Far-Left Anarcho-Communist Demands Open Borders, More Illegals, & Pedophiles Roaming Free (Full Ep.)

the Father's Day is amazing subscribe now teen blogger Amos II was back in court today and the son he's been charged for allegedly wounding the religious feelings of Muslims and Christians all together ye faces eight charges including two for failing to report to your own Police Division for investigations a pre-trial conference has been set for Monday the prosecution lawyer had asked a judge to fix an early date noting that ye had upped the tempo and offensiveness of his posts in a bid to gain attention the seventeen-year-old is out on bail welcome to the father's day I'm Jesse Lee Peterson my guests today flared his country and is no stranger to controversy I have with me Amos ye ain't g JS blogger a youtuber from Singapore so is your real name Amos or did you get that name as we started coming here nice always been Amos oh yeah his Catholic name so my family is Catholic so yeah he gave me that I thought Amos was a black name only no I think it's one of the prophets in the Bible yeah okay and so my show is called the falling state FA llen fallen state struck do you believe that human beings are in a fallen state what what do you mean by that they have fallen away from God I think sure I think they're becoming progressively more so but if that's true definition of fallen state then I would say that's a good thing because I have a good thing all the way who got yes so it wasn't a good thing they fell away from God um basically yeah I think religion is just a bunch of hogwash belief in the sky wizard and like insane things and I think that the virtue of logic and truth is important and so anything that is opposes dad I think you know shouldn't be advocated so and religion I think opposes a much of that so have you always heard an atheist no only Reese it's only about you know two years ago and what caught you were a Christian prior to that I was a Catholic a Catholic and what car here to become an atheist two years ago mostly propaganda from the amazing atheist you know about him No yeah like a famous atheist youtuber on YouTube who I dramatically called you like like the worst person ever in one of his videos oh you call you call called you okay yeah when I was like searching like like who's this guy who wants to interview me so pretty funny what's his name again the amazing atheist and he called me the worst person yeah yeah I think it was like debunking one of your Christian lectures I think oh yeah that's amazing and so you mentioned logic and truth if you don't believe in God will you get your logic and true from where do we get the logic what do you get your from um basically what I consider them you know scientific evidence anything that I think makes more sense in you know trying trying to find the truth because I think like observable observable evidence and science and where do you get your values from if you don't believe in God um that's a that's a very that's a tough question but I guess I think that philosophy is simply just like a bunch of guesses until you know we eventually sign solves all the answers and we find what is objective morality and so I think right now we just guess we're just making guesses on you know what is right I think now you at 90 years old right now right nineteen you used to live in Singapore or a quarter to NPR you flare Singapore last year because you were afraid of persecution afraid yeah sure and why were you afraid of persecution who were gonna persecute you um the Singapore government because I was already arrested before for I'm criticizing the Singapore government and religion and so I still wanted to continue doing it so you know obviously I'd want to go to prison again so came here and so you over there and think or you were criticizing the government and religion and as a result of that you were arrested over there and you were doing this on YouTube yeah basically yeah this stuff that post online on YouTube and Facebook and so did they come to your house later tonight to get you how will you arrest it they came during the day oh yeah some yeah most of time you know in surprise yeah and so they just showed up one day and what did we use up you a surprise when they showed up sure I was surprised and what did they say to you knocked on your door rang the doorbell and say what they started like taking my stuff and then said that I had to go to the police station and yeah yeah how long were you do um about I went in and out but Toto about 3 to 4 months we're on the same for president I know you've been in jail here – we've got yeah we'll get to that in a minute what's the difference between the jails in Singapore as compared to the u.s. Oh American jail is far far better so although I spent like I'm a third of the time in Singapore jail compared to America is actually I think my experience as a merchant was far worse than while I was an American jail and in Singapore jail is just like one cell and and three cellmates and that's it I'm no books no board games or chess or no a lot of ventilation so yeah horrible experience up right over here is what over here it's like it's a it's a common area of like 30 people board games chess TV so far better yeah welcome back to vacation you could call it that so obviously it's not preferable to go back to jail though it was relaxing I guess you criticize religion over in Singapore what did you say about religion that they didn't like well many many flamboyant things I think like I tore two pages of the Christian Bible I hummed the Quran and I basically you know what the Quran you hop the Quran yeah another you huh yeah yeah and like a funny funny way yeah making fun of like the flying horse I like oh yeah air water and oh and basically I'm just just main points of why the stuff in the Bible and the Quran