Family and Social Systems video

I think people get me I think people get married because either they believe that it's a part of their religion or it's because they want to show the other person that they're ready to move on in their relationship and how serious they are do you think that marriage means different things to men and women so it would mean one thing to a man but a different thing to a woman oh I mean she like I said I should show the commitment for both of them that they're ready to live together for the rest of their life um what do you think makes a happy marriage probably probably the ability to communicate to a nice kid Ian what do you think makes happy marriage probably being able to communicate to each other and being able to live with each other's quirks okay why do you think the roar traits have gone up in recent years I mean divorce rates have gone up for a long time now and I think it's because people are getting married that don't believe it to be anything other than you know something that we're supposed to do I think people do it without really knowing or again believing that it's a form of commitment that you're willing to spend the rest of your life with someone so someone does it you know haphazard like oh let's get married because we're having such a great time you know and when that time is over they're like let's get a divorce and Oh who do you think divorce affects the most livin available uh uh probably if there are kids it probably affect the kids I mean if there are no kids and I don't think it would really affect their mettle what do you think is the main cause for divorce I guess recently I'd probably go back to my one of my previous answer is where people don't take marriage as a serious thing and when they you know again when that good time this is done and they want to see other people then you know they just get a divorce cuz it wasn't important to either than do you think social media causes issues within a family I don't think so do you think it could cause issues within like a marriage between like a man and a woman or I guess partners I don't see how social media would I mean there might be like drama there might be things that you might find out about someone else or something like that but I don't I don't think social media itself would be should be a big enough problem to say cause a divorce on divorce are you more for it or against it or does that depend I mean personally I I don't plan on getting a divorce so you know I I think that people should be able to eat of course because you know I think most of us would know that if we're with someone that makes us miserable and then having to be with them for the rest of our lives and that would be a lot of suck so I mean at least divorce is available would you ever consider I guess that does tied together on getting a divorce no unless I mean there could be events that change people or again if something was brought up that wasn't known before then that might change my mind but I'm not not quick into thinking that divorce is probably the best solution

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