1. Very interesting, I am Mexican American and do not have aztec ancestry, I have p'urhèpecha ancestry, we went to war against the Aztecs and were one of the only civilizations that were able to become unconquered by them, due to the Spaniards destroying our temples, very little is known about us, but we still have a population of indigenous p'urhèpecha speakers. most archaeologists like to learn more about Aztecs and Mayans due to the surviving of 3 codices books and of course the amazing pyramid structures, I enjoyed this video. Can you make one about human sacrifice because from what I have gathered, there's little to no evidence Aztecs sacrificed humans for a sun god, seems although most of the skulls they have found were of criminals due to their law system.

  2. As always, this white supremist is lying.
    Murder is defined as killing+white privilege, aztecs didn't had white privilege, so, it's not murder.

  3. I really wish I knew this for my last hangout 🙁 Fucking brilliant content bro. (((Shut it down)))

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