are ridiculous so yeah so over there you're not allowed to criticize the government or religion yeah you basically get sent to jail for it yeah yeah if you're big if you're a big enough of a threat form them do you know and so you became big enough of a threat yeah because the videos were very popular much thick much due to I guess like my very mass appeal if I'm point fund delivery I guess it was very internet friendly so yeah every time I read the Quran the words just resonates with me you know if only the world listened to our last teachings more you'll be a much better place I can't believe some people misinterpret it and even say that Muhammad trying to feel less guilty for his immoral acts made all of this get up said that it was the words of Allah saw us to validate his disgusting behavior no no it can't be Muhammad doesn't lie a lie is real my sky wizard is real look at me as I please the Quran look at me as I read the Quran I'm so sorry you had to see that my love for the Quran and allies just a little huge that little bit of sexual there what made you decide to go down this road you know over there how old were you when you started criticizing religion and the government and Singapore 16 you were 16 and so what made you decide to start doing that um basically as as I said like the amazing atheist this guy um he's a huge influence to me and so he always advocates of the importance of spreading the truth and spreading and that's truth regardless of pushback right and so yeah that virtue I uphold and when you're when you up hope that kind of virtue in the Singapore do you get arrested so so did you know you would probably be arrested for doing it once you started it um before that I I wasn't sure I was just like in a way I didn't really even think about a consequence so just like I just felt like I needed to do it and then there are people tell you not to do it hey don't do this you could be arrested um oh oh yeah sure there were people but yeah but regardless of that I think I would just um I just thought that uh you know I think at that time I thought it was worth it you know take the risk and you know see what happens you regret doing it now that you've been oh no I wouldn't go any other ways nothing yeah how do you know what the great a theist is telling you is true how do you know what he's saying is true um how do I know that it's true yeah um it makes the most sense to me because what he's saying is based on observable evidence in science and a logical train train of thought celebrate my release or my sentence we have had really good cooperation with the prosecution and the judiciary and so we are working hard and working together in the best interests of Amos he has had some strong views and certain things that he have said and posted which of course has caused some offense to people and he's been found guilty of this and when we informed him about this he readily agreed to bring this down so he's somebody who is prepared to respect the law so you get out of jail over there what made you come here to the US instead of going somewhere else why here ever since I was a kid I was largely influenced by American culture yeah from the internet and so yeah because it seemed like Americans are more my kind of people we speak I speak speak it an American accent which I was like heavily ostracized more while in Singapore cuz they they speaking at their own little accents but uh yeah America seems more like my kind of people oh okay so I think that fit well yeah I think I have been fitting okay okay were you raised by your father mother we living with them growing up no errors sure any of cat' lips yeah and so what do they think about this sudden change in you ah they were pretty horrified I think my mom once said that she wanted to like to sue me cuz it was that important to her yeah yeah but I think after we got over it and right now I think right now ironically I think she kind of supports me now so that's good how about your father um my dad is uh my dad I think he still disagrees with what I'm doing but I think he's become like nonchalant about it right now sir you have brothers and sisters no single child so really yeah so which is why yet Wow so their only child went off to deepen oh yeah I guess you can say that sure and so will you disappoint it when didn't like what you were doing what do you think about it will you okay with them not liking what you were doing or agreeing with it well I think I don't mind I would say yeah the good thing about um I think that yeah the reviews are never done important to me I know like like many kids like the opinions of their parents are important know about me I'm just uh they they weren't born to me and even if they were I think I still think it's worth it to you know to continue spreading the truth regardless about to push back so did nice for you was ice did he spoil me well what do you mean that you know by who you growing up only child they gave you everything you wanted you did have to work I think sure I I let a kind of squad middle to upper-class life South Shore are you rebelling against them am i rebelling against them I think I think naturally I am rebellious especially living in a kind of authoritarian environment where do you know so I think yeah especially during my age yeah yeah I'm rebellious towards them and all kinds of authority I think I see and appeal and being rebellious I ensure what is it like growing up in Singapore I mean are there a lot of rules and things you have to follow what is it like growing up there um very authoritarian restrictive follow to follow the rules study and yeah I mean you know pretty boring pretty yeah I don't like it I was once brainwashed 2 out of 15 I usually got 13th and 14th for these essays I fully admit I was once a pap dog but really all these spread of lies and manipulation what do