Exploring The Island In a TANK...  -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Type-74 MBT

all righty hello guys what could be phases back to another storm works video today we are checking out this tank it is a tank it's a work in progress so we can expect some bugs or anything like that but it looks cool so I thought we would give it a go this is called the JG SDF type 74 MBT and it's a it's a is that a torch in my head I'm shiny why am i so shiny I didn't realize that's where the Taj came from anyway yeah we're gonna test this out today so let's could jump inside and we'll drive around the island I wanted to look through all the tunnels and stuff if there are any so I yeah let's go fine all righty so first things first let's go ahead and open the door there we go good can we jump on top how do we get on how do we get on / in this thing travel lock okay do we grab this and go up this way I don't know I don't know how to get on to this thing alright this way maybe yeah there we go good yes all right cool so we got a little hatch here we've also got a hatch here this one must be for the command yeah okay cool down here we must be able to get into the actual tank itself with the drivers and stuff like that rotate right left oh wow we got lots of things down here driver here we go engine on beautiful brakes off hatch closed yes okay uh engine throttle is OK front of you I like that ah that's kind of cool all right off we go we're moving oh wow this thing is actually faster than I thought it was gonna be anyway yeah we're gonna go ahead and drive around to the left to begin with we're gonna then go up the hill and we're gonna see what we can find now we can actually see through these windows at the front but if we couldn't see through the windows for some reason if they were blocked out by something we can use the camera we can also see behind us and we can also see I guess that's the floor I think that's what it is I don't know how to change back to like a normal like the first view that makes any sense but yeah there you go it is definitely controllable though which is good because generally when you try out tanks and stuff like this they go a little bit too fast and then they slide around all over the place here we go this way where does this take us I don't know there's some buildings over here let's go there oh this is cool this is so like atmospheric these places look so nice you don't really get to explore them up very much when you're just building things but um when you trying things out it's good I have a little look around different places cuz I don't think very many people actually drive around this map but uh yeah does this road actually lead anyway there's two houses right there but then does it go back down maybe I think it probably goes back down Oh oh wow yeah it does but then it continues unlike an on-road road that makes any sense at all but she doesn't but we'll follow this around yeah in fact actually while we're here we're gonna go ahead and stop ourselves at the top of this hill turn the brakes on oh that was close that was very close we'll stop ourselves right here well again the gunner also what is this night vision ah does it work does it actually I mean that's currently not showing anything that's turned my monitor off as it yeah oh do I have to sit in the seat I do oh we can see behind us we can see in front of us with night vision that's cool I like that all right goodness see here we go so we can see in the gun we can move it up we can move it down you guys can't see anything from the outside but you can move it there we go look at the silhouette in the Sun I mean though the Stars maybe I move it down turn it around nice cool wait one one two fire and that's not right surely override driver right rotate left no fire one oh look at that BAM oh we got like a little lock in there that's cool what does that look like from the outside when I do that BAM oh that's nice I like that like you know cool this thing likes that's crazy okay anyway let's go ahead and turn this back to normal there we go beautiful over I driver yes there we go now we turn the brakes off and off we go oh we can drive it from here there's no need to be in the driver's seat anymore unless you wanted night vision although this probably has no vision wait a minute ah so you can have it so that it stays like in the same place is that right no is it right if I do this no that's reset okay takes it back to the middle what does this do we can zoom in zoom out we could go to night vision oh wow well you know everything we want to do with this thing that's crazy alright so this is definitely a place I've never been to before we're gonna go downstairs down down the ramp here and then do we get to go on a tunnel I don't know I'm traveling straight through is there a tunnel no there are no tunnels there is definitely tunnel down here somewhere though because you see it when you're in the train tracks you definitely see a tunnel so maybe we want to go off-roading a little bit turn ourselves around down here will we be able to do this here we go let's try it let's just try it there's a tunnel oh maybe it's not down there no I don't see a tunnel that way there it is there it is right in front of us okay we're gonna go in there I think that takes us over to the to the quarry but I'm not entirely sure let's just go down there anyway I'll go around and go down the easy route there might be more tunnels though I don't know no there's probably quite a few secrets on this map because uh there's quite a lot to do like we got indicators I didn't realize I realize this tank had