Extinction Rebellion Starve Themselves For Socialism

it's the extinction rebellion now if you're not familiar with these it's a bunch of climate activists that go on lie down in the street on Google and I'm just I'm just intrigued as to what's coming up on that screen now it's okay yeah they glue themselves to the floor they believe that by 2025 or 2030 I remember we should be zero emissions in the UK zero emissions none not one none so that means no cars no airplanes no nothing best part is all these people use public transport or drove to get to longer in one case of a very high-profile celebrity flew in from America to do it very very yeah dedicated to the course but what are the big movers and shakers of the movement he's Greta Thornburg she's a 16 year old girl she's a climate activists with Asperger's apparently I once said that as Asperger's to someone with Asperger's and they went mental wrong choice of word they got very annoyed are they not very inclusive then no and then and then they they apologize for overreacting apparently that's the Asperger's okay I don't know what does he just mean he rude he's form of autism isn't it it's something like I don't know but there's definitely some undiagnosed people that go around saying they've got it just as an excuse to be a dick yeah well we just used to say the rude fuckers didn't win anyway Gretz has been hailed as you know chemi says sixteen-year-old girl very appealing to the media to the public as a climate activists who want us to have no planes cars or life and of a plant-based diet and a socialist government it's very important they keep slipping away from that one or the very anti capitalism whilst enjoying the fruits of capitalism considerably perhaps they help all the good bits will carry on under socialism can see why nice work so well everywhere else doesn't it but she did post a story on Twitter about this chap called Mikkel Brix there he is Mikkel Brix wearing a very fashionable top there it's not often I get to comment on other people's fashion sense that's very fashionable in Liverpool around 1991 I McKell bricks 19 year old Danish chap he's gone on hunger strike for the climate he's gone on a hunger strike for the climate she's not going to eat until we get some climate guess that's it he wants more climate yes sir I'm really confused what he sees ain't it because the the news article was all in a strange foreign language I didn't understand might as well been written in medieval runes I didn't understand any of it however he saw me staring so that will fix the cloud to bring it to people's attention I'm wondering how long he can go on now I'm suspecting his choir workers no offence a more economically sized chap I can assume he looks like he's a fair old unit so he's got a bit to live off there but I know it's many people in the comments who support him in his hunger strike for the climate are recommending nourishment drinks and things of that nature now I realize I'm old-fashioned I'm an oldest guy I'm 46 you know more years behind me than ahead of me okay I get that I get that but I'm sure that hunger strikes used to meant you didn't fucking eat anything you went on a hunger strike you didn't sit there necking gums nourishment with a thousand calories it's in going oh oh is it hunger striking necking it down and up like Cartman in the beefcake episode hunger strikes should involve becoming skeletal and smearing your feces on the wall in a dirty protest and then hopefully stopping your hunger strike before you die because it's a really fucking stupid way to die now some people said we don't really need climate martyrs we need activists true others have said yeah but it worked those Vietnamese monks that set themselves on fire did it did it really how did it work out for them they burned to death very uncomfortable I'm sure didn't really stop the war did it and I hate to say this but not eating what makers have zero emissions no how is that feasible even electric cars aren't really feasible yet yes we got Tesla's and Kira have done them and Nissen do them and a few other companies don't but you know if you can't afford the fast charger for your house it takes 23 hours to charge in Cairo it takes two minutes what maybe a couple minutes to put petrol or diesel we're not there yet it's a process it doesn't happen overnight there's plenty of data that we are improving just not as fast as they want because they want it all now very much now generation I want my food now I want Amazon now I'm a fucking for that as well Agra I'm not gonna lie I love it man Amazon and how special III suits that jerk-off want to go around alone mind washing on the map yeah yeah of course do you have I do i edged that's a knee orgasm just as he's pulling up and going through the body it is very excitable it's the best way of spending money on shit you don't need definitely so they want it all now now now now now not realizing Pete they did it's moving it's happening we are all going to end up in electric cars whether we like it not will always be gas wonderful it's gonna happen that's where everyone's looking because the manufacturers will go wherever the regulations tell them to go and wherever the sales are but we need a better energy infrastructure we need to make it more affordable to have the first DC charges in your homes I think it's the next judge is the slow one DC charged and the super fast ones along they're not even close to here yet thinks there's a thousand kilowatt or 100 kilowatt 50 kilowatt I don't know I don't have an electric gap I'm the very expensive for one thing but it's got me now and they're saying unachievable targets tied in with looking ridiculous political demands that somehow it should be forms of people that run the climate side of thinking just it's all bullshit yes we need to improve our environment even you take away the man wait climate changed everyone argues about what just goes on and on our environment could deal with improving there's too much plastic in the sea there's too much shit in our air people are increasingly