you expect from pap when its leader its secretary-general our father is none other than our prime minister lee seon long hmm oh yes yes now I'm going to talk about Lisa and long you are going to be didn't be just like how I was in prison last the court case got my 53 days of prison but I'm the government's so who's losing now mother yes you were granted asylum here in the US are you grateful for that Am I Oh am i grateful for that I feel more of like I'm kind of entitled to it like oh yeah so yeah I wouldn't say it's a grateful so I really yeah yeah you guys should let me in here so yeah so you feel entitled to asylum here in this country why I'm pretty much like a pro immigrant open border kind of person right so why don't we let you know why why are you real entitled to come here oh that we should allow you to just come here well I'm kind of like far-left socialist and sort of philosophy if that is just some help to people who are in need so I think and yeah and I fit the criteria for I'm asylum here and so you're not grateful because you feel entitled uh you can uh I'm happy that you guys let me in here so I'm grateful you maybe you can use that word sure and so we were you let in under President Trump all Obama administration um I was let in just a few months after yeah but Trump administration which many people say that the reason why I was there so long as perhaps due to like the pro Trump the the anti-immigrant sentiments that Trump created with his administration so I mean I took the effect the reason you were so long while I was in jail oh so what you came here because you were an immigrant you were in jail for a while yeah cuz that's the horrible thing about the immigration system which mean that most Americans don't know is that they treat you as a threat before you prove otherwise and so you have to basically fight a court case while in jail during that whole court case you have to be in jail which is absolutely ridiculous and how did they find out you were here because you just came in you flew in and did you turn yourself in or something how did they know you were in this country how did I do something like just came in completely legally with a passport and then in the airport I was just I didn't think that if I told them I wanted to immigrate here they would arrest me and so once I was in the airport I was like yeah yeah I want to come in here and emigrate yeah which is very weird because if I effectively sneaked in past the customs and then I applied for asylum I wouldn't be sent to jail but since I told them right at the airport then you know they had I had to spend the time in jail and wait for my court case to finish then go out so it's a pretty horrible immigration system and so how long will you do here um how long eleven months horrible yeah Wow very ironic that I spent longer time in jail here didn't say poor no don't the quality of the jails here were better and to work what were you doing while in jail just making the best time I couldn't like I'm exploring the people talking to the jail people learning chess I spent a lot of time learning about chess and so are you gonna stay here or are they gonna grant you citizenship in yeah maybe like a 5-10 years yeah yeah so you lived in Chicago for a while you're in jail in Chicago I mean Illinois and you live there how you like Ellie compared to Chicago LA it seems more my kind of people I think the people in Elia seem more entrepreneurial diverse creative and also it's much more left-wing in LA I think oh yeah so yeah I think people are more my kind of vibe you know so like the scenery it seems it just seems better nice palm trees and stuff how are you taking care of yourself do you have a job do I have a job I'm pretty much money from YouTube and online donations money from you too doll I don't know yeah me just enough to pay rent and so you have apartment and everything yeah you make your money from YouTube mm-hmm that's amazing just enough I wish I had more you can't do that in Singapore oh I was doing that simple you're paying your own rent from you – uh-oh in Singaporeans it's a it's free rent because you know parents are theirs oh yeah so what do you think of Donald Trump immigration policy is bad but what do you think of President Trump's immigration policies oh yeah they're horrible and then I mean yeah basically it's been all anti immigrant deport lots of mass deportations preventing people from coming in I think it's absolutely horrible do you think that we should allow early – aliens to just come into our country yeah okay no that that's just a very bad thing they say that you know you let people from more dangerous countries come in and increases the crime rate and that's the thing like what 0.1% of the people who come in are actually a threat and they increase the crime rate but 99.9% of the people the illegal people who come in they benefit the economy they lead a much more better life and there they did in another country so I think there's a far bigger net benefit to letting these immigrants in but they don't even have to country they come in and they drain the system they rely on the government for free housing free food free education free everything so you have elitist coming into your country and you don't know who they are you have criminals and drug dealers and drugs and all kind of the ms-13 gang members coming in why should we allow that into our country the bat people who don't contribute who rape and do crimes or whatever is a very small percentage how do you know that how do I know that yes stats and like general common sense I think what are you saying that what majority of the illegal people come in are dangerous bad people how is it that just the other day a driver illegal from Ellis Avenue or somewhere ah you see that's thing you guys always like take these anecdotal stories may all