Extradition Protests in Hong Kong: Communist China Can Only Push Their People So Far.

have you seen the footage coming out of Hong Kong thousands hundreds of thousands of protesters and now China is saying wait a minute if there is a criminal case we want that person that is involved to come to China to be tried and they don't want that they don't want this person or any criminal involvement in any all to be extradited to China because their laws are very very different you know China is the only nation in the world that has about 48 laws that the punishment is the death penalty 48 laws this is overwhelmingly being driven by the youth of the country and the crowd over overflowed into a major downtown road that really had traffic shut down in the system they overturned barriers that it was it was crazy if again if you've seen any of the footage which are seen now but it is it really is amazing and we'll see what happens with it but I expect mainly in China has got to have a little bit of a problem with it

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