1. Reason my Instagram was blocked because of a comment under a politician’s post.
    That’s ur free expression and free speech. Shame on this lame sheep .

  2. Why cant ur AI Categorize whats personal data and whats for public sharing (opinion)? Why do u allow secondary dowloads(forwards) of personal data (pics, docs, prints , id's /personal msgs etc)?? It's neither news nor opinion ( as per u.. wid owners consent) . Why allow third party uploads of stolen private msgs?? Defamation law suit shud be allowed to file on such similar situation.
    Why does the Govt even allows you to operate something that's so risky worthy as 'private entity?
    NO. Fb/watsapp should not be allowed to operate as private ENTITY. AND STILL USE THE PRIVILEGE OF WORKING AS A NEWS PLATFORM.
    BOTH CANNOT BE ALLOWED. any California news agencies willing to question his dual intentions??

  3. I pray he really has had a change of heart and saw what his platform has become, a massive control mechanism, spying on everyone, choosing which messages get heard, who gets silenced, who gets deleted from society. so maybe he finally realized he had become a creepy techno Hitler

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