make it seem like these small isolated cases represents a huge immigration problem when they just make up like 0.1% of the people who come in here where it's 99% of the illegal immigrants they're all benefiting the economy and leading that good never like I have here they're not they're not good workers or anything well I think that especially in an elevator like many I'm sorry especially in LA door like many jobs where immigrants like to do and provide and generally benefits the economy especially in LA cuz so yeah most of them sitting there money's back to the country the countries that they came from even if that were true I don't see much big problem with that so yeah I don't look at it in a way that I'm okay I look at it in a way that up you've got immigrants in you managed to help more people in the world as opposed to just thinking about we do let no man we let them come in to the front door and not the wide open doing just walk across the border so they do come in but we need to put our you for the wall around the borders president Trump is gonna put up a beautiful wall oh no it's ridiculous just the complete waste of money is up yeah you're Pro Trump for the wall a hundred percent and I wanted to be big and beautiful and a white wall interesting okay nice are you surprised that I'm for that I'm not black conservative so I get that oh you do yeah what do you get about that I think you're for the wall you're pretty much like the anti-immigrant like in paranoid state of frenzy against immigrants which is which is ridiculous but yeah how is another thing we strongly disagree on is how is it that you come into a country that protect you from your country and you don't have a sense of appreciation for it um I just I guess I do appreciate it yeah if you want me to I guess I do appreciate you guys letting me come here but you know in a way I feel it title do I guess you feel entitled yeah and what car you to feel entitled why here we'd be happy to have you here um I think basically a socialistic mindset is um you should just feel good if you help other people so as you said like before I'm you you're tasting that a people immigrants come in here for the health care and the education why is it why is that a bad thing you're helping them how they're leading a life far better than they wouldn't be in like the Middle East or some hello there in why shouldn't you why should they stay there and fight for their country to improve their country why should we take all these people from their asshole countries because they're leading far worse into horrible lives that's that's why they came here to lead a much better life and I think America should welcome them in and and you know feel good that day that were helping them with health care and education and all their leeching off of us it's ridiculous [Applause] [Applause] right now we're trying to get rid of the docker you know what docker is right I know Lee who came over as children yes so ridiculous yeah and so you're not for sending them back what do you think about they feel entitled as well oh yeah do you notice that they try to tell us what to do how to do it when to do it their margin and protesting you think it's right for them to do that or should they just be quiet and appreciate so that we can say okay they're nice people let's keep them on us ridiculous isn't the anti-immigrant sentiment is completely rigid because I'm ridiculous I think you guys are like also worried about the fact that they're people from other countries are coming into here and changing the culture of America yes I think that's completely fine why would that be a problem you think that's fine to change the culture of America yeah but they're gonna if they do that and we allow that they gonna end up with the same kind of hellhole they left all they're doing is bringing their culture here and recreating it they're not making it country better they are making it worse why should we allow that to happen I think I'm to answer that question it's more it's less of bringing in the bat values of the culture from their outer country and more of creating more diverse set of who don't even cultures I think this anti-immigrant sentiment not welcoming people and I think that's like a bad sentiment in America why and why because I think because we should be happy to help out people providing free health care and education why are you happy with that because that's where we're not dicks I don't see since like I don't think that we should just like see each other as I citizens of a country but instead citizens of the world so we shouldn't think oh okay how what should we do to benefit the people in our country we should think how should we do things that can maximize the benefit of the people in the world you see the poor a socialist society no it isn't so yeah it's a pretty it's more aligned with your values I think my conservatism maybe you're you're not as anti-free speech as them but no so is there anything about President Trump that you like do you know that I call him the great white hope did you know that I call President Trump the great white hope cool cool yeah like mmm yeah I don't think I like much about Trump I think maybe I guess maybe the only thing I'm happy is that maybe his presidency because of how horrible he is it fuels discussion political discussion then if Hillary was elected now there's much more discourse compared to if Hillary was it like though I think Hillary is less fat than Trump ruling although Hillary's pretty bad and then bernie is the best bernie is the bomb so here's the bomb you by Bernie Bernie Spreaker president top is outspoken and you are outspoken person why don't you like that about the president okay sure I guess yeah I guess I like that about him too and I think that um people say that he's dumb and I wouldn't think that I think he's a