Farage vs. Tajani: Battle over history

I don’t think there are any people who are
nostalgic for nazism or the communist dictatorship from the Soviet block, two ghastly and devastating
political systems which caused wounds for Europe. Thank god these two dictatorships have vanished
due to the European Union. (clapping) (Farage) HAHAHAHAHA Why are you laughing? It’s really not a laughing matter! You should respect the ideas of other people
even if you don’t agree with them. Laughter is the last refuge of the stupid. (clapping) You should learn to respect other people if
you want respect yourself, Mr. Farage. Learn to respect other people because thats
what democracy is all about. You seem to be someone who is nostalgic for
dictatorships yourself if you don’t respect other people. You have no right not to respect other people
so please keep quiet… (clapping) (staring at Farage) (Staring intensifies…) I think under rule 164 of our revered procedures,
I am allowed to respond to the comments you made as President of the Parliament. Some of them personally insulting. Maybe you have a bit of a problem with your
temper. I will ignore the personal comments you made
about me but I will say this: we do seem, this morning, to be struggling with our history.
To claim, Mr. Tajani, that the European Union brought about the downfall of nazism and soviet
communism isn’t only laughable, it is very ungracious and deeply insulting to the United
States of America who made massive sacrifices so that Europe could be free twice in the
20th century and to a slightly lesser extent the United Kingdom as 30000 British dead in
Italy will attest. So, you know, you can claim what you want
for the European Union but please do not rewrite history. Mr. Farage, let me just recall that communism
under the Soviet Union, the communist dictatorship, ended when many countries from the east of
Europe became part of the European Union. Let me finish, please. I think that you have a duty to respect everyones
decisions, I respect all positions, I have never started laughing when you talk about
the United Kingdom because I have full respect for the United Kingdom but you need to respect
the European Union. You can be against, you can leave, but you
have to respect the ideas and values of other people. And let me remind you, Mr. Farage, that until
next spring, the United Kingdom is still a member of the European Union, because the
United Kingdom asked to become a member of the European Union. No one forced the UK to become a member. So, 70 years of peace have existed in Europe
since two horrible dictatorships so that is due to the European Union. So perhaps you should be more careful in your
reading of history. Thank you very much.

  1. Tajani should better shut his mouth, he comes from the most corrupted country in EU. The MAFIA rules his country

  2. Let's just leave this laughable euro out of date system they need us the uk we don't
    Need them.thats why they are always disrespectful to the uk

  3. Most of the now EU WERE the fascists Germany,Austria,Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal all Fascist. Excluding neutral Spain and Portugal the others only contributed to the fall of fascism by being pummeled into the dirt by Britain, US and USSR

  4. Was not Italy Allies with GERMANY,. Mussolini , Like Blair was the Little Puppy who obeyed Hitler's ORDERS, . If I also recall. We fought the Italians in that war as well as the Germans, The way this guy is Moving his arms. I believe he wants to do the Nazi Salute. As he seems to be struggling to keep his arm down, Ask him what his Family did in the War, Apart from Cower and Surrender.

  5. Tajani is illiterate and whishful thinking. WWII ended with Nazism , thanks to UK and USA and URSS who fought Nazis AND Fascists. Communism fell due to the collaboration of Reagan+Thatcher+Pope Joan Paulus II. The EU did notjing for that.


  7. That Italian needs to learn real history instead of fictional BS he talks about. We in the UK went bankrupt twice to save Europe, twice,and went trough years of rationing after the war so they,the people of Europe wouldn't starve considering the still rich Europeans wasn't gonna help non so the poor of the UK had to go without so they didn't.
    Remember that Europe, you ungrateful short memoried hypocritical undemocratic control freaks.
    European Union following the Nazi plans for a federal post war Europe.

  8. Great Faradge. I' m an Italian citizen but I do realize what an assle Tajani is. I do admire the British democracy. Tajani is an idiot.

  9. Tajani wants to rewright history. The Nazi and russian dictatorship disappear after the second world war when USA intervene. U E brought in a new form of dictatorship when the Berlin wall was demolished. Merkel dictatorship, a new modern type of Nazi dictatorship, was then estabished through the U E constitution.
    Tajani is not able to understand it. S quite more stupid than the German very efficient stupid. Go ahead Faradge. Probably you are still on time to get rid of this mess.

