Facebook ID for USA 10 year multiple entry visa! DS160  Seek Social media profile.

hello everyone welcome to the program occasion this is Raju a managing director and today I have a really important update for you guys yesterday I was feeling someone's ds-160 form and adjust so an update regarding social media now yes have started asking for social media ID so if you're applying for a tourist visa now you have to give your social media ID to them so if you are currently not using any social media but in the past last five years in the past five years you had then you have to give the details for this any platform Google Facebook Instagram you have to give them the details if you have used more than one you can click add another so basically now they will check your social media profile so what does it means for the applicants well it will bring some negative vibes and some positive vibes meaning to say if we have some inappropriate content your visa can now be rejected because of that but it will also bring some positive vibes in a sense like if you are youtuber or you're someone on Instagram you're on Instagram influencing you're making a living or Instagram or if you are at least right now you can share your profile with them so it will establish your profile even positively because they will be able to see your followers and the music videos you have made the content your mate so it has both positive and negative vibes so hope this update for you guys will be helpful thank you have a nice day goodbye


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