indicators all right cool go this way no don't crush into anything we need to go left right here yes there we go turn around it's trying to turn on it on itself it's struggling we can't turn anymore for some reason hey won't let me turn that's the turret okay hold on hold on let's get back in this seat we can drive it properly from here that's weird why is this not actually like a big tunnel it's just like a little area oh this isn't what I was expecting this to be unless it's not let's get outside now a little look around here we go getting the gonna see get out at the gonna see oh but what are all those what are all those we got so many push buttons right there that's weird we got a little gunner on the top too that's what's turning oh that's actually pretty awesome alright get down there into this seat we've got this thing here as well Wow lots of ammo okay let's get outside have a little look around in the tunnel I don't think there's gonna be anything here no no there's nothing here we need to get out of the tunnel now okay grab on go go go up over yes all right beautiful get inside close the door and off we go again we can drive it from here no oh yeah I'm pretty happy with this thing though it's actually really awesome and it works really really well weirdly I feel like that is quite strange this is a work in progress so there should be a few bugs with him put it the minute everything seems to be working oh except from those buttons up there don't know what they're designed to do though so let's just leave that alone for right now there we go good alright let's keep moving all right well at least we found where we dropped off those people in the previous mission so we can actually drive down here and we can go through these which we can pretend a little tunnels and there's loads of tunnels look at that loads of them yeah it's beautiful oh it's sometimes it's very hard to actually like turn with this thing weirdly but um it does work it does it doesn't need work and it looks beautiful so that's all that matters that's all that matters with these creations is as long as they look beautiful they're good they're really good here we go we're gonna continue driving we've almost done a full lap of the island actually yeah we just have to go around this corner and then there's a straight and then we went back to the airfield crazy Oh should we go up I want to go up here let's go this way yeah it's beautiful I see it stops us from turning sometimes it gets a little bit stuck but I think that's just the tracks rather than the actual building I feel like it's the tracks I don't know them I don't know is it is it right to come this way I I think this is just the road that we were going across anyway hold on a minute can we go up there oh no what oh we damaged there's a little bit just a little bit um oh now we're stuck going like to the right oh no we completely broke ourselves that's not good that's not good at all I'm super upset we're gonna have to just leave leave this tank here then also just go faster we need to try that out okay so let's get back inside okay let's get back and shine here we go what there we go beautiful good jump inside the tank yes Open Sesame jump in close the door go downstairs there we go turn the thing on there we go BAM and then let's go brakes off throttle up are we moving we're not moving now we are no it up wait what oh yeah yeah okay I think it's a little bit quicker than it was oh yeah that's good that's really good let's try and go up that big ramp there and we'll we'll plow ourselves into the quarry cuz that seems like a good idea is you're gonna make it up the hill though I feel like it could make it up anything to be honest this thing is a tank I mean it is a tank but in the in the other sense of the word – that's mental we got wake a little bag a baggage area you're on the back now entirely sure White's gonna baggage area but good sure sure I'm okay with the baggage area okay here we go we're getting towards the top we're gonna plow ourselves over the edge yeah oh it did grow fire oh we are on foot it stopped working we're broken now oh well I guess that's it I guess that's it we can't do anything else with think I just wanted to have a quick look around it now so we can actually see all the monitor there's a monitor here as well oh yeah this is for the little gun so you can you can't control it from here you can you can't control it from here either but you have to use these buttons which is fine that's okay forward command forward command backwards turn left and right so that's if we wanted to control it from here I guess but we don't we don't want to control it from here that's controlling the main gun I thought it was only controlling this little one but it's not Wow okay well anyway I'm gonna go ahead and leave this one here for now if you guys want to check out this tank then it will be linked down below and you guys can check it out um there is a tunnel over there but I guess we'll figure that one out in the next video anyway thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys in the next one yeah bye

  1. I am really proud of the car I just made to help get around to docks on islands but now you gave me an idea to explore the island with it! Also, not expecting you to do this, but could you do a creation testing video and maybe put it in it? Thanks! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1764346064&searchtext=Prodigy

  2. Try to build a tank I dont really care if it looks boxy and if the turret doesn't turn I just want to see how you would do it

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