  10. As Usual you italiens really have nothing " If Not Billions of debt " Your media's…🤔 " Freedom of speech " you Rats ; Have …." Zionist " a system . So italien Rats .. put 5k in " Deutsche bank " is safe ist a bank. Yes in Norway. These spaghetti are Disgusting 😘🤮

  11. Mr.Farrage still laughing " You on Euro " Merkel und France " Mr. Farage is Definitely better immigrants 🙋‍♂️🐺 Norway

  12. Sick to death of the EU unelected gangsters in Brussels! There is no end to their corruption: they deny science based factual information in favour of EMOTIONS! Lunatics running the asylum! Allowing criminals and terrorists into Europe through open borders. They are hard line racist whit hating scum! Hopefully, their reign of terror is over!

  13. Thank God for Farage. If he hadn't reacted, nobody would have. If it wasn't so shocking, it would be almost funny. Almost.

  14. UK never signed up to join the European Union, we simply joined the common market and got dragged into the EU later on.

  15. I am Italian, tajani you are the shame of ITALY AND YOU DON'T KNOW HISTORY AT ALL,

  16. I thought Reagan USA 'persuaded' the communists to 'tear down that wall' but the EU was alive and waiting on the sidelines. Personally I think Reagan was wrong what did tearing the wall down do for the EU and the UK Well it gave us all Merkel and millions of immigrants both thanks to the EU and its over confident ambitions. For a start Merkel must have been a parting gift from the East German Stasi.

  17. Gosh, each time Farage opens his mouth, it's like opening a nauseabond bin which was not opened since 70 years. The EU didn't defeat nazism and communism, but the EU achieved to unify and reconciliate countries around the European project after hard years of War. The EU also resisted to communism dictatorship during decades, and offered an economic and social shelter for ex-communist block countries.

  18. I say this for good old Nigel, he always has his facts at hand …. how many other British politicians are as knowledgeable ? No wonder they all hate him – pure envy.

  19. We didn't ask to become a member of the EU, you retarded Italian twat.
    We asked to become a member of the EEC – which was a trading bloc, not a federal superstate.

  20. We need a 21st century Hitler ffs.. these fucking morons talking bollocking are what has been ruling Europe for years , Soros coin in pocket , executions needed for the,m all

  21. Ok lets presume that the EU have "beaten" nazism and communism, but what about defeating the present violent retarded religions that kills innocent european people?

  22. The 'European Union' would never had a chance to exist if it wasn't for the Sacrifice made by thousands of US, British, Canadian,Australian, Indian,Jamaican, and other Commonwealth citizens……This guy's comments are an insult to their memory….

  23. Last time I checked Italy shouldn't be allowed to join the European union because its crisis. The same goes with Greece

  24. Ahhh so history according to the EU is that Italy was not allied to the Nazis? That Germany was not part of Europe. Europe deafeated the Nazis? Clown World indeed!

  25. Wow… The EU rewriting history. Wont belong before we are back in the 1940s. Seems like the EU hate the UK for what we stand for and have fought for. The EU hate us and only want to rule us. I am not a fan of Farage but in this case I salute you sir!

  26. Tajani. what a silly man. gets all his facts wrong. double-check your speech before engaging your mouth, sir.

  27. Ma questo Tajani, presidente del PE è un ignorante. Non solo l'UE non esisteva quando fu disfatto il nazismo ma certamente non fu l'UE a disfare il Communismo. Furono i popoli polacchi, ungheresi (che hanno lottato con le loro mani nel 1956 contro i blandati sovietici e che furono i primi ad aprire la cortina di ferro), cecoslovacchi della Germania Est sfilando con le candele a Leipzig ogni lunedi… OOOh Tajani, dov'eri?

  28. All these cunts in the EU are deluded! Or do they go out back at lunch and hit a crack pipe???? That Italian cunt would not be around and most of the other people in that room if the USA and UK didn't rinse the fuck out of the gerrys and co!!!! All they want is our money and a place for their countryfolk to move to. Close the boarder and fill in the tunnel I reckon!!!

  29. What an asshole this Tajani really is. And don't forget the help the Russians gave to get rid of Hitler. maybe for ulterior motives but all the same 20 million died in the struggle.