the fact that he can um obviously it's a very controversial of the figure so the fact that he can handle the hate and yeah yeah it's a lot of yeah it takes a lot of determination and like skin so I think that's some good things about him I guess I just wish that he had better policies to vacuum up so oh so you know like the the fact that workers can now bring home more money on their paychecks you like that workers can hey you know if you have a job instead of the employers taken out no the government taken out so much taxes from your paycheck because the president Chopp you can bring more money home now on your paycheck is that a good a good thing I think that's mostly for the rich no it's for anyone who has a job eighty percent of the American people are benefiting from this eighty percent American people yeah way I'm sorry could you you're saying his tax I use tactics eighty percent of the American people are benefiting from that it's not just the poor the middle class is anyone who has a job oh yeah yeah yeah you're referring to his family that he cut taxes for the rich right oh he cut taxes for everybody not just for the rich and there's nothing wrong with cutting taxes for the rich because the more money they have they're able to provide jobs for people like you oh yeah completely ridiculous I I think that it's complete garbage just trickle-down economics thing where okay you cut taxes for the rich and in some Howsam benefits the middle class is completely ridiculous it was it was why is that ridiculous yes oh you're just like it's just wrong factually like economically as you can see from like historical evidence that just doesn't happen how about the fact that he's created more jobs in one year than Barack Obama the Socialists that you would love being in eight years oh that is complete I think that those were the effects of the Obama administration that and the fact that Trump is taking credit for it as completely ridiculous I think you think that oh yeah why do you think that why do I think that you generally think that like the policies that he did actually was the direct cause of the job increased pressure drops yellow baba had nothing to do with it I think that Obama was a loser oh I think I think Obama had four laughing liberal socialist redistribution of wealth Black Liberation Theology he call himself the first feminist president he little girly man you like girly men girly okay most of terms that you said the whole socialist thing like those are like good things so and so but I honestly think that bad thing about Obama is that like he didn't go left enough like I wish that he pushed for much more on and universal health care although you you are probably already pissed off that like Obamacare yeah like it's left-wing health care policies right I'm just ah but you didn't go left enough because that's why I wanted Bernie huh Bernie would have gone on oh yeah yeah so what do you call yourself are you political what do you call yourself Oh a narco Communists really yeah wow you're serious about it huh yeah so you're you're a top right in the political compass like I'm like bottom left so I'm even way left of Bernie so I follow like the political ideology of a noam chomsky if you're yeah yeah a narco communist so is this because he was so young and young people don't have any sense uh I don't think it's because of young die I will agree we're not all young people should serve a young people are very smart but I noticed that I noticed that liberal young people very dumb um doesn't like a study show that like people who are more left-wing tend to be more educated I think no I mean yes they are educated but they are dumb they have no values they don't understand truth I think they're of their father the lie you know the liar they're just no good crappy people ha I disagree with you on that why I don't think that has any basis in reality that's you I mean I mean you have Trump and you have like all the Looney Christian right-wingers so but I but you probably think that they're great too so and so you did like you know like school either did I read that about you know like college or something like that oh yeah like an authoritarian structure you can't learn and do things whenever you want much of the stuff that's learnt in school is kind of useless I agree with that yeah I totally agree with that oh cool yeah so why do you hate Authority so much well your parents very authoritarian yeah you could say that sure in what way in the way that I think they wanted to control my actions and how I was as a kid yeah and give me an example how you were and they tried to control it um well well up till I was 16 when I decided to discontinue school it was all what I should what did what the ideal child is in Singapore is to just study hard and get good grades hmm in subjects like math and science or whatever there was no diversity of thought you don't celebrate people who you know want to rebel against the government and whatever the next thing you should also acknowledge it's not that the world and life is unfair and it's not giving you a proper avenue for you to foster your talents it's just that you suck at it you say oh it's Singapore oh it's the world oh it's my family they blame external circumstances instead of themselves because they can't reach their fullest potential believe me and it's not the world or the society that is making you not reach your ambitions in life it is yourself your lack of logic ambition and daring that reduces you despite of your great intelligence and skills the part of a proletarian sucking the oblong of the government do they get free education over there in Singapore three edgy yes oh really Health Care's free as well um not I'm stuffing using health care and a college education I think can be far better insane walk so let me ask since being in the u.s. one