding in many other types of systems and ideologies (even the best definition of this word can become confused and vague) that it loses its meaning.

  34. Wow!
    First time I actually saw someone get this right.
    I think you are only one of a half dozen people who know who Gentile is and his work in fascism before Mussolini.

  35. Fascist and socialist are exactly the same. Ever since learning those terms in middle school I have argued that point…..they both involve groupthink, regardless of nationality. The only difference is fascists use violence.

  36. What does it mean when the corporations control the state and the state controls the people. How does neo liberalism tie into fascism?

  37. Wouldn't this include soviet Russia's use of the gulag?? Are you saying that soviet Russia is fascist?? 🤔

  38. Mussolini a former socialist created fascism. It was like socialism but the people where more united on nationalism. Hitler did the same thing and created a nationalist socialist party. What people mix up is that it’s a considered right wing because of the nationalism. But when your right wing your closer to anarchy (less government). I’m libertarian and I hate when people call my views Nazi like when it’s something like nationalism. I’m just patriotic. ( for those who don’t know what libertarianism is it’s basically like this)->

    normal law like no murder or theft or things like that. And for other things the rule is as long as is doesn’t hurt anyone else your good. So your allowed to do drugs for example (wouldn’t recommend that’s gonna kill you ). I believe the government should only tax you for basic services like police hospitals roads that stuff.

    Power to the people just don’t let them have the ability to cause chaos.

  39. Fascists: anti-press, anti-free speech, anti-public assembly, racist
    Anti-fascists: anti-press against their opinion, anti-free speech, anti-public assembly of conservatives, racist

  40. If lawlessness individuality or anarchy is the extreme right, while totalitarianism, in which the individual has no property or rights and is enslaved by the state, is extreme left than how can fascism be in anyway a right wing ideology?
    Many have told me, “well the Western Europeans consider fascism right wing!”.
    Would they then classify themselves as leftists somewhere between Hitler and Stalin?
    I’ve heard both liberals and conservatives state, “I don’t endorse any far right (fascists)or far left (communists) extremes!”.
    Where does that place conservatism, libertarianism or confederacy?
    Somewhere beyond the galaxy!

  41. Mr Beat – Please read the link below very carefully. This Umair Haque article points the way out of the logical sinkhole of false equivalences, and gets to the actual point of what fascism is about. It won't be easy. But even Germany managed to de-endoctrinate itself after WWII. So can you. Well, can you? Hear and learn the same statements re-hashed at school year after year, and for most of us, they will look, sound, smell, feel and taste like Unquestionable Truths. One thing is certain, and let that be my disclaimer. I grew up in Europe, and refuse to let the memory of all those (Jews, Gypsies, non-Whites in general, Communists, Socialists, Union leaders and other political opponents… ) who perished at the Nazis' hands dim and fade in the sugar-coated belief that fascism has all that much to do with "The idea that the group is more important than the individual", which is grossly missing a key point. What characterises fascism is chiefly the belief and claim that some groups are more important and valuable than others, purely by virtue of what they ARE as opposed to what they DO, in such a manner that the former are entitled to rule over the latter, to appropriate as much of their assets, work, lives, and bodies as is deemed useful to serve the former's own exclusive interests, and to use whatever means necessary to subjugate the latter should they resist. The group / individual dynamics highlighted in the video is a mere consequence of this, a by-product of such claims and beliefs. And it is uncomfortable to address, because practically no developed country in the world has a perfectly spotless record in that regard. But that's the price of understanding and hopefully avoiding the same mistakes all over again.

  42. The claim that fascists "don't have to be" nationalists is absurd. A militant devotion to nationalism is at the core of fascist movements.

  43. Mr. Beat is the average willingly ignorant and utterly cowardice and endlessly indoctrinated beta-male faggot.

  44. What about all these transgender feminist dysphoria SJW wankers trying to shove their 76 pronouns bullshit down my throat while at the same time calling me a fascist if question or present factual and evidenced base counter arguments?

  45. Italy has nothing on the United States in terms of fascism

    Look at George Washington's statues he is featured with the Roman fasce
    Whenever a United States president gives the State of the Union Address he is doing it from between two Roman fasces
    Fascism is as American as apple pie

  46. I'm normally one of those people telling people that trump's not as fascist as people act like he is, but 2-5 of the traits in your puppet show match today's world, so maybe I'm wrong. You can diss the USA, but that's about it for differences.

  47. Didn't Mussolini define fascism as a corporate controlled government? Economically that has implications even beyond the right wing nationalism and perversion of Marx.

  48. wait, if fascism means doing good for the group, then isn't every political movement claiming to be good for the group and therefore fascist? whaat?

  49. Technically everyone is a fascist then because we all believe we are doing the right thing. And then technically, if you're in a team group in School let's say, and the leader has the best idea in the group, they would qualify as a fascist. Maybe people should abandan this word before it does anymore damage like it already is.

  50. Fascism: the belief that the group is more important than the individual.

    How do you think humans survived this long? By sharing their gym sesh on Instagram? Fuck oooooff 😂

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