  30. Motherfuckers thank Russia instead, who saved your ass with more than 10 million dead and no Jewish banking credit slavery in return

  31. Hilarious when Italians talk about war or try to act tough! Even in its short history, has there been a more cowardly nation in the history of mankind?!
    Smallest book in the world? The Italian book of war heroes. Italian rifle for sale, never fired but dropped twice. Italian soldiers, only soldiers to get sun burn under their arms.
    Cowardly, cowardly nation, whose men spend more on hair gel than deodorant!

  32. Why are english translation again missing for the UK people to understand what they are saying

  33. 2nd referendum equals break up of the UK and it's respect & loss of prestige around the world.
    The 36 MPs willing to block Brexit, betray a thousand years of democracy for their own SELFISH narcasistic reasons.
    Never has so much done to so many, by so few, in so little time, and for all the wrong reasons, mainly their own!!!

  34. Dommage que ce n'est pas en français ! Vive le BRÉXIT , pour une Angleterre libre et indépendante ! Bye

  35. I just hopes the UK works together with neighbor countries to overcome problems together. I somehow understand why they hate to be in EU but it was a mistake that letting volume up the populists’ voice.

  36. Well said Nigel you got that right. My what prick and he's in charge WTF. The truth really piss off these liars. There are more in the EU Than in the UK. They can play without us.

  37. Farage brilliant ..Really embarrassed Tajani who knows nothing about democracy or history of Europe..This is the reason the united kingdom must leave the EU..

  38. I hate farage and disagree with him on everything but it's just not true that the Nazis were beaten by the European Union. The Nazis were mainly beaten by Soviet Union Red Army while the EU didn't even exist back then. The Soviets weren't really beaten. They just collapsed under economic mismanagement and bad economical policies. It had nothing to do with the EU nor the USA.
    Mr. Tajani is just re-writing history.

  39. Soviet union did not downfall because Eastern Europe states joined EU. Soviet Union desintegrated from different reasons in 1989-1990….while the first wave of central Europe / Baltic slavic states joined EU in 2004.

  40. Was Tajani serious? First I thought he was simply trying to troll Mr Farage , just to piss him off! But from his response I can see he's actually believe this fucking bullshit! Yes Mr Farage was right the United States and forgot to mention Canada, and ANZAC Corps made Huge Sacrifices to Destroy the III.Reich and the Nazi Party but although I can NOT stand Communism and the Soviet Union, because they were just as Evil as the Nazis. However Stalin and the Soviet Union also made huge sacrifices in Destroying Hitler and Nazi Germany……..Oh …and Senor Tajani …also Fascist Italy and Mussolini your Duce. BTW Senor Tajani without Mussolini and Italy there would have been NO Hitler running a NAZI Germany, because Hitler learned the Idea of Fascism from Mussolini and then he added his own Ideas to it (about the Jews, Aryans, etc) creating his own type of Fascism called "National Socialism" or "Nazism"! The actual European Union didn't even started until 1957, although the Preparations of the EU begin after WWII, in '45-'57 So Tajani truly wants to RE-WRIGHT History, like all the Fascist in the XXI.Century done it and Doing it In the US the DNC, BLM, and other far Left Fascist Organizations, In Europe The Wester European Fascist inside EU Parliament and all the PC Liberal Agenda pushing fascists

  41. One could see the EU as a Mafia protectionist racket, if one weren't so emotionally lead by a veneer of kumbaya.

  42. Italians aren’t one hear they were the fascist before mousoulini I’m from the Dodecanese Islands of Greece 🇬🇷 they took us over from the Mongolian dogs bka turkey in 1912 and allthough Greeks bravely fought in both we the English bustards so called allies gave Greece a choice in1947 Dodecanese or Northern Epirus today’s southern Albania I can keep going for days my point is the spaghetti eaters tried for over thirty years to change my language and my Orthodox Faith unsuccessfully as far as the EU they can go to hell

  43. So, peace in Europe after WW2 is an accomplishment of the EU? It has nothing to do with the thousands of men and women of the US military stationed in Germany, Italy etc.?

  44. Europe´s liberty and peace is due to the NATO and especially to the United States, certainly not to the UE. Tajani is a perfect fool.

  45. Thankyou MR Nigel Farage for figthing against this monster in front of as that wants to build a super state out of Europe and make us live under thier rules leave leave leave Working class back you Thankyou MR Nigel Farage for backing us

  46. Yes, USA made huge sacrifices to get Europe rid of nazi and fascist dictatorships. Thar's true. But they replaced them with american hegemony.

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