of your biggest controversies was about the top of the peddler field pedophilia yeah yeah yeah pedophilia you you support that you believe that's okay oh yeah yeah I do think yeah you believe that older men and women should be able to have several young children a sexual acts of young children yes you believe that older men and women should be here to have sex with young children I'm her sexual acts you know not like sexual penetration with like really young children was like if you penetrate something in them you know you could probably hurt them so maybe we enter like the h-12 didn't penetrate but in terms of like sexual acts um you know older people making out with young children I think that's fine I think how young how as young as they can I mean I mean we can hug a baby you know making out with them I think it should be fun have you ever done that no you never made out with a child no I'm not sexually attracted to a child oh well why do you think it's okay to do it there um I just think that because it's completely harmless there's nothing wrong with a sexual act with a child that doesn't that doesn't actually benefits both parties I mean there's obviously psychological evidence that shows that sexual acts with both people is good and so I think that it's an idea to introduce sexual acts to people as young as possible really yeah how did you come up with that what made you think that that was okay wait there's some what happens with you when you were young China you know myoh sex uh I've had I just had sex I just lost my version of the right like I'm one to go but uh what happened oh it was it was she she was of age he was of age 22 and how do you 90 yeah so how did that happen I like will ybb sounded connection with each other and we had sex you wanted to do it that was your first time yeah while with an older woman why um why not have with someone your age I don't really care about the age oh yeah yeah yeah she's just like she was great and she was just older than me so but if she was of my age or younger I think I wouldn't mind I probably would mine she was younger because I'd probably be afraid if I would go to jail I shouldn't go to jail and but that's the big thing about why I speak up against pedophilia like these people who have completely consensual act sexual acts of a child and then they get sent to prison for like like 10 15 years completely ruining their lives absolutely awful I think so that's why I spoke up and what do you think about men who have been accused by women of sexual molesters now man raping our dough do you think men should go to jail or lose their jobs when adult women accuse them oh oh I think I know what you're referring to to me to think now it's none of them yes some people like it's not really sexual abuse like with the UH nos sorry that's his name yeah but think about all that – crowd what do you think about that um oh I think that there's a net benefit in speaking up against sexual abuse though they do get kind of over enthusiastic sometimes and like creepy guys they say that it's sexual abuse when when it's not really sexual abuse but I think there's a net benefit in the me to crowd speaking up against sexual abuse anyways I'm in terms of obviously I'm against rape so but if an older person you have sex with a young child that is rape okay good consent yeah I completely disagree that because you see when you go up and hug somebody if they don't consent to it you'd say that um he's invading his personal privacy yet if you go up and hug a child you know he might not completely be informed of what a hug is but you'd say that you know he's gonna consent at their heart cuz it's a harmless so are you saying that to hurt someone is the same as having sex with them I'm saying that it's a harmless Act it means obvious different actions but in terms of the acts they're both harmless and so I think that if they engage with it which I think will be perfectly fine and so how old how old of a woman would you have sex with eighty ninety a hundred how old yeah how old oh I'm nah so you're 19 right would you have sex with any woman it doesn't matter how old he is oh yeah sure like notice I have uh sexually attracted to his like a 50 year old yeah yeah yeah there's no problem that I was I was attracted to you with the 50 year old what did you see about her that was attractive she was nice beautiful creative like I'd like to follow my value she was a scummy socialist – so um do you support same-sex marriage and artists of course of course yeah of course of course yeah yeah aldea sexual taboos of now like incest bestiality pedophilia I support all of them I don't think there's any problem with all of that yeah do you believe there's a hell no no I don't yeah so the way you made a video called pedophilia is alright you there made two more videos defending pedophilia and you took part in lots of debate about your father were you surprised by that they were invite you to debate this issue um was I surprised no I think they they be heated up for with the topic so yeah I was not surprised data baked who did I and you remember their names the organization's um okay mostly yeah like right-wing youtubers they're white and you wore ski you know like oh the popular people on the Internet and how was that for you debating them I was fine did you win I win maybe in terms of style I want extra yeah yeah I think I think I don't say I want what do you think about right right winger people of right yeah ridiculous I don't agree with em any after policies really really yeah and so how do you see white people how do I see white people yeah we're here impression of white people white Americans yeah all right do you like them do I like sure are you trying to say it in like the context of the whole race Yeah right they you know how the people come and call white people races ah oh