becoming a somatic but then again people are increasingly becoming allergic to shit like peanuts that I don't understand either but I don't know if that's connected is it connected everyone's got now as you know yeah when I was at school one kid I'm analogy they submitting that book I've been reading at the moment actually about that the coddling of the American mind and and they found that getting kids to avoid peanuts is actually creating mass allergies everywhere because the cure for the vast majority of people with no allergies is actually just a small amount of nuts yeah I'm not packing no no no but just just like a bit of powder but like that there are a couple of people who were just beyond hope and they are like fully you know they're gonna die if they just sniff it but the vast majority of them is because they've never been exposed to it that's all it is literally every one's allergic to everything now yeah I know I know my loads now well you know could you give him stuff don't yeah let me so we let him get dirty will him play out will enrollment get on the floor and other things that boys want to do I can see how they fall into it though cause I know my missus was like she freaked out when she found out I'd give her a you know one of those quality streets with the nuts in yeah she freaked he got just given notes watch something it happened and I'm like well that's how she gets an allergy by you know living in fear and protecting her is that where we should feed our kids pollen yes lots of pollen what's a pollen get him out there to scrape off the bumblebees likes though I don't need to worry about our minds built a fucking nest a fucking bird's nest under the TV playing sticks and everything who's gonna root there I had a bee's nest in my loft oh yeah pull up we left him alone did you poke it it was Venus I just left him I last time I saw a hornet's nest up yeah I got a really long stick dude I did that thing where you go away I remember years ago my parents in their garage they found one yeah I know but can you sort this out oh I never look it was this it's a wasp nest so I looked it I looked it Capri mondo hmm what's the worst thing you've got he poked it no one was oh you don't moved out oh no fucking hero got rid of that for you folks no bum any problems we'll wash now they just fucked up with you me that's what it was you know luckily no one's up I'd have been stung to death because the garage was full of shit you know cuz Garrity hey Karen it your box isn't there was no fast exit so did you just create a path I just climbed over shit fuck the bus did you just take credit then they got home and you were just like that's been so it configured she said there was no one in it alright it's fascinating to look inside cuz you could just say there's no one in it and leave here that and let them carry on Thank You Hayden well they did say thank you they for being the man just going over and poking it with a stick yeah yeah that's the extent of my interaction with nature although last year he didn't show up but for the last years is a rat that comes and lives under our shed and then goes away don't do anything he just turns up for a few weeks the cats drive him crazy anybody might not be the same ramp we never found more than one there's no evidence of a nest they don't get you know if we leave a bin bag out for a couple hours while we're sorting things out yeah there's no evidence of them going in it the Magpies do bust its Mokpo steel macaque bones I see a head chuck when I get home on a Thursday it's like must be the right time and I and even though it's raving there's puddles everywhere part amigos well most get a bowl of water I just instantly go make sure Chuck yeah nature Chuck from two people are so divorced from nature yes quite alarming yeah but yeah that's right comes lives under the shed for a couple weeks the cats talk it's a fuck and then it goes away I think he's gonna slow down soon I think their cats gonna love him soon because nearly go must start yeah it's got the calls it was ass but you got underneath you have a little whiskey for it was the Magpies they're thieving bastards they as our Bulldog she likes to take a bone outside when he's nearly finished this will come back in steel it saves me picking them up my past thieves clever clever bastards and that's about all I'm gonna talk about on that one so yeah extinction abelian this guy's going on a hunger strike it will achieve nothing glad way back to that I love because extinction rebellion there whenever we talk about climate change or anything like that they we get the worst comments don't worry like fuck you bastards and they're gonna love the fact that we just have a discussion about nature as well because the blacks that's what we're trying to save you know you're not doing fuck all for the right are you gluing yourself to a shop window in London that's the problem man that's the fucking problem by example make all your clothes out of hemp I I wonder where you tablets I want to keep an eye on the climate I just don't want I just don't trust the people ago the only way to do that is full-blown socialism that's I don't trust that give me something else

  1. It is very simple, we either listen to what the science is telling us. Or our decedents will be living in a hell hole.

    Yes that means practically no air travel, it means every human on earth drastically changing their perceptions of what the future is. No living in bunkers on mars & no travelling for thousands of years cryogenically frozen in the search for a new planet to plunder.

    It means we will all have to change & that will be difficult. Liveleak & the like are very good at disinformation. But the thing with science & facts is.. Well, intelligent people can use it wisely.

  2. It's not zero emissions,
    It's Carbon neutral , which means that we can emit co2 but we have to offset it.

  3. Are you guys going to cover Ben Shapiro getting destroyed by Andrew Neil, doing an owen Jones and running off.

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