Faith Leaders Against Domestic Violence (6 religions)

I want to be really clear. You are not required to stay in an abusive
relationship. That’s the antithesis of what God wants. And the last thing God ever wants is for
us to actually live in a relationship that somehow is a living death. [music] [breathes] Hi, my name is Doil Lee. Shalom, I’m rabbi Leah Berkowitz. I am Madiha Irfan. I am Praveen Sharma. My name is pastor Linnea Clark. Hi, I’m Chuck Blair, I’m senior pastor of
New Church Live and I stand against domestic violence. I firmly stand against domestic violence. I stand against domestic violence. As faith leaders, we know that there are people
in relationships who are being abused, controlled, who are being harmed, who are being harmed. We are sorry if any religion has made you
feel like you need to stay in an abusive relationship. We imagine a world, we imagine a world, we imagine a world where domestic violence is not silenced, and is not tolerated. Having faith doesn’t mean that you need to
hide the bruises, suppress the neglect, or pretend that everything is okay. Religion calls us to stand for honesty and
truth. If you are suffering, please,
reach out for help. To us, to someone who’s close to you, or please call the domestic abuse hotline. Your story is valuable. We are here to support you. We are here to support you. We are here to support you. [I wanna give you
a hug!] Yay! [good work] [What would you say to someone where
that is not the case…] [like maybe if they are being abused
in the home,] [what might you say from a
religious perspective?] The church has a history
of causing harm to people in abusive relationships,
by telling them to stay and telling them to submit to one another. I think it’s so important for faith leaders
today to take a stand, to say that God created us to be full people, to flourish, and that
staying with someone who is hurting you, or who is causing you fear and pain is not what
God desires for you. To any Muslim who is in a situation
of domestic violence — there is something that’s not right, and you absolutely have the right,
the religious right and the social right, to speak up and to be supported. In our religion, we are always out to support
the needy. A victim of domestic violence is also
a needy person. Our religion says “sarva-bhuta-hite ratah” that means we must be doing the
welfare of everyone. We are born as a person, who is originally
free from all suffering. If you have suffering in your heart, please
share. The more you conceal it, the more suffering. But the more you share and reach out to people
or religious faiths, then you can feel much better. And that’s why we are here to support you,
and your story is very valuable. I feel very fortunate to have not experienced
domestic violence directly, but I know that it is something that is just horrifically common. That it is something that many people of all
genders, all religions, all life experiences have dealt with, whether it’s them or it’s
somebody that they care about who’s being abused. And I think coming from a place where we do
believe that every human being is made in the image of God, we want to create an environment
where people feel safe coming forward and where people feel that they can stand up for
themselves and say “I’m not going to be treated like this.” So I think where a lot of couples struggle
is when control really comes into a relationship, where one partner tries to control another, because that’s not the way
relationships are supposed to work. They’re supposed to be these co-equal things
where we, like, work shoulder to shoulder moving forward, respect, loving each other. And that’s where I see where couples who have
trouble, that’s where I really get concerned, because those issues of control grow and grow
and grow, and some of the time, they obviously can lapse over into violence which is exactly
where we don’t want to go. We want to make sure that we’re both honoring,
listening to one another throughout our relationships
that we cherish so much. [music]

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  2. We must stand up for men perpetually physically & mentally abused by violent women. Abuse by women agienst men is not only under reported, it's not taken seriously & never prosicuted .

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