yeah that's that's ridiculous I think Denis yeah that's just ridiculous the whole inborn racism thing right I think maybe it orders maybe biases but no reason no I wouldn't it's not who you are yeah I wouldn't say people aren't automatically racist that's ridiculous and so why are you so into defended pedophilia why are you defend that so much because I think um because people who have completely consensual harmless sexual acts of a child is feeling guilty about it and they are going to prison for like 10 to 15 years so and there's a huge portion of the population that is pitiful that are pedophiles I think the numbers saying that it's a higher than gays and so it is a huge problem I do think that right now we're like we pushed rights for I'm gays and transgender people how to feel pedophiles they're the next people who are gonna fight for their rights for so oh oh you do yeah you say you believe in people haven't say who animals who they could be reduce but an animal can't give consent at all oh I think they can especially right now um yeah I think that if we communicate well enough with an animal like like you know how we train them to give tricks I think we can perfectly communicate with an animal and you we can identify consent with them and engage in sexual acts but have you ever communicated with an animal nah I I'm pretty much uh I don't think I like animals or kids much ironically you don't like animals or kids yeah I prefer yeah regular human beings but yeah I saw a kid is not a regular human me and what I mean by regular human being is people more my age I can talk and share emotions with kids and animals a bit harder so let me ask do you you do drops do I do drugs not yet not yet nah nope i no male one or anything probably experimented with that in the future you probably like but you haven't yet no Mel Warren and no type of drugs at all yeah do you consider yourself a grounded person a grounded person yeah what do you do that you solid you know what you're doing you convinced that it's right you have a sound mind for some things yes or for some things no 4dm being anti-religion and enticing for governments pretty sure about that oh yeah what are you unsure about um what am I sure about I think maybe what I really want to do with my life I guess is it help people or just help myself there's this whole existential twenty-two-year-old crisis which I think I'll get over it soon I think it's just a personal exploration for me what's your next move what's my next move I'll make more YouTube videos and online content spreading more of my ideas I think yeah I can think yeah I want to spread more ideas on why people should be more open to discontinuing a school you know why open relationships are good you know open writing relationships yeah do I know what it is yeah meaning that if you in a relationship you then pure be to being with anybody that you want yeah we've as many partners as you want no controversial yeah I'm Pro open relationship really so do you ever plan to be married to have a family create a family oh I think that that's another thing out promote I guess I think the whole concept of marriage is completely ridiculous so it's basically a license to like its slave of your partner so I'm completely against the concept of marriage how about having children you would like to have children one day I think joking is fine do you want some but you don't like you me me I probably adopt I think I'm saying right now I'm not into the whole children though I think maybe maybe I'll grow to like them I guess and so are you going to become trying to become an American citizen and eventually um I think eventually I will though yeah sure yeah I just need to wait I just need to be here for like like 10 years now B so do you want to become an American citizen uh sure yeah then I can vote for the less bat candidate yeah I know you're gonna vote for the wrong why would you have voted for land cricket Hillary if you had a chance what I have against Trump oh yeah definitely oh really but he's a liar he's cricket she can't be trusted haha I think Trump like way way more doodoo if you have no proof of that do I have any proof of debt uh well the thing about him draining the swamp and then he put Wall Street insiders in his cabinet that's one contradiction and and several other contradictions at a political mention and Young Turks yeah if you think the killer E's ry liar not compared to Trump I think she's a heavenly so what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful it's disgraceful today I'm defending America's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum because they're unable to make a deal that's fair for our workers and fair for our farmers we love our farmers and fair for our manufacturers then we're going to terminate NAFTA this is Gary cones last meeting in the cabinet and of the cabinet and he's been terrific he may be a globalist but I still like him he is seriously at Lovelace the wall will save hundreds of billions of dollars many many times what is going to cost and we have to confront the dangerous sanctuary cities which you've been all hearing so much about California sanctuary policies put the entire nation at risk they're the best friend of the criminal will you able go back to Singapore uh would I ever go if I could in fact I would go back if I will not get arrested there would you get arrested if you went back yes for criticizing the Singapore government and religion and also there was a compulsory military in Singapore to which I also escaped mmm yeah you have just two-year military thing which is Cape oh they want we become a certain age you have to serve in the military on for two years yeah what each age 18 and so now you don't have to do that well yeah so you don't want to do it you didn't want to oh yeah of course why not it's a complete waste of my time and talent and the military's useless and waste a lot of money so what do you mean cos yeah I'm in talent yeah I'm assuming black conservative your pro-military all the way huh 100% okay when I become president when it when men graduated from high school at 18 they have to go into military for some time here back to the country oh so I see it I think I think you would like like like my authoritarian Singapore government a lot huh I don't like it I don't in the free speech thing right for free speech do you believe America is the greatest country in the world oh hell no hell no Scandinavian countries there are more bottom left far left are much better so really yeah so why do you go to one of those countries there and instead of coming here um because it's more I think I am fine with the culture here much more yeah but if you're a liberal and socialist a communist and they are like that I would think that you would buy more with them because there are few of them here than they are there and those countries yeah how do I put it America is um I've I've been more assimilated with the culture in America and so I think that like and also the fact that if I talk about American politics as opposed to either Norwegian politics or whatever who order more far-left I think I create a far bigger influence and so since I think I'm more about the influence and so dad that's why I come to America and so I'm gonna have to keep up with you you're very interesting oh thank you at 19 sure very interesting thank you I'm gonna have to keep up with you to see what happens to you when you're 18 and when you're 20 and well yeah that's what many people say they're very curious how I like like you know a revolutionary or like a complete bum so now the question will I be able to top the awesomeness that I flicked it on the world before I even reach 17 I don't know that's not important probably so after the highly traumatic experience what now we move on boats against the current bearing ceaselessly into the past what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and was it all worth it we'll just have to see but I think you guys would be content to know at least of the mother just don't send me to jail again then I'll see you for the next video one last question what is a man what is a man we talked to Barney part what is a man you really love asking these weird moral questions huh uh uh I'll think about it I'll think about it you've not thought about that before no not in that way I guess uh yeah you you Christians like these really broad moral questions alone really really stimulates the mind now yes you like on your mind to be stimulated right I had think so yeah yeah I do you love your parents Oh dad not quite mom I think I'm warming up there but not dad maybe I could develop a better relationship now I'm like he's a he's a five out of ten why don't you love you your father why don't I think we disagree on a lot of values yeah he's more um suck up to the authorities I'm more of rebellion stem if they're wrong every week is you wink Shh is he weak I could yeah maybe his values can make him wait sure I mean yeah you should be more uh you know rebellious like me so my final quarter oh yeah did you have fun did I have fun right now oh wait this interview uh-huh yeah sure yeah you're nice yeah well thank you for coming I have corner okay that's good thank you thank you shots up telephone they spent all for instance treatment of mania fallen state do you love white people do you love black people yes you understand the struggles of the black tea yes but do you think you let me know do you think you are what are you weak and oppressed by the black people after you wonder what he's displaying his I shall be evil toward his brother amazing amazing thanks for watching the fallen state we need your continued support donate to my nonprofit here subscribe and like the videos here and tell everybody and their mama about the show

  1. This kid isn't even confident in what he's saying first of all, and if i had a penny for how many times he contradicted himself while touching his nose, i'd have enough for the wall.

  2. I'm ok with people coming in legally and being willing to assimilate to American culture, but these people that come in all entitled and try to created their country in the US should not come here

  3. This kid with his faux nonchalant attitude has no idea how absurd he looks to a real man. Someday he'll look back at this cringe so much.

  4. I understand the kids views but man, i KNOW he pissed off a LOT of religious folks with his delivery and antics lol

  5. I had commie sympathies once,but anarcho communism?For fuck sake how do people get to believe this crap?Like do they even comprehend what communism is and how contradictory they sound on some subjects?And also when you see someone still declaring themselves as a anarchist and he's above the age of 20 you should know you're dealing with a hopeless case.Don't know how old this kid is but he needs to really read into the crap he's talking about and not just listen to braindead misleading Youtubers or modern day "philosophers" before he truly becomes a hopeless case

  6. I believe 100% he did all that one purpose to go to jail & go viral. He KNEW he would get arrested but did it anyways

  7. When the whole world treats you like a loser all the time based on your looks, money, masculinity and you are so weak to counter, the only thing that man wants to make it even is pain, chaos and destruction for everybody
    I don't blame this man, he is just the outcome of our crazy society and lifestyle
    Just look at the man and think what he might have gone through based on how people treat small or weak or ugly or poor guys in america, its not that difficult, it's not that surprising

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